Nature and Human Society



    Long before language, before complex vocal articulation and an associated set of etymological and grammatical conventions were first created (or evolved) our ancestors survival was dependent upon their ability to perceive, obtain, understand, and exchange information about their environment. Somehow, in a multitude of ways, they communicated. Even the earliest upright hominids were the inheritors of a half billion years of parent-offspring interaction/information exchange. Perhaps a  million years have elapsed since kinship groups first banded together for hunting and protection; in those early primates were the first social-instincts bred into us. Today, almost everything we modern homo sapiens think, do, or say is more or less effected in someway by these inbred social/survival instincts. For the most part we are in essence unknowing captives of primordial animal nature and the ‘consensus’ of beliefs, taboos, and conventions common to our particular culture. What is astounding is that even in the ‘developed’ world with it’s ‘educated’ post-modern, homogenized (to an extent) citizenry with all their rhetoric about freedom-based culture there remains a negligible degree of awareness among these apparently sophisticated peoples as to the fact that the above cited ‘captivity’ is relatively untouched for most of them and they don’t even know it.

    This is not because we’re stupid. It’s because those social/survival instincts and complexes I referred to are so deeply rooted into our normal thought processes, even into our ability to perceive, that we, by and large, just do not know any other way to think. Unknown to our conscious minds, most of our thoughts, our reactions to stimuli, and our feelings rise unbidden from our animal-nature's instinctual reactions to our exigent needs, and learned defenses programmed by our natural history. As a social animal those needs, instincts and defenses are somewhat subsumed and regulated by our cultures conventions but they are still there, as strong as ever, in each of us. Nazi Germany serves as a recent prime example of the social expression of these impulses erupting and overtaking what was a highly civilized society. Sadly the same imperialist nationalism has again gripped the post 9-11 United States. Its military behemoth is now engaged in extracting revenge for 9-11 among the ‘heathen’ nations (the Iraq War), "to make the world safe for Americans", and of course their oil reserves has nothing to do with it…

 Under our leaders high-sounding rhetoric about freeing people from oppression and securing the peace by it’s 'War on Terrorism', the truth of the dark evil intent of 'naturally' (instinctually) evil-hearted men, both in our leaders and in the average redneck ‘Patriot’, is again filling the world with blackness and despair. This paper is my effort to counter this darkness with the light of Truth. Only an ‘awakened’ mind can fight against the natural evil that inhabits, along with varying degrees of goodness, each and every human heart and mind. By ‘awakened’ I mean ‘aware of the problem’ and possessing a conscience and will determined to fight for the right and reach the Light.

    The understanding of this natural-evil, this "original sin", as part of our evolutionary past, as part of ‘nature’, does not (contrary to nihilists, apologists, and positivists) provide excuse or unencumbered license, nor beatification of the dark. It is only ignorance of a higher Truth beyond the gross limited truths of this infantile (evolutionarily speaking) ‘natural world’ that leads some to believe so. They have become blinded by the ‘dazzling’ achievements of the human intellect – that produces such ‘science’, that believes it has explained away God and spirit, and convinces itself that life itself is a mere chemical accident. The same ‘Weltanschauung’ of self-deception that inures and insolates the unconscious ‘natural evilness’ in our personal hearts allows these ‘scientific’ logical arguments against God and spirit to propagate in the atheistic heart of science; extra-natural evidentiary phenomena (of which there is literally mountains of indisputable eye-witnessed occurrences throughout history) is blatantly ignored because the dark truth underlying the atheism in the heart of scientists and their philosophical adjuncts is Rebellion against the authority of God.

    The Free-Market Capitalism of 21st Century reactionary libertarian American Republicanism is a 'logical' scientific extension of atheistic Darwinism into the economic structure of human society,  but the fallacy of logical positivism as an accurate measure of value towards a right and good quality of life for all the members of that society is amply demonstrated by the rising poverty level in America this century. In truth, the ‘freedom’ of such a market is revealed to be the freedom of the wolf among sheep or the freedom of the fox in the hen-house. The Reagan-spawned lie of ‘trickle-down’ economics in a free-market is the wolf pulling the sheep’s own wool over it’s eyes with propaganda pipe-dreams promises to an ever-shrinking middle-class whose "herd-instincts" allow them to be led to slaughter by that old ‘carrot on a stick’ trick.

    The individuals within the Republican political subset of today’s Americans believe that their party’s (and now our country’s) leaders will lead America (and themselves) back to greatness and more prosperity. Sadly, tragically, they have been duped, brainwashed by high-sounding words about God and values while their actions betray their evilness at every step. In the same way that the Nazis played and preyed upon the natural fears, resentments and greed of the German people to inflame their minds with a predatory nationalism, empire-seeking imperialist Republicans covert and subvert the truth to suit their needs. They have learned the unfortunate fact that lies told often enough are soon believed by most people, particularly lies told by ‘authority figures’. Thousands of years living under repressive and oppressive social hierarchies have ‘taught them their place’. Of the beguiled Republican faithful that ‘follow the leader’ because of their ‘Christian’ religious convictions, it’s simply wrong to question authority – they believe the Bible to be ‘infallible’ and they believe whatever the ‘pretender to the throne’ tells them. They are ‘well-trained’.

