The Star Of Sophia: Part III    







   In earlier papers I presented the idea of graphically representing the pre-conceptual relationships, the ‘ideology’, or to me more appropriately, the ‘mythology’ in use in our time by which the modern consensus is established as to what constitutes truth in general and particularly, ‘scientific truth’, derived from the philosophical and metaphysical pre-conceptions and prejudices of Aristolean logic.  I showed how truth had been (before Aristotle) since time immemorial, ‘sacred’, derived from God.  This ‘divine authority’ dispensed wisdom and truth through oracles, dreams, prophets, signs, omens, and visions.  By the consensus of that day such revelations were Holy and unimpeachable, and wisdom, i.e., knowledge and understanding of God’s Truth, was the highest art and science.

   However it is well known that unscrupulous fakes and charlatans abounded throughout this period, causing many people to regard all spiritual phenomena as suspect, as well as all spiritual advisors disreputable, ever questioning the existence of God and unseen spiritual dimensions.  It is my position that this is one of the major reasons that the truly wise  men of old known as sophists, most of whom were not ‘moral relativists’ as our modern prejudice believes (Socrates declared in the Apology that all he did and said was at the prompting of his moral convictions and beliefs in a one true God), eventually came to suffer disfavor and denigration. 

   Underlying this disrespect and denigration of sophists and other wise men is the post-Aristolean permissibility to release the instinct-driven, repressed and resentful, selfish desires in men to be free of spiritual authority and its moral edicts.  Lucifer began this ‘rebellion’ if you remember.  Here men deem it wise to replace God with ‘Reason’, based upon (the ‘house of cards’) ‘Logic’.  In their newly conceived ‘scientific’ minds they believe they have ‘wished away’ God and his judgments.  They have denied God and usurped His authority in the name of truth (science). 

To which I say, “Good to see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya…” 

   Tragically for those who so conceive, and for those innocents whom must suffer under the influence of the soulless uncaring culture this ‘rebellion’ has spawned, their damoclean sword has cut them off from Life, from that which gives Life, renews, purifies, and sanctifies.  Cut off, from the natural grace of communion and harmony with God, nature and their fellow man, with no connection, or bond, or link to the past, or the future, merely existing, surviving in lives of “quiet desolation”, alienation, even from themselves, not knowing who they are or why they’re here, purposeless, directionless, thinking they’ve only their puny ‘reason’ to guide them as they face a perceived nihilistic nothingness on a moral horizon without an (Absolute) ‘North Star’ by which to navigate (thanks to the scientific/evolutionary/mechanistic/chemical-accident/ atheist origin of life hypothesis), drifting aimlessly or hurling headlong into the self-centered vortex from which few escape. The siren song fills their ears and minds, drawing them irresistibly ever closer to this spiritual precipice by the pull of the current (culture) and the persistent call of our own animal, base, instinctual, drives and desires.  The loss of a sense of completeness, connection, and belonging to a higher purpose that the abolition of the ‘sacred’ by scientific materialism, or ‘empiricism’ has to varying degrees wrought throughout the cultures of the modern world is the root cause of most of our problems today. The diminution of the sacred and truth to ‘facts’ and ‘information’, cold, sterile, and lifeless, leaves us without recourse, without hope.  Statistics cannot save you.  Only the ‘miracle’ of the ‘Devine’, that can touch a life and make it whole, that can hear our pleading and lift us up from the profane and guide us to wholeness, only the sacred can save us from the alienation, the emptiness, the meaningless of our modern spiritually emasculated lives. 


   If this calamity is the legacy of our atheistic ‘science’ then we must create a new science, ‘Sophistics’, that builds upon the physics of empiricism a ‘metaphysics’ that seeks truth, not just facts, and wisdom, not just information, that has the vision to see beyond our senses, into the heart of the matter, to the essence and reason for our existence which we refer to as ‘the meaning of life’.  Unlike its counterpart, which pre-supposes we are a chemical accident, the first pre-supposition of Sophistics is the multi-dimensionality of consciousness/spirit, which is understood to mean we exist primarily beyond the space and time boundaries the empiricists love to measure so much.  We are eternal beings of ‘light’ (note: light is energy, which can be positive or negative, i.e., good or evil), cast into corporal temporality by the will of God and the winds of fate/dharma but for an instant (or instances).  We are stardust and we are the stars of heaven, capable of reaching higher than the angels, or lower than the beasts.  The dark side, the animal instinct side of our humanity must not be allowed to dominate our thoughts or our philosophy, yet our new metaphysic must balance and recognize the importance of the natural world as our most precious heritage and resource; its influence and contributions in molding us (by God’s will) into the beings we are and the potentials we possess and of the nurturing of our species through our spiritual infancy, allowing us the chance to reach ‘maturity’, for all this and more we should have the deepest gratitude and reverence for our mother, nature, and protect all creatures great and small, preserving the incredible diversity of fauna and their ecosystems for the benefit of our children and generations to come.   


   The sacredness of all life causes myself and others to be unable to support any government or party essentially ‘owned’ by the corporate beast which is devouring the Earth and destroying the diversity of life therein.  This world today is under the oppressive strangle-hold of the rich and powerful few who control their government-corporate-military-industrial-media-complex harlot, allowing only politicians who will prostitute themselves to succeed, sacrificing whatever moral courage and leadership they might have had for lobbyists' and political action committees’ dollars.  Having ‘sold out’ to get the money needed to be able to get elected by a populous even less scrupulous or enlightened, these so-called leaders remain puppets whose strings are pulled by corporate powerbrokers whose actions are motivated not by what’s best for our people, our country, our ecosystems, or our environment but solely by what will get the most profit, i.e., our culture has now institutionalized greed.  The names of the game have changed but the game is the same – greed and power – and it is no less evil.  The only politician I thought I could therefore vote for would have no chance of being elected in this country at this time and even if he/she was elected, he/she probably would not survive to see his/her ‘radical’ policies implemented, i.e., the Kennedy Brothers…Martin Luther King Jr….( the intervening Bush years' calamities since this was first written changed all that- I now vote Democrat  every election even though they are only marginally better than republicans.)

