Poetry in Motion

A Narrative of life lived in search of Truth

Originally written 11/19/2015-reedited, with additional material 1/7-10/2019

A moment ago I was not the same person as I am now. Not that something momentous took place. No, it’s just the nature of Being/Becoming in the universe- Heraclitus held that Change was the essence of existence. At least since the time the known works of the “Pre-Socratic” philosophers were written, or wrote down later after preservation within the oral traditions of the cultures of the time, there has been a tumultuous debate, a schism into two camps holding sacred either, inexorable change, or immutable substance. We here now witness a thousand permutation of the interplay/struggle between the two factions, the dance, winding spiral-like, whirling, like the earth whirling around the sun, or the dervish whirling around the column in Sufic ecstasy.

The pendulum swings back and forth as the spiral ascends and descends, the aria voices rise and fall in a timeless chorus of will and heart and imagination. Suffering and bliss, sorrow and joy, hatred and love, clash, meld, are reborn, renewed as something new yet the same, the eternal return, a new round, round and round, higher and higher, hopefully. I dance this dance as well. I hear the sirens, question the muses at mortal risk, slay Medusa, all for the golden fleece of wisdom. Sophia, mother of God, born of desire, giver of sentience, bearer of Athena and Aphrodite, lover of Truth; give me the sword of Truth, I beseech thee, that I may slay all dragons and free the prisoners of the tower.

It is typically at the apex of the swing of the pendulum that the most good or the most damage is done, yet, perhaps the greatest danger of all can occur when forces are in balance momentarily. The Gnostics have an expression: “The Defect of the Feminine”. This is not an “anti-feminist” statement. It does, however, explain the need for male and female, masculine and feminine. The polarization within nature of sexes, powers, ideologies, etc., are, “efficacious”.

The movement/struggle/interplay of opposites produce or create what is necessary. What is necessary? Growth. Why? The “hard problem” within Physics- “Why does consciousness exist?” - or, even, why does anything exist instead of nothing?- is the crux of the reason for the Gnostic statement. Why is the feminine defective? The feminine represents “perfection”- stasis, completeness, being the immutable substance, immovable object of Being. Changeless.

Masculine, the Yang, is the imperfect, evolving, force of change- Becoming. The irresistible force. The “Hard Problem”- Why?, requires one to step beyond the artificial boundaries of acceptable [empirical] science for a reasonable answer. What makes the universe produce human consciousness? Consciousness does. We are conscious beings because that is what we need to be. But not as Darwinian dice throws- we where meant to be since before the Big Bang [if there was one]. Consciousness IS the nature of the universe. This is the secret to it all. God. Consciousness. A conscious 'being'. Not an anthropomorphic God. A Conscious being we perceive as existence.

It is common these days to believe nothing is absolute, even “real” is discounted in some post-modern philosophies. Many hold to a belief in Nietzschean “naturalism”, the empirical-based materialistic supremacy of what nature has produced as the model for civilization- for example, as Hitler did. Nietzsche’s Will to Power as the highest aspiration for a society. To others, such as myself, it would seem evident we cannot continue the destructive habits of legacy archetypal complexes and the reactionary insipid thought processes which arise from such baggage. True, in their day, a million years ago, they were formed out of necessity. The brutality of existence then demanded an equally brutal reaction for survival. But we have changed. We have evolve more perfect means of survival. Less stress and more time for reflection and growth as spirits. We are now faced with the problem of how to still the remainder of this legacy and create the conditions for further development.

How do we allow the masses to awaken? We are, to be sure, in a crisis. We are destroying the earth. We are directly responsible for 60 % of all wildlife on the earth having gone extinct in the last half century. The oceans are depleted to a dangerous extent. The human-caused climate change that is evident to all but those economically or dogmatically aligned with fossil-fuel extraction industries and the powerbase of those enriched by its continued dominance, is an exigent threat to our survival. Droughts, coastal flooding from sea-level rise, and populations without the access to food and commodities we all need are a time-bomb that will detonate sometime in the future, and sooner than later if nothing is done to reverse the damage we are causing.

One answer, at least to my mind, is the need for a new Mythos upon which to build a new Ethos. That mythos must start from the ashes of ancient, decayed, obsolete ideas and rise like the Phoenix to spiral higher toward the heavens from which our truths and morality is dispensed via intuition and revelation. Those higher truths are secrets held in the open- see my “Secret Teachings of Christ”.