    Yet, as I have documented elsewhere,  the truth in what passes for ‘Christian’ in 21st Century America is no where near the truth which Christ taught.  Republican Christianity is the antinomy of true Christianity.  Lies wholeheartedly believed are still lies.  We who for various reasons recognize a lie from truth often ask the question, "How can so many, in this day and age, be fooled by so few?"  As we stand  at the dawn of the new millennium and ‘take stock’ of the human condition we are forced to face the tragic consequences of our ignorance and feebleness, our cognitive adolescence and emotional fragility.  The evolutionary pace of change in human awareness and ethical character crawls forward imperceptibly while our technological prowess and power expands logarithmically.  Our powers to build…and to destroy has far outpaced our abilities, as a group and individually, to grow morally and intelligibly, to be able to use such power wisely.  We lack the vision to know how to choose wisely and the character to want to.  To even attract the attention of most ‘native’ ( =  naïve, entrenched, or imbedded )‘Stakeholder’ members of any particular culture or cultural subset – including the majority of Americans ( Stakeholders are entrenched and/or imbedded because their current lives and their future are entwined with the success or failure of that society to maintain and protect itself and thusly the stakeholders position as well )-to the possibility of the ideal of a higher order that supersedes their own cultural (or subset) ethos and mythos is very difficult, due to the ‘weltanschauung’, ‘closed-loop’ nature of the human mind’s defense mechanisms and the ‘inflation’ antinomy or ‘Enantiodromia’ which Jung described as well.

    These are nearly universal subconscious thought-to-behavior complexes or ‘reactions’ (reactionary) to perceived threats to an individuals autonomy (again ‘perceived’) and integrity ("you can’t tell me what I think or do is wrong,  I’ll think whatever I want to"), (again, perceived to be their ‘own’ thoughts but typically arising via the censor of their cultural ethos and mythos).  And as these subconscious complexes effect the dynamics of each individuals interaction with others within and without of their cultural subset-group, so do these cumulative effects from individual ‘members’ effect the group dynamics in a reactionary mode.  There is tragically no shortage of examples in our day of these group ‘reactions’.  Everything from mob riots, genocide, and endless warfare fill our screens on the nightly news broadcasts. In our generations lifespan we have gone from horse and buggy to space exploration yet our instinct-driven character weaknesses and reactionary thought processes have little changed.  This situation has been made (greatly worse) by those who deny we even need to fight this ‘natural’ evil within our hearts, and by extension, our societies.

    Throughout history there have always been people and cultures that revel in ‘the natural state’. Anthropological studies demonstrate that primitive cultures, i.e., ‘natural man’, perhaps universally took particular delight and esteemed practices and behaviors which to a Christian morality are sinful and grossly abhorrent.  They took delight in what is evil (recently a U.S. military officer was quoted in the press as saying he "enjoyed" war – a few days later a conservative (Republican) editorial-page columnist said "we need more men like that").  To a Darwinian anthropologist or biologist the moral judgment of a Christian ethos towards such ‘natural’ evil is meaningless and irrelevant because they believe that the Christian concept of God is no different than any other – they’re all superstition and myth. Important myths, they would concede, to the fabric and stability of most cultures, but superstition nevertheless. Drawing upon 'scientific' ideas of a chemical-accident creation and survival of the fittest evolutionism, numerous philosophers have jumped upon the "see no evil" bandwagon.  Nietzsche was among the first to try and filter philosophy through a Darwinian sieve.  The ‘new’ science of philosophy he and James and Huxley and the rest of the philosophers in the empiricism-materialist-positivism-epistemological existentialism camp created is based on mere assumptions – not the hard facts they would have you believe it is based upon, and I can prove it.  You are freely invited to verify the following using the source materials I will cite, in fact, it is my fervent desire that you do so.  This ‘thesis’ is partly developed from the following sources:

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Persig for ‘Phaedrus’s’ revealing Revaluation of ‘Quality’, i.e. ‘values’.

The works of Frederick Nietzsche for his insights on the genealogy of morals, not his overall views on religion  (he’s a Darwinist).

The works of Carl Gustav Jung for his depth-psychology of the human mind and it’s connectedness to metaphysical reality.

                    Einstein & Gödel: A World Without Time

                                    by Palle Yourgrau for

                          recognizing   the importance of both

                         men’s work on the problem of time.

      The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene,

              on Superstring/M-Theory,  elements of

  •               which inexorably lead to
  •               confirmation of   metaphysics
  •                  The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot,

                             a most evocative and controversial book

                            that synergizes the research and 

                             theories of Bohm, Pribram

                             and others to propose a hologram-model

                            of the mind – which creates

                            what we perceive as the physical universe.

                           Then in the second half of the book he presents

                            an array of current corroborative

                                    research and historical

                            phenomena to demonstrate how

                           the intrinsic ‘connectedness’ of the

                            underlying holographic  nature

                           of the mind/universe provides the 

                           desperately needed ‘mechanism’ by which

                           a truly ‘scientific’ model of the 

                           actual existence of ‘extra-natural’ phenomena,

                          such as certain truths about

                           reality derived from traditionally

                          ‘metaphysical’ sources, religion in

                            particular, is proposed.

                           This underlying connectedness I call

    Absolute Relativity.


      {edit by essay author Thomas T. Welborn  01-23-2011 }
                            This is as important as
                                                                                    'The Holographic Universe'
                                                   by Michael Talbot...
                                                          See the book,
                                 Consciousness Beyond Life:
                               The Science of the NDE
                                              by PIM van LOMMEL
                                    for  in-depth evidence of the
               "Non-Locality of Consciousness"
                  World Changing if the world could see it...


    Nature & Human Society :



       Skeptics are sure to rebut these assertions on a variety of grounds. I will attempt to ‘cut them off at the pass’ here by responding to their more obvious objections in advance.

    If EP (extra-natural phenomena) is real then why do most people go about their daily lives without ever encountering any such event?

    False assumption-scientific surveys show that most people do believe

    they have had an EP event or events occur in their presence.

    That’s just their misinformed belief and is only ‘anecdotal’. Where is the hard

    Evidence – the proof?

    False Assumption – there are piles of rigorous, repeatable, statistically

    significant studies of ESP, telekinesis, synchronicity, etc., but they are ignored

    by so called ‘objective’ scientists.

       Even so, this is not the point – what is most important to understand is that we are talking about phenomena created by a mind and there is just no way to dissect a mind, or analyze it in a lab experiment.  It must be studied ‘in-situ’.  Such research must be done ‘in the right way’ because it is generally not understood how much ‘influence’ we are under when it comes to understanding the nature of reality.

