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I write; I write essays, poems, and aphorisms.  Probably few eyes will ever see what I write.  Probably because I write badly!  Yet that doesn’t stop me.  Because I write for God.  I am God’s hands.  And so are you!  I also sing, but I sing so badly even God doesn’t want me to.  Today I write on US Highway 68-80 while driving to Hopkinsville, Kentucky, birthplace of the psychic healer, Edgar Cayce.  On the way I will again pass the towering ‘Egyptian obelisk’ monument at the birthplace of Jefferson Davis, first and only president of the Confederacy during the ‘Civil’ war.  On other days journeys I sometimes go through Hodgenville, Kentucky, where I sometimes stop at the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, also a president (our greatest) during that ‘civility’.  These travels around Kentucky often take me past places of mystery and intrigue where I and my brother Mike and recently my wife Sharon have been fortunate to have found a great many amazingly beautiful native American artifacts while surface collecting in plowed fields near the many streams of this state.  Most all of these arrowheads, spearheads, celts, axes, and banner stones found in this area are thousands of years old, some are over ten thousand years old, as documented by archaeological studies of sites around here.  These magical places are almost lost to the mists of time but for stone objects that testify of the struggles, the love of beauty (exhibited in the artistic craftsmanship of the many beautiful styles they developed), and the traditions (the same styles or ‘point types’ were passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years) of these ancient warriors.  But stone endures much longer, like the giant obelisk I am passing at this very moment, whose shadow falls on a field where one can find stones that speak of a day like this one, but ten thousand years earlier.  We all would like to leave something behind when we are gone.  To be ‘immortal’.  Perhaps I will carve some of my writing on a stone someday.  If I get the time!  Like the fewer hairs on my head, my days are numbered.  I turned forty-five this year*; I am no longer looking at a seemingly endless road in front of my life as we do when we are young. 




*(At the time this was written. )







    With 5/7ths of your days spent ‘making a living’ there’s not enough time (or energy, as you age) left for actual living; developing, maturing, improving, the Art of Living.  This ‘Art of Living’ is of course many distinct arts that are unified in the making of a life.  Tragically these arts are in decline as a result of the stranglehold corporate ‘Nazism’ has on the entire planet.  This devolution of our souls and cultures, this desiccation of our lives and liberty to feed the bloodsucking greed-gorged corporate behemoth, is controlled by the ten percent of humanity that already owns 90% of the wealth, while five out of the remaining nine (50%) of humankind suffers in abject poverty and desolation.  How long will we allow this to continue?  Or will God?  In the ‘information age’ where knowledge is readily available you would think that most people would become ‘enlightened’, yet reactionary self-interested forces, syndromes, and complexes in the human psyche work against a progressive awareness.  Coupled with the socio-economic constraints on liberty imposed by corporate servitude most people remain so entrenched in the struggle for survival or the obsession with material success/social respectability that they do not have the time, energy, or ‘space’ to reflect long or deeply or to even care about the meaning of life, the human condition, and the fate of the Earth if we continue to blindly believe that everything is alright.  It is not!  And it is going to continue to get worse for most people and for the planet; unless we stop this runaway train we are all on together that is headed for a dark tunnel from which there is no exit.  “The cure is worse than the disease”, is true for the immediate consequences of stopping and getting off the corporate slave-train, but the short-term pain is worth the long-term gain, for at the end of the track awaits the ‘death camps’ as surely as it did for the Jews during World War II.  By stopping the train I mean no less than a total social/political/economic revolution.  I know, it’s been tried before.  The problem with the American Revolution of 1776 was that it was by and defacto for the wealthy, not the ‘people’.  The catchwords in capitalist republicanism are ‘free’ markets and ‘family values’.  Well if the ‘markets’ (Corporations) are free then the people are (Economic) slaves and those ‘family values’ keep the slaves in line without having to waste many bullets.  Fifty percent of the idiots who vote in the American political con game have elected one of their own again, an adroit idiot patsy pawn of the corporate power mongers who’s ‘let the rich get richer’ policies will assuredly worsen the disenfranchisement of the poor (30 years ago the U.S. spent 3% of budget to help poor countries – now its down to .05%), the degradation of the environment, the destruction of natural habitats, and hasten the death of the oceans, which will precipitate an unprecedented global climate/ecological disaster, eventually. 

    When the fossil fuels are finally depleted and the atmosphere and water supplies are irreparably damaged, when the tropical rain-forests and their diversity are gone and the halcyon days of the good clean forgiving Earth are over, then man will want to turn back, to jump the tracks and stop the train…but it will be too late then.

     Will this be the result of all our progress?  It will…unless we wake up and look out the train windows and realize what we are leaving behind and what we are destroying, that can never be replaced.  Perhaps we will catch on, understand what is at stake and create a better, new ‘world order’ based upon the sanctity of all life and the sharing of Gods bountiful gifts as brothers and sisters.  If not we will go the way of the dinosaur.  And then only the stones will speak for us, of a time when natural man lived in harmony and respect with the Earth.  When he had time, and ‘room’, to think great thoughts, and become ‘wise’.




