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      In  Plato’s dialogues Timaeus and Critias,  Plato states that  Solon, one of the 'seven sages' of antiquity was told the story of Atlantis  by Egyptian priests at Neith's temple at Sais, in the western Nile Delta of 'Lower' Egypt.  The priests told of a land occupied by a race of men, whom had developed an advanced civilization and astounding technological achievements. Yet despite their accomplishments their island nation “sank into the sea”.  All this, Solon was told, took place 9000 years earlier! 

    Now myths are generally never so firmly dated.  Why “9000 years ago” instead of “during the first time”, or just, “long ago”?  Another thing about myth is that they generally have a direct or indirect relation to some truth.  Quelling our natural skepticism, for a moment consider the following facts:

  1) The largest human population centers today are almost all coastal cities.  If there was a island or coastal civilization 11,000 years ago it would be underwater now – from 12,000 to 10,000 years ago when the last Ice Age ended and vast ice sheets melted off the continents, ocean levels rose by a much as 425 feet, covering then coastlines and extensive coastal plains with hundreds of feet of water.  Coastal communities of that day and the archaeological evidence to support the priests story may be lying under ocean sediment, miles from current shorelines. 

  2) Recent geological examination of the Sphinx and it’s enclosure (scrupled out of bedrock between the Giza Pyramids and the Nile River in Egypt) have led some geologists to the conclusion that weathering patterns on the enclosure walls are most consistent with heavy prolonged wear by water, in a region that has had very little annual rainfall since before the supposed time that it was created, which traditional Egyptologists believe to be during the time of the construction of the Old Kingdom pyramids 5000 years ago, whereas 5000 years before that, during the “age of Atlantis”, paleoclimatologists and paleobotanists have demonstrated that Egypt and the whole of the desert in Northern Africa was a forested tropical paradise, which received up to 10 times the annual rainfall as we do today (see the ‘Holocene Epoch’ article in the Britannica Encyclopedia). 

  3) Within the last five years of the last millennium it was discovered and confirmed by computer modeling that the geometric arrangement of all the major Old Kingdom pyramids corresponds exactly to the celestial arrangement of particularly significant stars and constellations, not at the time they are suppose to have been built, but again only as those stars would have been positioned in the sky above Egypt in 10,000 B.C.  

  4) The same computer modeling has shown that the Sphinx is aligned with the position on the horizon at which the corresponding constellation Leo would have risen, but again only in 10,500 B.C. 

  5) Other archaeological evidence of ‘advanced’ cultures after the end of the Ice Age (remembering that cultural evidence before is likely underwater).  ‘Masonic’ evidence includes sites in Turkey which are 9000 years old that have ‘apartment buildings’ in which the town members lived, and huge masonry walls in Jericho from the same period.  The copper axe found among the remains of the ‘Ice Man’ of the Italian Alps a few years ago has pushed the advent of advanced metallurgy back over a thousand years to at least before 7000 years ago.

  6) The indisputable fact that the Great Pyramid in Egypt and the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico were both constructed with the same base perimeter and the same slope angle of their sides, yet were built thousands of years apart, separated by an ocean that supposedly had not been crossed till Columbus (Not! See Barry Fells book, America B.C. ). That these two 'Messages to the Future' were built to the same scale, the same dimensions, and the same geometric design undeniably expresses these ancient 'adepts' intention to leave something behind that could not be missed, something that held extremely important knowledge, secretly encoded in those dual 'messages'.  


This 'secret knowledge' is as yet only partly understood yet can for now be surmised in the knowledge that the relationship between the base dimensions and the slope angle has been shown to mathematically express both Pi and Phi, which were thought to be unknown till the time of the Greek Golden Age. It is this fact that led me to synthesize the two ratios' symbols into my symbol for my concept of 'Absolute Relativity'.


Such  evidences may not comprise conclusive proof of the antiquity of sophisticated knowledge in antediluvian times yet I suggest it could be considered at least establishing the ‘plausibility’ of such ancient truth seekers existing in the lost ‘long ago’.  If stoneworking and metallurgy existed 9000 years ago then it is not too far a stretch to believe that philosophic and ‘scientific’ thought spurred by the same moral and ontological needs and curiosities as men thousands of years later expressed in Egypt, and then Greece, could very well have been long established before the catastrophes remembered in the myriad flood legends and myths around the world destroyed and hid beneath the seas all they had achieved, save for remnants of knowledge and legends passed down through the generations till, one day thousands of years later, to be recorded for posterity by Plato. Probably in doing so he broke an ancient trust among initiates of the sacred, secret truth, which were it’s guardians in Egypt and perhaps elsewhere around the world, wherever the survivors of the deluge sought shelter among the indigenous highlanders and disseminated this knowledge to chosen adepts.

 And so perhaps in this way has a link been established and preserved to this day with a line of ‘Sophists’, seers, prophets, oracles, and holy men of God, whom like the men of ‘the first time’, or the “first world” as the Hopi put it, who God spoke directly to “through a hole in the top of the head”, and reaching back to the dawn of ‘sapien’ man and forward from thence as God’s ‘intercessors’ to guide, admonish and uplift man’s spirit, performed their sacred duty as called for until the time when the ultimate grand intercessor, “the way, the truth, and the light”, Christ, was born into the world.  And his word to us was, “Seek ye the truth, and the truth shall set you free”.  So simple, yet, ‘sophisticated’…



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