       Cultural preconceptions and assumptions, as well as personal predilection and experience, are the glues that binds our individual interpretations of reality together, allowing for stability of identity and confidence for action.  Assumptions not only effect one’s interpretation of phenomena, they may actually filter what is perceivable and corporalize what is perceived.  Within the ‘standard model’, or the ‘Copenhagen Interpretation’ of Quantum Mechanics, the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, illustrated by the famous ‘Schrödinger’s Cat’ thought-experiment, proposes just that effect, (determining the nature of the corporatization of phenomena) called the ‘collapse of the wave function’, produced by the act of observing the event.  Likewise, in the equally famous 'double-slit experiment', the act of observation, i.e., the influence of a mind on the physical phenomena changes the observable results of the experiment – unobserved the results demonstrate the wave-nature of light, observed, the results reveal an particle manifestation of light.  It is undeniable that light phenomena manifests as both a particle and a wave at the same time. Scientists will admit that.  They can measure its wave-length and isolate individual photons.  Thanks to Einstein’s formula E=MC2, they will admit that all matter is composed of energy. But here is what these facts of nature reveal which they do not understand:

       The fact that if a mind in the act of observation can effect an physical experiment then it follows that consciousness must involve a form of energy they cannot currently detect which propagates through 'space' instantaneously (non-locality), and such non-locality infers a wave-nature to this form of energy existing in simultaneously our familiar dimensions and in dimensions currently undetectable by experiments which are outside the limitations of time.  Again thanks to Einstein, we have proof such phenomena does actually exist.  Exactly one hundred years ago ( author's note: when this was written) Einstein published The Special Theory of Relativity, and the time dilatation predicted by his revolutionary theory about what happens to matter traveling at or near the speed of light has repeatedly been verified by experiment.  The most pertinent fact of such light-speed phenomena is that time slows down and even stops for anything traveling at the speed of light.  So we know that for some forms of energy there is no time.  According to the Special Theory of Relativity a photon is said to exist at all points along its trajectory at the same moment.  We know it’s true – it’s been proven experimentally. If that’s true then the question should be asked, "Does it really travel at all?"  What is space anyway? Discoveries about space made in the last five years have thrown astrophysicists and cosmologists for a loop – space itself is expanding – but not only that – its expansion is actually accelerating.  Nothing in their theories or models predicted that.

       The only thing they can think of to explain the acceleration is some sort of undetectable (again) energy in vast quantities propelling the unknown fabric of space outward.  So now we have the Big Bang which sent all matter out in space at a uniform rate of speed and an unknown Big Banging that continues to push the fabric of space itself outward faster and faster.  Again thanks to Einstein, who published The General Theory of Relativity in 1919 (and which has been repeatedly verified by experiment), we know that time and space are interconnected – the so-called ‘Space-Time Continuum’, [In which gravity is conceived as the stretching of (or distortion of) the fabric of space by mass, like placing a heavy object on a suspended and stretched sheet of rubber curves the surface of the sheet under the object (mass) so that objects traveling (rolling on the sheet) near the curvature created by the mass are ‘drawn’ toward the ball due to the changed shape of space near the ball].  The Space-Time Continuum…but…but…does the light really travel through space if it gets there the same moment it left…something is missing in this picture…let’s regroup and review the facts.

    1) Science tells us there must be some unknown types of energy and mass effecting the Universe    (they call it "dark energy" and "dark matter").

    2) Science tells us that a mind observing certain phenomena effects it’s manifestation by some unknown non-local means.

    3) Science tells us that all matter is energy – E=MC²

    4) Science tells us that mass/energy communicates with other mass/energy simultaneously at a   distance without any known means of doing so (non-locality).

    5) Science tells us that at relativistic speeds time ‘dilates’ or contracts, slows down, even stands still.

    6) Science tells us that the fabric of space itself is expanding and accelerating by some unknown means.

    7) Science tells us that some phenomena (such as light) is known to exist in two paradoxical forms at the same time – particles and waves.


      Edit by author 01/10/2019:

       However, there is some light at the end of this metaphysical tunnel- on Nova, the PBS science program, broadcast on 01/09/2019, in a program titled,"Einstein's Quantum Riddle", the latest evidence for the truth of Quantum Entanglement was presented.  Recent experiments have closed the "loopholes" [by which the  fact of this critical phenomena has been discounted by most physicists], making it, in the headline on the cover of of an article in Scientific American issue of Dec.. 2018, "Spooky Action Confirmed".  Each of these two reports cite recent proofs that dramatically "close the loopholes", but each refer to a separate set of experiments conducted by different teams using different approaches, with the same results confirming entanglement to be real.  As I wrote this piece in 2005 stating my belief in the central importance of Bell's Theorem and its nonlocal implications, on which this recent work is based, it is very gratifying to finally see science catch up to my intuition.  The fact of nonlocality and quantum entanglement has already been incorporated in the field of quantum computing.  By coincidence [Synchronicity], IBM announced today the release of the first commercial /research quantum computer for sale to the public!

    [ the announcement: "At the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), IBM (NYSE: IBM) today unveiled IBM Q System One™, the world's first integrated universal approximate quantum computing system designed for scientific and commercial use. IBM also announced plans to open its first IBM Q Quantum Computation Center for commercial clients in Poughkeepsie, New York in 2019."] Link to IBM site:

       What is more important, in fact critical to the implications of the two concepts is their fundamental relationship to consciousness. A leading scientist interviewed in the Nova documentary also mentions that a Holographic model for the incorporation of the two concepts into physics was promising...