Philosophically, we can use the stepladder of the works of those who came before us. One such step is the work of Robert Pirsig, in his book, “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”[ZMM]. In ZMM Pirsig provides a way to see the equivalence of the Toa as the metaphysical ground from which our intuition of Quality arises- as the essence of all things which gives meaning to “right” and “good”. The Toa, “the Way”, as a metaphysical force in the universe is comparable the The Way of Christ. Both, when followed impeccably, lead to infinity. The mythos that created each way are disparate ideas of reality and differ greatly, but the essence is the same. The same is true for most religions; behind the surface are universal truths from the same source.

When the chaff of local variations is burned away the Light of the One Truth shines through. This is the essential insight of Pirsig in ZMM. Others also have discovered this underlining of religious thought since time immemorial. Carl Jung sought to bring his own experiences of the noumenal into a psychology based on science. His Analytical Psychology was the first attempt to expand the boundaries of science into the murky realms of consciousness. He spent fifty years or more researching the ancient texts and modern psychosis of his day, incorporating his discoveries of pertinent Alchemical and Gnostic ideas and mythologies into a modern scientific context which also sought to understand the meaning of such content arising from the unconscious in dreams and visions.

He eventually was to propose a “collective unconscious” from which such icons, symbols and images arose, even when the conscious subject had never encountered that imagery in their waking life. One work Jung published on this subject, called “Dream Symbolism in Relation to Alchemy” gave documented examples of such occurrences. Toward the end of his life he went further beyond the acceptable confines of empirical science and proposed the idea of Synchronicity- “an acausal connecting principle” where an independent, seemingly unrelated phenomena occurs which gave meaning or validated the meaning of something important in the life experience of an individual. Déjà vu, dreams that come true, premonitions, and “meaningful coincidences” could all, to my mind , fall within that category. To me, all such phenomena requires a “science” large enough to accommodate and explain it, not to brush it under the rug.

Where do we get this new science, and new mythos to go along with it? In this world full of pundits and experts all spouting their own agenda, with half of a typical population on one side of a political extreme and the other half of the population on the other extreme, we still cannot agree on how to be “civilized”. The dichotomy of positions, some of which are the legacy of the instinctive, unconscious complexes, archetypes, and reactionary dogmas I spoke of earlier, and some of which is the new legacy of a myopic science that grew as a refutation and revenge for the injustice of religious intolerance and persecution, require that new mythos to bridge the gap and reveal the common ground needed to evolve beyond this ‘pinch-point’ in the movement of the spiral upward. Without relief, and quickly, the destructive path we are on will lead to a cliff. The sleepwalkers like lemmings will all see the rocks below, too late.

Perhaps it is an artifact of our short lifespans- 60 to 80 years on average now, and that we start to lose our cognitive abilities by age twenty-five. As we age we tend to regress: as our powers of reasoning decline so does the viability of available options appear to lessen and we retreat to seek security and continuity as paramount. We lose our courage. I don’t know if the old adage about the wisdom of elders is a complete fallacy, but it would appear that it is only the exceptional elder that retains his/her competence to lead. Most just desperately want to hold on to what they have, especially their lives, which all signs point to an end approaching. Fear and dread convert the open-minded to reactionary conservatism in most cases. They see the young as threats who will cast them aside or worst, ignore them. We (the aged) struggle more and more to “keep up” on the changes around us. We still want to be included. But it is a losing battle. Resentment, or Nietzsche’s “resentiment” grows and spreads through the aged like a disease. The cure is fatal, unfortunately. We all will die. All will be replaced, and the time comes must faster than expected. We become, obsolete.

What is the answer? What if anything can heal the rift, bind the wounds, straighten the path, and reveal the Light, banishing the darkness that conceals it?

That new mythos will take some work to create and we are...lazy. Not just lazy, we have been indoctrinated to see the future as somewhere far away and not effected by what we do, or, that there is nothing we can do about it. We have been brainwashed, immersed in a culture of vapid consumerism, tweets [so as to not demand too much thought], and instant gratification taken as an entitlement. The marketing strategy of incessant advertising, and the propaganda of corporate controlled mass media has had the intended effect. We don’t care. We are numbed and gutted. WE HAVE SOLD OUR SOUL AND DID NOT EVEN KNOW IT WAS AT RISK.

We want it and we want it now. Stifling debt on individuals weighed down by loans to pay for higher education, which should be free in public universities, credit card debt, and the enormous cost of housing compared to fifty years ago- these factors have eliminated the freedom and carefree lifestyles of the 1950s and 60s for most. In the “hippies’ era we needed little to be happy. Today enormous pressure exists to have the latest iPhone, the biggest SUV or TV, the latest fashions or sneakers. People have lost touch with nature. Video games, streamed entertainment, and social media means there is little reason to look up from your cellphone. No one knows what it means to be human outside of their circle of friends or family. We have been disconnected by the technology we thought would bring us together. The irony of this is that we need to be connected now more than ever. There is more at stake now than has been since WWII.

