Legal Disclaimer

My old website: has been hacked,

my copyrighted intellectual property stolen

by criminal perpetrators in Russia.

Due to a billing oversight on my part, they did

legally purchase my old Domain Name:

which I inadvertently allowed to expire.

The criminals in Russia purchased it immediately

 and then somehow stole my copyrighted intellectual property I was

hosting on under that Domain.

They then opened a hosting account

on in England,

and uploaded my stolen intellectual property to that account.

 My attempts to get to remove the stolen property

have been ignored (after a automated response to the

"abuse" form I submitted on their website they have ignored my emails).

Therefore, I disavow any legal responsibility for the content

now on and state that all pages and links

 on that site have no legal relationship to myself,

and that my copyrighted intellectual property currently on was stolen,

 and is being used without my consent or authorization.

I strongly urge you NOT to go to the website or click on any link that takes you to any page

 now on that site as they have added unknown content

which may be malicious malware or worse.


Thomas Theodore Welborn 8/27/2016