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                      The Metaphysic of AR



My deepest gratitude is felt for all who have made this work possible, starting with my Mother, Martha Grise, the greatest person I have ever known, who gave her all for her children, gladly enduring the difficulties of her eccentric oldest son.  I also wish to thank all my ancestors, whose blood, sweat, tears, and dreams brought forth my life.  Thanks to all my friends and lovers through the years that challenged my views.    Thanks to those who have shared my ‘vision’, however minutely, and gave me encouragement. 






Utmost respect and admiration I hold for those whose works were the foundation upon which my work here was built, most notably, ; Robert Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (1974), The Toa of Physics by Fritjof Capra (1975),and the Dancing Wu Li Masters by Gary Zukav (1979); the first four anthropological novels by Carlos Castaneda (1968-74); Carl Jung’s collected works, and elements of the philosophy of Frederick Nietzsche, however, much of the scientific prejudice within his works must be sifted through the filter of Jung’s spiritually-attuned eyes; Ed Witten, Brian Greene, and hundreds of other cutting-edge physicists working on superstring/M-theory’s multi-dimensionality problem (they don’t know it but they have ‘found’ the ‘spiritual’ dimensions); the many researchers, past and present who’s dedication to unlocking the mysteries of the Egyptian (and New World) pyramid complexes has brought many of their secrets to the light of day, particularly the works of Robert Bauval and Gordon Hancock are extremely significant to our understanding of the importance of knowledge man once possessed but is now lost to the distant past.  -from 2001. 2018- Many books have come and gone since 2001, but the one that stayed with me is The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot (2011).







Finally I wish to thank all ‘light-bearers’, all the saints, mystics, martyrs, masters, of the highest knowledge and the highest aspiration, whose devotion to truth and good and right and love, expressed in their actions and in the works they left behind, inspires and encourages those of us here now to believe that someday, some way, mankind may reach that place of peace and love prepared for him by that purest of lights, Jesus Christ, whom prepared the way out of darkness and into the light.  And that way is there now, for those who seek it.  It is found in the words of Christ.  Direct from the source, for which I give thanks to God, most of all.









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