     What all this adds up to is something science doesn’t want to know.  Yet, in fact, a scientific explanation for all these mysterious phenomena has all ready been discovered!  What hasn’t been done properly yet is to synergize a number of disparate discoveries in different fields together and recognize their ‘connectedness’, how they all tie together (like string?).  You will understand why by the time I finish tying all the knots… with  'The Hologram Man.'

    Nature & Human Society:

    The Hologram Man 


       What I am about to describe is a new paradigm or ‘zeitgeist’, or ‘gestalt’, i.e., a different way of thinking and understanding man and the cultures he creates.  The scientific overview I’ve laid out before you prior to the beginning of this thesis is vital to its interpretation because before we can understand ourselves, our relationships one to another, and to the societies we have created, we need to truly comprehend, as far as possible, the nature of the universe we inhabit.  We need ‘the big picture’; what we have built so far, our technology, our secularizing, dehumanizing, ‘corporate’ capitalism economic behemoth that now engulfs and devours the resources of the entire world while spewing incessantly it’s filth and toxic time bombs – these certainly have their short-term benefits, but what is the long-term price of our gadgets, our conveniences, our comforts, our excesses, and our appetites?  How long can we ignore the consequences of our actions?  Will we ever have the courage to bear the pain, ever have the courage to face the hard choices, and change our ways?  It’s been said that knowledge is power.  By these words I give you the power to change the world, something that can only be done by each one of us standing up, one at a time, until we all are standing together as one, and in one voice say "enough, there is a better way, and we shall take it."  With the knowledge of who we really are and our place in the universe we will see ‘the big picture’, and empowered by the Truth, no evil will stand against us.  We will be truly…free…

    What is a Hologram?

       We’ve all seen them as amusing optical images, as toys, really.  Yet within a hologram, hidden in its essence, if you will, is a profound far-reaching secret of the universe.  Like the paradoxical dual nature of light (particle and wave), a hologram is something of a paradox as well.  The simplest, truest, and most revealing statement that can be made about a hologram is that it is a part that contains the whole.

       Were it not for the acknowledged paradoxes of Quantum Mechanics the previous statement would have been instantly deposited in the waste (of time) bin labeled ‘scientific absurdity.’  To understand how a thing can be a paradox unto itself and still be true is not easy; it doesn’t come naturally to our minds.  Perhaps the best way to "get it" is to start from the ‘simple’ and move to the ‘complex’ and by following the ‘progression’ it should become more ‘palatable’.

       "In the beginning…"  So we have been told since children that there was a ‘beginning’, and a God, who ‘separated’ "the light from the darkness."  So were we told, that, before that moment, the light and the darkness were not separate.  From Einstein we know that everything is composed of energy (E-MC2).  From the book of Genesis in the Bible we are told that before the ‘beginning’ (the ‘big bang’), light and darkness were not separate…  We know that light is energy.  What about ‘darkness’? Oh yeah…recent discoveries that the expansion of the universe (caused by the ‘big bang’) is accelerating has required physicists to propose the existence of undetectable dark energy and dark matter…Could that be the ‘darkness’ God separated from the ‘light’?

       The above is meant to show that what may seem simple, even primitive to some may in fact hide meaning, complexity, even sophistication we are or may not be ‘equipped’ to comprehend.  Light is composed of electro-magnetic waves of varying length.  There is a vast spectrum of such electro-magnetic wavelengths, but our eyes are only able to perceive (normally) the smallest band of adjacent wavelengths we call visible light.  That there could be, according to physicists, a whole other type of energy and mass (dark) around us which our senses and our senses-tuned instruments can not detect should really be not all that surprising.  The latest advances in theoretical physics toward a possible unified field theory, which Einstein devoted the latter half of his life to, now predicts our universe may have as many as eleven dimensions.  Is it not now entirely plausible, and not too surprising, that forms of being exist, perhaps in other dimensions interacting with those which we can perceive normally, which have been detected and experienced, throughout history, under special ‘extra-natural’ conditions or circumstances, and has traditionally been referred to as "spiritual" or "supernatural" phenomena?  The true nature of the universe, and of what we think of as ‘nature’, is yet to be determined scientifically, but has been experienced since the dawn of time.  That ‘nature’ is very likely to turn out to be, ‘holographic’.  "Why?" Because the varieties of phenomena which possess characteristics of the hologram, though currently unrecognized (undetected), are universally ubiquitous, from the nature of quanta, to the nature of consciousness, to the nature of God: "As above, so below."

       How can a ‘part’ ‘contain’ the ‘whole’?  Such a statement defies our normal perception of reality and logic. Our common sense and intuition tell us that it can’t be.  For such to be true would require a world radically different than the one we can normally perceive.

        Exactly!  The world we think we know so well we hardly know at all.  All around us are mysteries and unknowns so enigmatic, so wonderful, so encompassing they infantesimalize our esteemed science and technology.  What we know is a mere drop in an infinitely large bucket, but we do know that at the Quantum level dual-nature paradoxes and ‘non-locality’ rule, at relativistic speeds time as we know it does not exist, at the cosmological level the expansion of the universe appears to be accelerated by some unknown force, and, according to Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity space itself is ‘curved’.  What science has yet to comprehend, or ‘discover’, is how a holographic model of the nature of the universe intertwines all these barely or not at all understood phenomena together coherently by fully incorporating and recognizing the role and effect of the greatest, most important and least understood of all phenomena, consciousness.  This "undiscovered country" of consciousness and it’s vital, integral relationship to the hidden nature of the universe is, according to a ‘hologram’ model, the very bedrock from which the universe as we know it arises.  "In the beginning was…the word…" says the first verse of the Gospel of John, I believe, appropriately.  A word is an expression of thought, which is an expression of consciousness.   "…and the word was God, and the word was with God," continues that same verse.  How can something be with God and be God at the same time?  When it (consciousness=thought=word) is a part that contains the whole. How can God be a Trinity, the three that are One, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost?  When each is a part that contains the whole.