    Do not mistake our political non-participation as apathy; it is the opposite.  It is a protest against what we have become.  I love the ideas this country was founded on in our constitution:  Equality, Justice, Freedom, Happiness, but we have perverted the revolution of 1776  into a despicable farce that now stands for little more than sanctioned selfishness and avariousness (Republicans).  The moral conscience of our world, which reached its peak in the idealistic youth and policies of the 1960’s (Democrats) has seen a gradual wearing-down of resolve among our people, who’s goodwill has degenerated as a result of the constant assaults from those, like the little devil sitting on your shoulder telling you, “it’s okay to be bad, no one will catch you”, those who have already given themselves over to evil. 

   Evil is evil regardless of context but we can say in context that there are greater and lesser evils.  We live in a world where we have to kill something (for food) in order to survive.  Everyday we say (in essence), “who shall die today that I might live?”  We could kill a dog, a pet, and eat it, but most would see that as wrong, bad, evil.  Is it more evil to kill a dog rather than a cow?  No, but our culture accepts the killing of cattle without a second thought.  Yet all mammals possess intelligence and experience emotions of happiness, sadness, fear, and love among others.  All mammals (creatures) are sentient beings. The respect and compassion toward all creatures engendered by our understanding of the sacredness of life compels others and myself from condoning the slaughter of  animals for game or food – I am a Vegetarian.   However, a chicken has been known to live for years with its head cut-off and not even know anything was wrong!   So perhaps its fair to say that eating a chicken is a lesser evil than killing and eating a cow.  Yet it is still a evil- the chicken did not want to die and be eaten, so it would be better yet to try and be a vegetarian or to eat as many meatless meals as possible.  Similarly War is evil, yet it probably would have been a greater evil not to fight a war against Hitler’s Imperialism and Genocide, than the evil of killing the relatively innocent ordinary German soldiers who were just doing their duty by following orders. 

    The exigencies of our existence require us to choose on any number of occasions, every day, between greater and lesser evils, be it a small lie to protect a friend's feelings when they ask you, “How do I look?”, or a large lie to protect your job or reputation.  But a lie told for good reason is still evil and should be avoided whenever possible.  We must constantly strive to only do good, to seek and tell the truth, to ‘do the right thing’.  To be impeccable men and women of wisdom, honor, valor, humility, and righteousness.  To be, in the words of Christ, “Perfect”.  To keep the “faith, hope, and charity” by generosity, compassion, kindness, caring, giving, loving, respecting, cherishing, edifying, instructing, listening, correcting, supporting, providing, protecting, and sharing the gifts of this world and the hope of the next with all people, freely and fairly.  What hope can we have of a better world without these attributes instilled into each new generation?  But believe me, they learn by example.  What example are we giving our children?  What example are you giving to all children?  An axiom of the science of Sophistics should be, “Teach your children by being yourself”, for that is what we do, and they do see the real you.  Do you see the real you?  Socrates said, “Know thyself”.  We are all mere dust, stardust, and yet, “we are golden, and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden”, (- Joni Mitchell).  We are all part of “The Great Spirit”, as Native Americans called God.  To them no man could ‘own’ land, as it belongs to the Great Spirit, and no man could buy or sell his way into power or position.  Only by valor, deed, integrity, and wisdom did a man achieve ‘greatness’ and garner the respect and admiration of his people.  To “the first people”, who have dwelled on this land for over 12,000 years, there was no separation between man and nature.  They saw themselves as one with nature, respecting all creatures, the land, the water, and the air.  They did not over use, waste, pollute, or destroy in the name of progress.  Their ‘primitive’ wisdom is more valuable than everything our technology has produced since Europeans began murdering them and stealing their land 500 years ago.  These are important lessons, ‘the wisdom of the ages’, which must be relearned, remembered, if our technology is to be redeemed.  Technology is not in itself evil, but in the hands of the corporate/military/industrial complex its consequences have been horrendous. 

    Through ‘Sophistics’ we must redesign our worldview from the ground up.  We must lay the foundational cornerstone of wisdom, which is Truth, and upon this Truth, which is found in a pure heart of simpleness, that in meekness and humility seeks one thing only, which is virtue, we shall build our metaphysic and our ethics based upon the spiritual guidance revealed in the teachings of Christ.  In so far as they do not conflict with the wisdom of Christ’s message, other sources of insight and revelation are to be held as sacred as well.  A saying popular among young Christians in our day is, “What would Jesus do?”, or for short, “W.W.J.D.”.  We truly should ask ourselves that question in our cultural ‘reconstruction’.  If Jesus was presiding over the constitutional conventions of the late 1770’s and early 1780’s in Philadelphia, what type of government would he have proposed?  If Jesus was President today what changes would he try to make before being assassinated?  Correspondingly, what changes should we be trying to make in his stead?  If you are unsure, take some advice…call home.  God is surely your Father as much as any paternal progenitor, so, "who you gonna call?"  Call home.  Prayer does not have to be formal or eloquent or even conceptualized.  Know that God is real, is present, and knows your every need.  Whether by wordless meditation or verbalization, turn your mind to God and His Love and His Truth.  Seek Wisdom.  “Ask and you shall receive.”  - Christ.









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