It will not be easy to change, if even possible. We must grow. We must learn a new Way. The habits and customs we are accustomed to must be understood as only stepping stones. Each culture must recognize the idea that each generation is “starting over”, but, they are dependent on us to maintain an intellectual environment and social order conducive to growth. We must recognize that the ideology and customs and traditions we enjoy may need to evolve, or be replaced with better more civilized habits which meet the needs of the future. The old roadsigns on the Way will be replaced with higher aspirations as the search for wisdom also evolves.

The Way to Evermore is currently lost for most- mapless, rudderless, and no GPS will point to it. The new Mythos needs a name. I give it one: Absolute Relativity. In my work on Absolute Relativity [hereafter, “AR”] I define what is true wisdom from the metaphysical perspective. Each person where they are in the midst of living their life must explore the reaches of this sacred space and find a way home.

Wisdom is not bought or sold. It is not found in the palaces of kings or tyrants. It is humble, meek, kind, and most of all, Love. It exists independent of human life, elemental to the fabric of the conscious universe. It is not found only among scholars or ascetics. “Blessed are the meek...”- Christ. Even in a lowly hovel can be found the products of wisdom: honor, dignity, integrity, honesty, empathy, kindness, charity, and love. Goodness and righteousness are in truth found mostly among the poor, the common people of the earth- “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into heaven.” -Luke 18:25.

It is valuable to study wisdom. An intellectual understanding of the workings of the universe and our relationship to it can be beneficent. Yet it is mainly by intuition and revelation that the deepest understanding, i.e., wisdom is derived. Life is what we make it. I believe in my heart that people would make themselves and the world a better place if they knew how, if they believed they could. Within my concept of AR is a sustainable efficacious new mythos which has the power to cure the nihilism disease and provide a firm foundation upon which to build the society of the future. What makes it so powerful is it reveals the path, the Way of Christ in twenty-first century terms. That Way is found in a new, better understanding of the Teachings of Christ. I place the seekers feet upon that path if they study the work I here [and on my website] give to you. It is not the completion of the Word. It is an outline and a guidebook. The real Truth is in the Teachings of Christ.

The metaphysical implications and revelations of those teachings, set apart from mystic traditions or taken together, lays a true firm foundation for the new mythos. AR ties together the polemics and dichotomies, the wound is healed, the stone that the builder rejected is restored, and the path is made straight. It sets the one, as one, in the center, and gives the breathe of life to all creation, spiraling outward from that sacred singularity. Only when that infinite unity is again found in every heart will true progress again be possible. The Water of Life will again flow from the fountain of Truth.

We do have the power to create a world that resolves the conflict of opposites and resists the reactionary instinctive behaviors drawn out of our Psyche by ancient archetypes burrowed but alive and powerful within our collective subconscious. We can re-program our thoughts and create new habits of thinking and action which are non-violent, empathetic, and “wise”. New archetypes are born from what we choose to do and to be. Never Give Up applies to the demons we fight internally as well as to the suffering and injustice we fight externally. Evil is real. It resides, along with better angels, in the hearts of all men as part of our animal legacy. It is our “original sin”.

Nietzschean “Naturalism” has a place. We should recognize and honor the nature which delivered us from the dark past, and now gives us the opportunity to “move on”. But move on we must. As part of our new paradigm old antagonisms and animosity will be metamorphosed into a common purpose by the Light that dispels the darkness. This opening of the eyes of the blind was made possible by Christ whom, while on the cross said, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” The metaphysical implications of that statement is the Grace of God poured out by the blood of Christ for the forgiveness of sin. We are forgiven if we repent and change our ways. Therein lies the hope of this endeavor. But assuredly if the people do not awaken and change their ways, the Day of Recompense will come.

Science gives us facts. Facts can be interpreted and applied in ways that reveal higher truths and wisdom by those already predisposed and /or prepared to do so. However, science itself has no moral basis upon which to make decisions about right and wrong in the human sphere. That moral foundation for society and the individual must come from outside the stated boundaries of scientific endeavor. This is, it turns out, the “Snare” referred to throughout the Bible: “Caught in the snare of their own devices.” “Snared by their own devices.” It is clear to one who devotes sufficient time and effort to study Bible Prophecy, what the reference refers to. Out technology has produced nuclear weapons which are capable of destroying us all. Will they ever be used? What do you think?

Religions are also snared by their own webs- dogmas, traditions, and the greed of men. Over and over this is said by Christ; “ You have made the commandments of God of no effect by your traditions.” Christianity today bears little resemblance to what Christ taught. Few adherents to our modern denominations are true Christians.