       The hologramic model represents holistic reality for the first time in the history of science by placing mind as the center and source of being.  I would hasten the reader to meditate upon this point, for understanding depends upon it. The Absolute Relativity of Man, another concept I have introduced can also not be understood without the foundation of the above.  Each mind is individually born or created from the one universal mind of God, and as such, at least potentially, must also be a part that contains the whole, in the hologramic model.  That this is the true holistic nature of reality is well supported by a myriad plethora of phenomena.  Quantum mechanics has long been familiar with the role of consciousness in the ‘collapse of the waveform’ (Fortier Transforms) [See Schrödinger’s Cat].   The proven phenomena of quantum entanglement (instantaneous information exchange without a known medium of transference) [See Bell’s Theorem] is a natural outcome of a hologramic, conscious universe.

       At the human scale, any thorough perusal of the historical record of contemporary extra-natural phenomena that is not blinded by the preconceptions and bias of scientific atheism/skepticism will reveal mountains of past and present inscrutable, verifiable, objective evidence of the ability of consciousness/awareness to transcend the confines of the physical apparatus of the body (Lommel"s "Non-Locality of Consciousness").  Such transcendence remains today the ‘exception to the rule’, and most people, including scientists, go about their daily lives without any experience or conscious awareness that such things are happening and are real.  But for others, who may be exceptionally gifted, receptive or in a heightened state of awareness, or who may have encountered an exceptional time or place, or be in the presence of an extra-natural occurrence or being, extranatural phenomena is actually experienced by those people.   And, if that is true then it must be true for all, though less so. An example of a related known (scientifically ‘acceptable’) phenomena is ‘subliminal awareness’, in which experiments reveal that our subconscious minds are aware of much more phenomena around us than we are conscious of.  How much more?  There may well be a universal subconscious connection of awareness within us all, but our receptivity to it may vary to extremes, with the average being most are receptive but consciously unaware of what’s received, most of the time.  If the hologramic model is true then such a connection is implicit. 

    Yet if we are all connected to a universal awareness (God?) it is reasonable that some may ask, "Then why don’t we stop murder, war, poverty, etc.?"  "Why do bad things happen to good people?" in such a hologramic world?  The problem of evil and suffering is complex and difficult and we know we don't have all the answers at this time, except in perhaps in the speculations of theologians or in The Word.  If you have faith, seek the answers there and in Prayer and Meditation; you will not be unwise to do so.

       Yet, if, as I propose, we are all subliminally receptive and subconsciously aware of extra-natural content, even as a psychic is aware of such content consciously- it consciously for him/her (subconsciously for us) effects him/her (and our) decisions and actions in ways we are perhaps not aware of.  On that level of consciousness, in which God (universal non-local consciousness) plays a part, many things may be going on we are not "privy" to.  Why are some people delayed just enough to miss a plane flight which later crashes while others "catch it" and ride it right out of this world?  I’m not a psychic, but I have an intuitive sense and a religious faith that tells me there is a reason for everything – a meaning to our existence here and beyond. Is chance involved as well as fate? Absolutely.  The Truths of chaos theory are indubitably involved here in ways perhaps to complex to understand at this time.  Chance and freewill are variables in the equation of most every  incident/experience but so is serendipity, providence, synchronicity, and intuition on occasion; and which is the leading cause or catalyst for a given outcome is anyone’s guess.  Just as the recent discovery of the accelerating expansion of the universe had led physicists to the realization that there are forces and phenomena in the universe that they still know nothing of, there are other forces and phenomena that science currently does not recognize which many believe have a profound effect and far reaching implications for the human condition.

       The spiritual and the metaphysical can not be dissected and measured in a laboratory, yet gravity and even death itself have no power over those ‘in touch’ with those domains and the source from which they are manifest.  Unfortunately few are chosen to walk that path.  Were that not so, and with the hope that some day it will not be, then even the dream of a ‘utopian’ world could be within our reach.  Of course,   ‘Accidents’ and evil would still exist in that world.   Yet, serendipity and providence are quaint old ideas in which events and outcomes are influenced by ineffable qualities like character, intent, and yes, "righteousness."  In our new model of a hologramic, universally conscious reality it becomes a natural progression within the model to understand such phenomena as an inherent (if usually latent) characteristic of currently undetectable or unknown natural forces, principles, and , unavoidably and undeniably- ‘metaphysics’ (spiritual), which play a large role in what takes place in our (normally perceptible) dimensions.  We know there are levels of consciousness within ourselves of which we are normally unaware yet exert often profound influence on our thoughts and actions.  We know that these other levels of consciousness, or sub-consciousness, or awareness are, at least, at times, and/or under certain circumstances capable of receiving information instantaneously about, at least, certain events and even, at times…circumstances, even future events are ‘foreseen’.  If as I believe, such abilities are a fundamental capability ( latent) of consciousness, and we exist in a hologramic energy field universe from which our observable reality is created, or, projected onto our senses, then the universal consciousness – field beyond the normal reach of our senses but which we are constantly and wholly part of must play a huge role, usually on a subconscious level, in the processes we know as choice, free will, fate, luck, and dharma.  The details concerning the nature of spiritual reality from the vast majority of anecdotal historical accounts and traditional religious literature fully support these fundamental characteristics and functional principles of the hologramic consciousness field model, regardless of the iconography and mythos involved.

       Take any category of ‘purported’ supernatural phenomena, from spirits, to telepathy, to transfiguration, to healing miracles, to feeding five thousand with a couple of loaves of bread and two fishes, to raising the dead after three days of decomposition, and ‘pass it through’, test it for ‘possibility’, in a universe that presents itself to our normal physical senses as concrete, with immutable Newtonian laws of physics and biology, yet, via the ‘senses’ of the instruments of our science or the inner senses more rare the universe reveals itself as an apparition, a hologramic ‘unified field’ of ‘X’ dimensions, most, unknown to us, an image of reality that is malleable, within a revealed framework of space and time that is relativistic and subject to conditions, forces, influences, and yes, even beings from those unknown ‘Other’ dimensions.  In this model of reality the Truths of science and the Truths of religion have become one.  It is only where our understanding of either falters that their ‘Truths’ diverge.  We must tear the veil between these two worlds (views) and heal the wounds to our souls that this ideological battle has inflicted upon us all.  There is only one Truth… [But the paths that lead to it are many].