      An examination of the recorded speeches of Native American leaders reveals succinctly the poetry, beauty, and wisdom of their ‘primitive’ minds.  Some may ask," If they were so wise then how come we beat them and took their land’?  Because empires are not built of Truth and Wisdom, they are built by blood and treachery and greed.  How did they get so ‘wise’?  Simple.  They had time to.  ‘Room’ for thought', if you will.  Scientific studies of their lifestyle estimate that ‘successful living’ (by their standards) took much less time per day then our 40+ hour workweeks.  They probably on average only spent a few hours each day acquiring food, water, and other resources, preparing and cooking, repairing and manufacturing essential tools and clothing; the rest of the time they were free to pursue arts, crafts, sport, sleep, dream, or just think.  With traditions and skills refined to perfection over hundreds of generations and remaining largely unchanged  for over one hundred centuries (that we have strong evidence to support), of course they were extremely good at ‘making a living’ in the shortest possible time.  With that much time to think clearly we would all be wise (just kidding)..."Not". (Catchword in the 1990’s for ‘obviously wrong’).




    Time to think alone won’t make you wise.  Intelligence and education alone won’t make you wise.  Asceticism or prayer or meditation alone won’t make you wise.  Nor will all the money in the world buy a drop of wisdom.  Yet all these things can sometimes facilitate the development of ‘awareness’ or ‘wisdom’.  Money can buy you free time to think and you might be intelligent or educated enough to understand complex issues, yet without a good heart, a natural intuition for what is good and right, without a reverence for all creation and a strong sense of the Sacred, without a selfless devotion, a burning desire for truth, and a unwavering repulsion at injustice, especially toward the poor and the meek, and most of all, without Love, you will not find true wisdom.  To understand, “Blessed are the poor…”  “Blessed are the meek…” in Christ’s ‘sermon on the mount’ of Matthew chapter 5, you must be able to ‘see’ how a life of simple poverty and humble piety could promote the growth of wisdom.  Though poverty is not a prerequisite for wisdom, wealth is a near 100% effective prophylactic against ‘salvation’, according to the words of Christ. 





     We live well, most of us in the U.S.,  for the time being.  We have pampered and indulged ourselves and forgotten what this country was meant to be.  We are thusly in peril for our very souls.  We must free ourselves, at any cost, from the ‘prison of the poisoned p’s’ – persecution (of the weak, defenseless, or ‘ethnic’), proscribed poverty (an injuriously low minimum wage) ‘profit’, ‘production’, and ‘progress’.  We must relearn how to live, to ‘revalue’ the paradise of the positive p’s – purity, piety, and peace.  The ‘Hippie’ counter-culture movement of the 1960’s was on the right track, though drugs will not get you enlightened.  Nor will an 'anything goes’ morality without the foundation of spiritual truth give you peace.  But they knew there must be a better way, and they were right!  ‘Back to nature’, but what must be a ‘higher nature’, as in ‘spiritually correct’, not ‘politically correct’.  This leads me to the paramount p-word:  ‘Perfect’.  “Be ye therefore perfect, as your father in heaven is perfect”.  The words of Christ’s, ‘Sermon on the Mount’, Matthew 5:48.  What did Christ mean asking imperfect mortals to be ‘Perfect’?  I believe he meant ‘Perfect’!  We must try to be ‘perfect’, i.e. we must adopt, adhere, conceive of and believe in the model of perfection, which he demonstrated by his life, and his philosophy of life revealed in his teachings – his message.  A profoundly revolutionary message.  A message that would end greed, poverty, persecution, would redistribute all wealth fairly and end all wars and empire-building on the backs of the enslaved masses.                                                                                                       01-31-01

    If ‘Perfectly’ implemented this revolution would create a paradise of peace and prosperity for all, not just the powerful and talented few and the yoked middle class.  It would be a world ‘perfected’, populated by individuals who had sought and attained a higher dimensional spiritual awareness, a higher consciousness, and a greater soul than that achievable by philosophical models that do not incorporate the Spirit and the Truth.  It is in truth the only cure for the nihilism that is consuming the disenfranchised youth of the ‘developed world’ countries.  Capitalism is a cancer.  All our science and ‘progress’ is for naught if it does not ‘produce’ a world that is fair and just for all…”Freedom and Justice for all”.  We must not settle for less.  We must not rationalize our animal-instinct brutality towards our brothers – we must rise above it.  That is what Christ meant by perfect.  “Be ye therefore Perfect…” Before ye can “Be” it, you have got to want it.  Before you can want it, you have to believe it possible.  Jesus of Nazareth proved it possible.  Now it is our duty, each in his own measure, to help make ‘room’ for…Thought.



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