What Must Be Done




   Within the ancient heart of man dwells a hope, or dream, for their children.

That is a dream of a world of peace, love and brotherhood; of plenty; of ‘liberty and justice for all”, and “the pursuit of happiness”.  This has been our collective dream for ages.  We have fought for it, longed for it, suffered and died for it.  As we enter the twenty-first century,  for a moment it seems that finally, the time had come.  Thanks to global communication and information technologies man has for the first time the knowledge, tools, and will to make a new world, a new age, where man will cast off his biases, his bigotry, and backward-looking ‘nationalism’, ethnocentrism, and tribalism. The time comes when we shall all stand together as one people in one fragile world we pledge to protect from the further ravages of human selfishness and/or corporate greed.


   Yet, if that dream is to come true, there is much that must be done.  For at present, in this time of world-wide uprisings of peoples demanding freedom from oppression and standing together in the call for Democracy, this unprecedented and glorious rebirth of hope and revolution- this call from the depths of our souls to stop the madness that has passed for civilization for so long it seemed normal, is by no means assured of survival.

   A corporate Beast of insatiable lusts for power and greed has been working incessantly to create its own ‘New World Order’, the antithesis of our own hopes and dreams.  Theirs has nothing to do with peace, love, or brotherhood – it is only about power and greed under the pseudonym, “Profit”.  As such they have little motivation to give in to the demands of the people. They will do everything in their power to maintain their control and domination of the people at any cost. 

The meek, weak, and seemingly powerless are nothing to them but ‘flotsam’ in the way of their goals, or, if properly manipulated, slave labor.  The extent of their cruelty and the maliciousness of their agenda, is seen and known by all, yet by high sounding rhetoric and fear-spreading propaganda disseminated by their corporate owned mass-media, they still hold power over many and still control large numbers of co-conspirators within their various locations- particularly  corporate-pawn governments and their militaries. 

   This conspiratorial culture of ‘Haves’ are at war today with the unenfranchised ‘Have-Nots’and both sides know what is at stake. The ‘Haves’ know what they are doing to our countries and the world.  They know what the ultimate result will be for the world if they are allowed to continue their destruction of the earth’s environment and the accumulation of all its wealth.  They know but don’t care because they believe their wealth and power will protect them from any dire circumstances resulting from their actions. They believe they will be able to buy themselves out of trouble.  What happens to the rest of us suckers is irrelevant. 

   In these times with the fires of revolution spreading across the world it might seem that we soon will see our perennial dream be realized.  Hope and small victories here and there may spawn unjustified optimism and cause some to ‘let down their guard’, or not feel the need to take action.  Please do not be lulled into such a mistake.   Now is perhaps our one chance to rewrite the future the ‘Haves’ so fanatically seek to create for themselves.

    We, The People, must declare our freedom to the powers that be, to “speak Truth to Power” once again, now and forevermore with fervent commitment to resist this world of evil, and with due diligence each and every new day of our now proclaimed New World to declare, “The Acceptable Day of the Lord”.  Such will not be achieved without great sacrifices on our parts.  And our efforts will ultimately fail should we lower ourselves to their level- we can only succeed if we follow the highest aspiration of the Way of Christ.

    That ‘Way’ is the path of non-violent resistance.  To seek the Righteous ‘end’ by any other ‘means’ will fail. The end does not justify the means.   “Evil begets evil, and good begets good.”  Always has, always will.  To forget this truth is to lose all.  The alternative is best summarized in the words of Gandhi, “An eye for an eye till the whole world is blind.”  We must learn a new way to confront evil without returning evil for evil.  Christ was once asked about how many times one should forgive someone who had wronged them- the Jewish Tradition said seven times- Christ answered, “Seven Times Seventy.” This unambiguously means “unconditional Love”- As does, “Love your enemies.”  Unconditional Love and Sacrifice- “You must lose your life to save it.”  Together these incredibly difficult acts of the will, combined with Faith in the promises of God, release into the world the very power of God, and “The Gates of Hell will not stand against it.”

  It is only by the power and will of God, with our faith and sacrifices acting as the heart and hands of God, that we will prevail in this battle for the fate of the world. We can never forget this Truth. We can never falter in our determination and commitment. And we must, “Never Give Up!”



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