       As man continues in our struggle to find his way to that Truth we who stand here before God as his sentinels and protectors of this ‘treasure’ must never let down our guard against those who would deny or destroy it, if they could.  We must remember the pace of evolutionary change within the individual, and in our societies, and with patience and perseverance, prepare that ‘way’, the way to Truth, the Way of the Lord, for our children’s’ children’s’ children.  Perhaps that day will come, when we will beat our swords into spacecraft, and continue our True calling, to sow the universe…with Love.



    Nature and Human Society:

    The Error Of Our Ways


       For myself, it is heartbreaking to think of the countless generations of hard lives, of blood, sweat, and tears, of tragedy and travesty that were spent to make the world we have inherited.  Any of those who came before us had hopes and dreams for a world far better than what we are doing to it; nobler, fairer, freer, with clean rivers, clean air, and a fair share of earth’s abundance for all.  Instead, depending upon circumstance, choice, and dharma, we are either compelled to be, or implicitly, (as co-conspirators) freely participate  in a world of structural , enforced, (often and unapologetically brutally and murderously enforced) gross economic and social disparity in which an enforced economic servitude (essentially economic slavery) and enforced economic oppression of a lower class is maintained to support the power and wealth of a small worldwide economic upper class (formerly a strict social caste system dominated individual societies but is gradually being replaced by mainly economic status).

       Of course, this is nothing new.  Over the entire memory of human history there has never been a shortage of men willing to be ‘oppressors’.  Ambition and greed, lust for power, wealth and the ‘spoils’ of ‘victory’, has ever motivated the stronger and the more cunning to take whatever they wanted from the slow, the weak, the meek.  So perhaps it should not be a surprise that the world is still, and even more so, the victim of oppressors, though today they are just as likely to be ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ as ‘conquerors’.  The wolves to which I refer are indeed the worldwide corporate behemoth that now has a stranglehold on every neck in every corner of the earth, devouring its resources, polluting it’s air and water, and enslaving it’s poor, or, if not needed at the moment, casting them off like so much garbage.  How is it possible that so-called ‘Christian’ cultures of America and Europe could have spawned an economic system so far removed from true Christianity?  It’s no mystery.  All it took was money, lots of money.  For two hundred years the wealth and resources of the world has been concentrated into fewer and fewer hands by the capitalist hegemony held by the wealthy and their puppet-government pawns, resulting, essentially, in a plutocracy of bought and sold "life, liberty, justice for all" – "not."  Obviously ‘concessions’ have been made throughout this period to maintain the ‘complacency’ of the working class, and there have been periods such as the sixties, where the awakened will of the people has brought about real progress, but such victories for human rights and true justice are usually followed by a strong reactionary backlash, in which the ‘Republicans’ rally their ‘troops’ and campaign for the ‘rights’ of ‘business’, using the vast resources at their disposal, and well-studied propaganda techniques to frighten, intimidate, and ‘brainwash’ the masses into believing they don’t really need all those rights, all those freedoms, such as the right to oppose the oppressors, don’t really need equal justice for all since some people might be our "enemy," and that the rich really need all the money so they can make more minimum wage jobs for you suckers!

       The result is that today the world’s people are economic hostages to faceless corporations with no sense of decency or honor, no real ethics, no compassion, with no motives but money and power.  This is a nightmare of immeasurable proportions made all the more horrific by the self-satisfied oblivion of the mass of those getting ‘their piece of the pie’ and those blinded by their own ambition and greed.  It is heartbreaking to think that fully half the people in the US fall into those categories and willingly side with darkness ( believing it to be the side of light and right).  A large part of this ‘will to power’ (Nietzsche) or ‘will to evil’ as I prefer, comes naturally from those instincts and the corresponding emotions their propaganda plays upon (Nietzsche was right about much of what he wrote concerning the power and influence of instinct over us, but he was terribly wrong about the source of our higher motivations and aspirations).  But just as powerful an influence upon our thinking and actions is the accumulation of errors we are taught, that are passed on from generation to generation within our unique cultural ethos and mythos.  Unlike what you might hear from Nietzsche, or other Darwinian philosophers and behavioral scientists, or from secular scientists in other fields, the most devastating of these errors is not man’s penchant for religion, in this case Christianity, it is the corruption of true Christianity – what Christ actually taught as ‘the way’, into the apostasy, the antinomy of what passes for Christianity today, that is the greatest error, from which the darkness hides and strikes.

