When the hubris of humanity

In all its bloodstained vanity

Commits its last act of attrition

Send its last son to ‘rendition’

In needless wars of acquisition

Blood for oil and their submission

By leaders lies, deceit, contrition

And their apocalyptic mission


When the last oak of the last woods

Is cut to fuel our feeling good

In our frenetic grab for more and more

We even scour the ocean floor

And everywhere the evidence

Of immoral greed with no defense

The last Gorilla – wild and free

Soon to be no more for us to see


When the rains no longer pass this way

And the dust clouds choke the ones who stay

With rising heat the ice caps melt

Then mass migrations cry for help

With lack of foresight ‘cept for their purse

Mankind will think that it has been cursed

No food or fuel will then be seen

From lack of care for “being GREEN”


When we warned them in the seventies

Of the first Earth Day’s “Ecology”

On April 22nd Nineteen Seventy

We all went out and planted a tree

But the counter –attack soon began

By the ‘Libertarian Republicans’

Who fought against us “tree-huggers”

With all the class of street-muggers 

The hope for Gaia we thought we’d earned

Was drowned in 'Neo-Cons' twisted words

The Corporate Beast used might and fright

To herd the masses to the ‘Right’

Till then it seemed it was but a dream

That once we weren’t pawns of a corporate scheme


 And now too late we’ve been awakened

By changes to the Earth were making

By our own greed we’ve sealed our fate

And did not see until too late

The Earth was not ours to subdue

But a precious home we can’t renew

Once the balance’s lost by our neglect

Too late we learned how to respect


So Apocalypse they’ll have for sure

-        But not the way they think –

For Gaia, most rare in all the universe

Is standing on the brink.


                                                                    Thomas Welborn


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