Both science and religion are doing it wrong. Religions believe they serve and worship the Absolute and they do not. Science believes all truths are relative but they are not. In AR I seek to bond the truth within both back together. To establish the Absolute source and foundation of the physical world with its diverse relativities. In this work I have thousands of collaborators, doing science on the edge of the unknown, and philosophers and theologians with the same agenda as I. Many scientists now openly question the materialism of the scientific dogma and recognize the centrality of consciousness, despite the potential damage to their reputation. In the Halls of Honors of this quest, foremost we would place Jung, Pirsig, Campbell, and Einstein. Honorable Mention would also go to all working with the Truth as their objective. Those working on the phenomena of Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Non-Locality, and Quantum Entanglement will someday discover the source of these extra-dimensional phenoms in the spirit world of the mystic. Metaphysics will be re-admitted to serious inquiry and God will have returned from the dead, so to speak. Sorry Nietzsche.

Since 1979, when I first coined the phrase AR I have been trying to define and flesh out the ideas it represents. But like all phenomena which arises outside our normal four dimensions it remains elusive and non-intuitive. Why non-intuitive? Because over the course of a half a billion years of evolution our five senses became attuned to the natural world of the apparent universe. Newton, nearly four hundred years ago explained four dimensional phenomenon concretely and precisely. The world was understandable.

Then along come Einstein, among others, and we now have discovered phenomena which Newton did not explain. With the proper ‘eyes’ we now see more and deeper into the mysteries of our world. Likewise, Christ said those “with eyes to see and ears to hear” would come to understand the metaphysical reality He revealed in his teachings. It is a fact, I would say, that everyone has latent abilities to see into the mystery. We have abilities we do not normally need or use in our everyday lives. These would include to varying degrees, the gifts or talents of precognition, healing, and visionary experiences. Some are more talented than other in this respect. All are to some degree or other connected to universal mind, or, have guardian angels whom guide us. Many times I have been steered away from danger by unconscious forces. I cannot explain how. I just know I would not still be here otherwise. Many have stories of personal experiences that step beyond our natural world. Visitation in dreams from loved ones is a common phenomena. Premonitions and other “Synchronicities” abound in the anecdotal world just outside the reach of science. Others see visions of things to come. Not all such experiences come true. All is in flux and change occurs. Fate does not seem to written in stone for every event, but there is a river we all travel together toward the land of Evermore, and some ‘places’ are inevitably unavoidable along that voyage. We all pass from this world. We all continue to exist somewhere else. I cannot say I know what that will be for you. I am not your judge. But the revelations of Christ are my guide in seeking to understand it all.

AR seeks to remove the Damoclean sword from over our heads by philosophically demonstrating the connection of the Absolute to the variety of phenomena in our relativistic world. It is NOT saying all things are absolutely relative- it is making the opposite metaphysical assertion by joining two terms at opposite poles of the spectrum into one- as a paradox of paradoxes. As the union of opposites. All relativity arises from the absolute. All interpretations of relativity, to be complete, return to the absolute origin. The Absolute is the source and the ultimate value [Pirsig’s Quality/the Toa] by which all relative value is measured.

Sadly, the only absolute acceptable to the post-modern, neo-liberal, “educated” scientist is their believe in the sacredness of their scientific methodology. An edifice erected within the Church of Reason, it is the altar they worship upon, enshrining their empirical materialism, sometimes called naturalism in philosophical circles, as the bringer of truth. No less a god than the old fashioned ones they deny, their creation is an extension of their own image and therefore is nothing more or less than self-idolatry. Like Nietzsche they have removed God from the altar and placed “nature” there instead and for most that nature becomes ‘what is natural” and for man what is natural [instinctive] is selfishness. Nietzsche colored it over with the Will to Power- just another way to proclaim the supremacy of selfishness. Tragic and sad. So here we are a hundred and thirty years later and our leaders are infiltrated and consumed with this “naturalism” now called Libertarianism, and are destroying the beautiful legacy of Christian charity and common good in the name of personal freedom/ neo-liberalism.

It is late, perhaps too late, to begin a counter-revolution like the one we fought in the sixties. The insidious covert war on progressive thought carried out over the last eighty years may indeed have won for now. It may be a long time, if ever, before good people mass together again to turn the tide. We are too preoccupied with other matters. Yet I do not give up hope. Never Give Up. Always stand for what is right and good and fair and just. We may seem to be standing alone, but behind us are a thousand generations of ancestors proclaiming we must, “Fight”, “Resist Evil”, Never Give Up!”. And beyond them is the heavenly multitude, uncountable, eternally present. We who are about to die salute you. And remember, you are, And always will be,

Poetry in motion.

Thomas Theodore Welborn


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