       In my work, The Secret Teachings of Christ, I have tried to show the difference between the two.  Essentially, when Nietzsche wrote, ‘The Antichrist’, in 1888 his thesis that Christianity was an aberration against nature was right, but for the wrong reasons.   The first thing Nietzsche missed was that 'nature' (the physical universe and the extranatural universe)  is not ‘perfected’ yet.  Nature is not done yet. It’s still ‘cooking’.  It is, like man, a work in progress, still evolving, and another of the great cultural errors we’ve inherited over the last one hundred and fifty years is not recognizing that and not knowing what it is evolving to.  ‘Where do we go from here?’, is the appropriate question.  Darwin’s insights into how we got to this point were so brilliant and new ( I’m not anti-evolution) they blinded science to the idea that there could be an overall plan to the apparent chaos, and a ‘Planner’ of course.  By a strange synchronistic quirk of fate another Englishman in the 1850’s named Alfred Russell Wallace independently developed his own theory of evolution and was ready to publish before Darwin but was talked out of it (Darwin’s paper had actually been finished for twenty years by the time it was published in 1858 but for various reasons he had withheld it until Wallace’s impending publication was make known to him).  There was a major difference between the ideas of the two men though – Wallace saw the evidence of intelligence and even a divine plan in the manifestation of evolution – beyond mere (accidental) natural selection, called, "survival of the fittest", and instinctive responses.  Wallace saw the role intelligence plays in what he called "sexual selection" and other evolutionary phenomena and eventually came to believe there must be a higher intelligence involved in the ordering of the universe and life/nature.  To my thinking it’s a bitter irony that of the two brilliant men whom independently co-created the theory of evolution, the one who held out the possibility of an evolutionary causality derived from factors and influence which include those from currently unknown dimensions (the latest physics-‘superstring/m-theory’ actually predicts as many as eleven dimensions) and divine (extra-dimensional) intelligence [the ‘Holographic Universe’(the book cited above ) model of reality of Bohm and Pribram proposes that all matter is ‘conscious’], is relegated to a footnote of history, while the other, whose ‘small-mindedness’ could only allow for mere chance to have any role in evolution and the origins of life, is regaled with every laurel and held as the paradigm – maker of the bio-sciences, including bio-physics.  They still hold to the dogma that anything that smells of ‘spirit’ (extra-dimensionality) is not science.  Thusly, for one hundred and fifty years now, they have been blinded.

        However, there is some light at the end of this metaphysical tunnel- on Nova, the PBS science program, broadcast on 01/09/2019, in a program titled,"Einstein's Quantum Riddle", the latest evidence for the truth of Quantum Entanglement was presented.  Recent experiments have closed the "loopholes" [by which the  fact of this critical phenomena has been discounted by most physicists], making it, in the headline on the cover of of an article in Scientific American issue of Dec.. 2018, "Spooky Action Confirmed".  Each of these two reports cite recent proofs that dramatically "close the loopholes", but each refer to a separate set of experiments conducted by different teams using different approaches, with the same results confirming entanglement to be real.  As I wrote this piece in 1996 stating my belief in the central importance of Bell's Theorem and its nonlocal implications, on which this recent work is based, it is very gratifying to finally see science catch up to my intuition.  The fact of nonlocality and quantum entanglement has already been incorporated in the field of quantum computing and is seen as a basis for a new technological form of  unhackable encryption.

       What is more important, in fact critical to the implications of the two concepts is their fundamental relationship to consciousness.

        This scientific ‘blindness’ has slowly spread throughout the world like a cancer of the mind, and for the last one hundred years it’s most damaging ‘carrier’ has been corporate capitalism.  By adopting this ‘science’ of ‘business’, this ‘scientific’ model of a Godless world, they allow themselves to believe that they are ‘conducting’ their ‘business’ in a existential/metaphysical vacuum where the only consequences they fear are the minor inconveniences of populist laws and the occasional despot, though actually, the lawmakers and the courts of practically every modern country are already in their pockets via ‘legal’ lobbyist ‘contributions’ or ‘under the table’ bribes. The results of this ‘cancer’ are everywhere, worldwide.  Theirs is a world where individual lives of human beings are destroyed with seeming impunity ‘for the corporate good’, where the health of the entire biosphere is threatened ‘for profit’. Theirs is a world where seemingly no one is accountable for its inhumanity, its cruelty, its destruction. As former Marine General Smedley Butler exposed in his book, ‘War is a Racket’ (published over seventy years ago and still true today), the US Military and those of most industrialized countries more often than not marches in lock-step to the dictates of corporate power and it’s lusts.  Such is certainly no more truer than today, in which a post 9-11 American populous was sold a bogus bill of goods (bill of destruction) by our corporate-pawn-leaders to fight a needless war in Iraq, "for our safety," from non-existent WMD’s, when the murder of over 100,000 men, women, and children was actually perpetrated to remove another former corporate-pawn-henchman (Sadam Hussein) who had gotten too powerful and out of corporate control, and once again make the region ‘safe’ – for corporate interests.

       Now, despite the cover story, the subterfuge, the fear-mongering propaganda that makes many believe such carnage and murder was right, be assured, the Word of Christ declares that not one innocent child shall be lost but for a price to be paid – a day of recompense, which those responsible will bear.   "It would have been better for those to have never been born" when that day comes… Whether it’s Iraqi children torn apart by our bombs or Kentucky children impoverished when parents' jobs are eliminated after committing their lives to the success of a given company, only to see their ‘guaranteed’ retirement pension and medical benefits eliminated after a corporate takeover – for these human beings whose lives count as nothing for corporations whose answer to these ethical questions is, "it’s strictly business…", I say, it’s never ‘strictly business’ – that’s a lie straight from hell – it’s always about a relationship between human beings, with moral choices and eternal consequences.  Every single business transaction, or decision, is always about a relationship between human beings or groups of human beings – there is no "business to business" – it’s "human beings to human beings."  No amount of quantifying can remove the ‘quality’ from the equation.  Every action that affects other human beings has ethical and moral connotations and effects.  Every business decision or action is necessarily ethical or unethical, good, or evil.  To the business ‘scientist’ who believes in nothing but money and power all such considerations are ‘relative’ and secondary.  Priority is given to the profitability of the corporation and the stockholders. The directors and officers of a corporation are well paid to do their dirty work, and key to that compensation is that it is setup to be directly proportional to the profitability of the immediate future of the company, for in the stock market arena everything rises and falls on ‘expectations’ and earnings.  Anything and everyone else is…expendable. To their thinking, which is molded by the compensation structure of corporation officers tied to the stock market, it’s all about the numbers.  An employee, a human being, is just another number, without a voice or a need for ethical concern for their well-being.  Any talk to the contrary is bull____.  They have to ‘sell’ a good image of how concerned they are for our well-being while employees in their company to attract talent, but they will figuratively ‘cut your throat’ without batting an eye if it’s called for to save a dollar in the value of their stock-options.  They think it’s ‘strictly business’.  One day they will find they were wrong.  They call it ‘survival of the fittest’; following Darwin’s take on things, and justify their lusts and cruelty accordingly.  One day, they will come to find there was another way… to late.  Judgment Day will come for all.

