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SOPHIST='Seekers Of Pure Hearts Intuition of Sacred Truth'


Intuition, as much or more than knowledge, is life. Truth is grasped by becoming one with the unknowable, the "mysterious conjunction" of Carl Jung. What we can know of Truth is for the most part REVEALED to us. For the time being I shall not go into how or by who or what, although this thesis shall ultimately bring those questions to the fore. First Principles first. I have chosen the acronym SOPHIST to express the ideas of my personal philosophy, that I may perhaps find others of like mind, to share the joy and the pain of the burden and privilege of Truth.






If you came to this site searching for a traditional Sophist as in pre-Socratic you may be disappointed. Yet if you possess an open mind and some degree of intellectual curiosity I believe your time here will be rewarding. I invite you to come with me on what is, what must be, a spiritual journey through time as we search together for the 'Holy Grail' of Truth. Not an actual cup, but That which this metaphor contains, 'The Water Of Life', that we all may come to drink, and therefore to know,' Authentic Life'. I hope to be able to identify this 'Life' and give the reader adequate tools and resources to continue on this quest beyond the cyberian desert. My dream, my Vision if you will, is to be able to make a difference in your life through thought. Whatever your personal beliefs may be concerning the origin of life and the possibility of the existence of "other dimensions" beyond our normal sensibilities I pray that something that I say here may spur your thirst for Truth, that this thirst may become unquenchable , a constant burning in your soul which drives you to question everything, to seek the answer for yourself, until the day your heart is filled with the light of Truth.
Then YOU will Be a SOPHIST.










Why a Sophist? Because Sophistics IS WHY. Truth and the study thereof is the search for wisdom. In ancient Greece wise men were known as Sophists until the time of Aristotle, whom we shall investigate in detail a little later on. Socrates himself has been referred to as the greatest sophist. Yet today a dictionary definition of Sophist is derogatory. This derision of "Wise Men" reflects the pathos of our time in a way that few are consciously aware of. That a schism occurred in the weltanschauung, or 'world view' of western culture can be traced and pinpointed historically to certain individuals and times and justified by those seeking to support such conclusions. Yet I intend to cast doubt on this image of these ancient truth-seekers, to redeem their Vision, and demonstrate how we can and must integrate our technological culturisms with the circle of life as it should be, if you will, as God would have us become.

Who am I to offer 'Wisdom' to anyone?
The voice of one crying in the wilderness. Where do I get the idea that I have something worthy to give? Perhaps I err. At least read on before deciding, and if you have a open mind, examine the whole thesis and then perhaps you can help me with the parts via email? Thanks for your consideration and participation. Insightful emails will be pasted in a future commentary page!









My Motto
Truth is God is Love is Light is Why is How is You. So let the Light of Love of God of Truth return you to Yourself.

SOPHIST='Seekers Of Pure Hearts Interceding Sacred Truth'




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