So it seems… to them we are outcasts

Exiles adrift on a barren sea

Inconsequential castaways

A species endangered by our own existence

To be ignored or snuffed out –

Out of their way…to hell,

So it seems…


In truth we stand upon

The shore of the infinite

The unknowable one

And hold its secrets

Within out hearts

In our hand, “The Sword of Truth”…


To them we are the “Prols”

And they the true believers

“Party-members” all, twisted

And entwined in a snare

Of their own devices

As Orwell prophesized,

But twenty years too soon.


For now its not a political idol

That pulls our strings

A new beast has arisen

With “ten kings on seven heads”

Seven heads for seven continents

For it devours the whole world

To a ‘corporate’ monster we worship –

Or die.


So it seems…

But things are not as they seem

The paltry ‘powers’ of this world

Are quarks within the nucleus

Of one atom among 10²³ atoms

Within one grain of sand –

On the shore of the infinite.



And so its continues

“An eye for an eye until

The whole world is blind” ¹

Never seeing the warnings, the ‘sign’

Disbelieving in prophecy

Ignoring ‘the way’

Only the voice of their new God do they hear.


So it seems…

Amid the ebb and flow of destiny

Like the ceaseless restless tide

That crashes upon our tiny universe

Over and over – we ride the waves

As best we can – most of the time-

Just trying to keep our heads above water.


That’s the thing…

We are so busy just surviving

Few find the time to learn

Or even consider the big questions

“Father forgive them, for they know not what they do”.

They don’t have the time to –

The beast sees to that.


So it seems…

The best we can hope for

Is to keep ourselves pure

No matter the cost

For if we are the light of the world

No wonder darkness reigns

Be that as it may, it’s up to us.


We are the vessels of the infinite

We are the bearers of light

Or the bringers of darkness

One at a time, one step at a time

We will change the world

For better or worse

Which direction are you headed?


So it seems…

Infinity surrounds us

Encloses or liberates us

Exposes or venerates us

Perpetuates or annihilates us

Adjudicates or exonerates us

Which is it?  That is to you.



From infinity we are drawn

But for a moment

Then to return to the source

O’ if we could but see that moment

For what it is

To realize

What we are



                                                                                                 Thomas Welborn




Mahatma Gandhi]


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