The Meaning of Life



                            The Metaphysic of  AR: Prologue




    All of us are tied at birth to the cultures in which we find ourselves.  Each acculturated individual becomes part of a separate subset, almost a separate species of homo sapiens, whose ideals, beliefs, and practices can be radically and irreconcilably opposed to those of other cultures.  Unfortunately the instincts which inoculate cultural identity usually spawn ideals of exclusivity, nationalism, bigotry, and racial hatred.  The privileges and rights granted to members of our group are or were generally denied to outsiders, even those who were ‘different’ within the group are ostracized, outcast.  The advent of global communications and information exchange via mass media has reduced or subverted these tendencies in ‘politically-correct’ societies, yet they remain deeply imbedded in our sub-consciousness.  Much of the evil within the world is rooted in this ‘identity crisis’ (coupled with instinctive selfishness and greed).  Many no longer feel they ‘belong’, no longer know ‘who they are’, or their place in the universe. 

 Though the diversity and dichotomies of nature have always been reflected in the rich array of unique human cultures, man now finds himself torn between two worlds, and in order to survive (in most cases) we must struggle to keep our balance as we are pulled on one side by tradition and belief while being drawn on the other by the homogenization of a sterile uniculture of corporate globalization based on atheistic ‘science’ which arrogantly places man’s puny ‘reason’ at the center of the universe. The ‘accidental’ (life as nothing but a chemical reaction without design or purpose) origin of life (so they believe) becomes the most important percept of the corporate religion; the deduced absence of an ‘Absolute’ (creator-God) moral authority which they argue (conveniently) results from adopting this belief allows the corporate beast to pursue and crush the masses upon who's backs their riches grow, implementing policies and actions motivated solely by uncaring, avaricious greed, i.e., “for profitability” regardless of the human costs in destroyed lives, or the long-term environment degradation, habitat destruction, and the potentially catastrophic future consequences of unsustainable growth based upon unrenewable resources. The viability of the entire biosphere/ecosystem is threatened if we do not change course.  Yet nothing forces us to make the world so tragic.  God does not want us to be evil.  We have the power to make a world of beauty, kindness, peace, prosperity, and justice for all.  A world of happiness and freedom, without hunger or fear.  There is, without a doubt, plenty for all if we just learn to share, to care.  The ways of the world are not set in stone.  We can change the world, if enough people have the awareness, the heart, and the will to do so, as the civil and cultural revolutions of the 1960’s and the 1700’s prove.  It is up to each person to take a stand, in their own life and actions, and in their society through education and activism.  The world of the future is being made this very day, by you and by me.  ‘”Think Global-Act Local”.  We all have a role to play in the unfolding drama of life, and no matter how large or how small, each part is important.  We ARE, here, for a purpose.  It is in this spirit that I offer this work.



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