       What is just as disturbing to me as the errors of the powerful is the errors of the weak…how is it so many are so blinded by the siren call and the fear of the dark… and of the others who knowingly choose to follow the darkness, and to repeat the lies of their dark lord, and carry out his dark deeds of their own free will…so many, so lost…how is it possible?  Perhaps a parable will shed some light…as far back as the first born sons of man; there were two brothers, one of whom, by reason of his spirit, or virtue, was favored above the other.  The less favored brother’s lust to have what he could not, to have what his brother had, became uncontrolled, and he killed his own brother in rage.  Sadly, man can be just as vicious and brutal now as then, and though the societies we have created usually hold such emotion in check, its still there, in all of us to some extent.  We all know jealousy, envy, resentment, even hate.  Nietzsche believed that ‘resentment’ was the drawing power of Christianity – to empower the weak over the strong.  From his Darwinian perspective this went against ‘nature’, for his view of nature – the dominance of the fittest – meant the powerful and the more cunning were entitled to their ‘position’; it was their ‘nature’, what they were meant to be.  Yet Christ depicted a world in which nature was something to be, to borrow from Nietzsche, "overcome" (albeit, used in a totally different frame of reference than that to which Nietzsche applied the term).  The lusts of the powerful and of the weak, is what must be overcome.  It is our animal nature itself, at least the more primitive, regressive, and destructive aspects of our ‘original sin’ that must be transformed from darkness to light.

       Despite the ignorance of those blinded by their attachment to the darkness, this transformation is the natural progression of the evolutionary tree.  A tree rooted in our animal past but whose branches, if allowed to fully mature, will reach to heaven.    Evil is real and dwells in the hearts of men;  yet, but for ignorance, surely few would knowingly follow it’s path to destruction.

       Therein lies hope. If enough people ‘evolve’ their ‘conscientiousness’, their ‘awareness’, even their ‘enlightenment’, as it’s called in the mystical tradition, then eventually humanity could actually become ‘humane’.  That has ever been my dream and the purpose of this work.  I apologize for its many shortcomings and inadequacies, even though it was the best I could do.  I pray that you, dear soul, will carry it on, a "candle in the wind," against the darkness, after I am gone. May the Lord bless you and keep you. Amen.

       How do you cure ‘blindness’?  With a word. A single word from the lips of Christ could cure.  If you can believe that the accounts of the life of Christ recorded in the Bible are accurate then we must now, in our sciences, ‘account’ for ‘the miraculous’ in our physics – or more properly, physics must be correctly classified as a lesser science – a branch of the true ‘unified field theory’, metaphysics, or, if you will, Sophistics . Metaphysics/ Sophistics has a large enough field of vision to encompass phenomena that can not be studied and experimented on in a laboratory.  It does not reject evidence that does not fit its narrow preconceived parameters, that conflicts with the expectations and dogma of a favored theory or hypothesis.  A metaphysic recognizes the critical and necessary role intuition plays in the search for Truth (with a capital T) and Meaning.  Therefore in metaphysical terms the miracles of Christ, if true, must represent natural, albeit extraordinary phenomena in our universe.  Such a ‘cure’, if true, tells us a great deal about some of the more extraordinary, or as I prefer to call it, ‘extra-natural’ aspects of our universe.  It demonstrates that under certain conditions or forces time as we experience it can actually be altered (not just our perception of time but time itself), that it is a process that can be ‘transcended’.  It also demonstrates that under certain conditions or forces the physical construction and processes of life, and even the constituents and corporality of matter itself, and the normal everyday laws of Newtonian physics, can be transcended.

       Prime examples would be Lazarus raised from the dead after three days, Christ walking on the water, and calming the sea.  If any of those recorded events really took place two thousand years ago then they could happen now, and we would have to recognize such phenomena as integral to a true, complete understanding of our universe.  The point of the previous statements is that such phenomena does occur, has occurred before and since Christ, as documented in the book, ‘The Holographic Universe’, among countless other books and scientific studies that continue to be ignored by ‘mainstream’ science.   This ‘prejudice’ against spiritual phenomena and particularly, the traditional authority and moral judgment inherent to such ‘religious’ beliefs is nothing more or less than that same rebellion against the will of God represented by Lucifer in the Bible.  This subtle insidious ‘scientific rebellion’, adopted as a cover for evil that is secular corporate oligarchy, the ‘beast’ of Daniel and Revelations, will devour the whole world if nothing is done to stop it.

       Christ showed the world a better way.  Yet it is now and evermore up to us, in each succeeding generation, to implement it, to make it our way.  Words alone have never been enough. Good intentions will not change the world.  Only by our actions, by standing to defend the Truth from this onslaught of evil, and by self-sacrifice when need be, will the Light prevail.  It may well be that man’s darkest hour approaches, a darkness that will consume us all, if we here now do not act; for otherwise a day may come, if it has not already arrived, when it will be too late.  We must fight this evil.  The fate of the earth teeters in the balance.  Yet to fight it we must be able to recognize it, to detect and reveal its many guises. To do that we must know its origin, and our own.  And finally, we must remove it and replace it with the whole, complete, True,  Way of Christ,  uncorrupted and undiluted by the errors of the past or weakness of men today.  To this end I have tried to provide a foundation and the background from which to begin, in my works, "The Secret Teachings of Christ", and, "Reflections on the Meaning of Life," and I have sought to reveal the whole Truth in my work on, "Absolute Relativity." I hope and pray that you will benefit from these efforts.

    Thomas Theodore Welborn

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