What is Love? ( II )








   Love is a feeling.  It is a physical emotion.  In most cases the physical emotion arises from one or more of the following:

       a)  An evolutionary attraction for reproductive purposes.

       b)  A psychological empathy

       c)  A spiritual affinity.

    Regardless of the source(s) of the emotion its presence stimulates the release of various hormones and enzymes which affect the psychological state of the person’s mind.  The altered states that results vary from euphoria to psychosis and dementia.  A study of the acts of persons under the influence of these natural chemicals reveals that it can promote healing, even scientifically unexplainable “miracles” may occur, though it also can compel one to deviancy, self-destruction, or murder.  The great power of love. I’m afraid chemistry cannot explain this power. Perhaps the whole is somehow greater than the sum of its biological parts…but how could that be…? 

    Let’s see…miracles and murder…the great and terrible purposes…and it is often said that God is Love…God = Love, the creator and prime mover of the universe, is love.  Love is the most powerful force in the cosmos.  It is undoubtedly the reason for our existence.  “For God so loved the World…”  It’s simple really.  We are born of love and are rejoined to love when we die.  So what should we be about in between?  Of course.  Yet we must be aware of our limitations.  We must learn to distinguish love of the sacred from love of the carnal and profane.  The difference between the Love of ‘Gandhi’ from the love of ‘Hitler’.  Our discernments are based upon perceptions which are rather easily deceived.  I personally try to maintain a balance between judgment, emotion, and experience (history) in weighing the merits of any action undertaken in the name of love.  In proverbs it says that, “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”.  And we have already established that…God…Is…Love…

    All I’m saying is be careful what you give your heart to.  And perhaps consider the wisdom of experience to help guide you.  Though considerably less sexy, lucidity and emotional moderation may in the long run prove much more valuable than ‘the need for speed’, the ‘thrill of victory’, or a moment of consuming passion. Yet we all know how hard it can be to find wisdom in an age of instant everything and constant cultural prodding to partake in the next big buzz in the quest for higher highs.  Be it drugs, bungee-jumping, or the group hysteria of a rave, riot, or revival, ‘the need for speed’, ‘the thrill of victory’, or an all consuming passion, the high will fade, and though you may have fond memories of these experiences, none of this can guarantee long term happiness.  You will always need another ‘fix’.  As far as I’m concerned that is no way to live a life.  I know many will disagree.  Today the axiom of “find what you love and dam the torpedo’s”, while correct in it’s sentiment, and “boldly go where no man has gone before”, a call for bravery and the spirit of adventurers and explorers, have brought many rash or ‘bold’ individuals to their doom.  Such self-martyrdom may be commendable if the cause for which they died was noble, as in World War II, yet today it seems any thrill is worth risking one’s life.  Weighed in the balance the potential gain is not worth the potential loss of a long full life.  Wisdom that generally does not come till most of one’s life has passed is a jewel of great price.  Place this jewel ( Wisdom ) in the treasure hold of your heart’s desire and the light of Truth which radiates from within it will fill you with a peace that only comes from the love of God, for God is Truth, the Word, and Love.  And God’s love and blessings are returned to they that love him.  It is simple really.  We are born with a need for love, and as we grow we learn of the forms of Love and of Truth.  If we learn the love of wisdom, that need for love is fulfilled in the highest measure.  It is the highest form of love.  It is to embrace God.






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