In The Land of Evermore


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Thomas Theodore Welborn



In the Land of Evermore

(Edited song lyrics) – 04/15/08


[Two verse intro]


Who are we?

Why are we?

When will we know?


Days go by

Wonder why

When will we grow?


The answers cry

In birds that fly

In softly falling snow


[Two verse bridge]

[What you and me]

[Were meant to be]

[(Spoken) To live, love, and know]

[2nd verse – lead guitar]


[One verse intro]


The bitter lies

They herd us by

Must never hold us back


The way ahead

Cannot be lead

By those who courage lack


[1st chorus]

By the truth sustained

You must be the change

To open up the door


Of peace and love

Sent from above

[Spoken] In the land of evermore


[Three verses – lead guitar]



[Two verse intro]


This is not

All there is

That is for sure


And evils reign

Won’t remain

After the cure


Come the time

The mystery rhyme

Of life will be revealed


A sacred space

Will soon replace

The evil now concealed


The heart of man

Will understand

The lotus flower bloom


And there escape

His twisted fate

Before the day of doom


[Repeat chorus three times]

By the truth sustained

You must be the change

To open up the door


Of peace and love

Sent from above

In the land of evermore

[last line of third repeat Spoken]


[three verses Guitar Lead to end]



original poem by Thomas Welborn 01/30/08



From Darkness to Light


Wake up to a new day

This is not the day before

Nor tomorrow’s dream of yesterday

Recants of lies it swore


The vision of a future –

We had hoped to have a choice

But for the slumber of the children

Now too late to find their voice


In desperate hour of night

We hear their cry out in the dark

How they long to be secure

When comes the dawn so bleak and stark


As children we were once them

Now we rule the sacred land

And the dreams that we would plant there

Have been crushed within our hand



In the dark we march in lockstep

More lambs as fodder to our slaughter

And still we pray that God is on our side

While we kill His sons and daughters


 Yet the light has not diminished

It is there for those who see

May it shine on you, transform you,

Shine within you, set you free.


From the darkness to the light

Is a journey of the mind

Like the ‘scaling’ of a mountain

Some will ‘summit’ – some left behind


In anguish sowed of ignorance

The fate of man is cast

In darkness wander aimlessly

Doomed to repeat the past


But those who find the measure

Who conduct the ancient score

Angel choirs will greet them

In the Land of Evermore

Where the pure of heart shall enter

Singing songs so sweet and fine

In the Land of Evermore

In the timeless land divine


Filled with light that shines eternal

With the glory of the Lord

As we sing O’Alleluia

At last, peace on earth restored.




                                                              Thomas Welborn

                                                                   03/24/08 – 03/27/08





Journey Of A Lifetime


We end as we begin

Born we are carried in

Died we are carried out

We end as we begin


When we start out

We see what we are shown

We understand what’s understood

We hear what notes are played

We think what is allowed

We believe what is believed

We eat what’s on our plate

We race to find our place…


We go where others go

We wear what others wear

We sing what others sing

We hate and we despair

And we care as others care…


Till comes the time

We have seen, and done, and know it all

And for most this is it, it’s enough

They are happy as they are

They don’t reach out for a star

They don’t question what is truth

They take their gin with vermouth


While they watch the tube

Their brain is lubed

And so their senses are relaxed

While the hairs on their head

Are counted and taxed –

For wars and more ‘WMD’ spores

While billions do without – most everything

Everything we take for granted…

Why should I care (in my comfy recliner chair)?


We end as we begin

But that’s not all…

We are carried in and out –

But what happens in between

Is what it’s all about



One moment, one instant

One second to be kind

One step, one out-stretched hand

One open heart and mind


Of gentleness, compassion

Of “walking in their shoes”

Of love, and understanding

And the wisdom which to chose


For the way that leads to Evermore

Is not some secret kept

Like “the journey of a thousand miles”

It begins with just one step


Do you waken to the siren song?

And follow it like sheep

Or do you hear the distant drumming

Of a path with heart to keep?




                                                   Thomas Welborn








One more day going nowhere in circles

Herded along by a con and a trick

Dimly aware there is more than we’re seeing

But can’t take our eyes off that carrot and stick


What if I told you that we make it happen?

That we could break loose and forge a new way

What if I showed you we stand on the precipice?

And can fall into dark or ascend the new day


Blind leading blind into dark – “excused – no sight”

In Truth we’ve allowed them to bind shut our eyes

And our ears have been filled with their fine propaganda

Till now few ere break free, though many still try.


Yet all that they hold is our acquiescence

To be free the binds in our minds must be broken

No power they’ll hold if we all come together

And with one mind of one purpose they hear these words spoken;


Ascend!  Ascend!  Fly free on the wings of love’s eternal soft breezes

Ascend!  Ascend!  Let love lead us to the Light

Glowing softly on the peaks of the

high distant mountains that are our destination

Ascend!  Ascend!, let your heart fill with wonder and joy

At the sight;

Ascend!  Ascend!, Ascend to our Home in the land with no night

Ascend, Ascend, Ascend, leave life’s sorrows behind

And enter through that open door

That leads to the Land that we know by the name





                                                            Thomas Welborn






Who Holds the Key...


There are locks upon the doors of my mind

And I know they can be opened if the Key I could find


There are places far more distant that exist beyond those doors

If we but knew the way to reach there-in the Land of Evermore


There are times when no time passes for what seems eternity

But there’s no way you can grasp it – unless you have the Key.


For the Key to Mind Eternal can’t be made by mortal toil

It can’t be molded, carved, or chiseled yet it grows in sacred soil


It’s a gift for us from Heaven – meant only for the Pure

It’s said the Pure of Heart can find it if they patiently endure


Resolute, unfaltering, their mind upon the quest

Detached, yet aware, impeccably their best


And become ‘A Man of Knowledge’, who can pass beyond ‘the Veil’

Enter doors to other Worlds – see things that words can’t tell


He who holds the Key is freed of binds that others bear

Yet in his heart he knows that all the gifts of God are shared


So here I give its secret where the Key of life is stored

Matthew 5, Mark 13, Matthew18:18 : the Key to Evermore.




                                                     Thomas Welborn






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