The Battlefield

for the Souls of Men

[Edits in Blue are from 01/10-15/2019] 


What price, Lucidity…?


Darkness hides, disguised as light

And too often the light conceals the dark.


   Science and religion have fought for centuries.  Sadly, the ‘religious’ were often the forces of evil, as in the dark ages, when no man openly questioned the authority of the church. To do so meant a horrible death.  Yet pious, devout men who loved God did question, and were persecuted, even murdered.  To those men, the truth they saw with their own eyes could not be ignored.  Copernicus, Galileo, Descartes, Spinoza, and many others lived in fear of their lives simply for questioning the truth.  Herein lies the rub; such rage and resentment, fear and mistrust that was of necessity built-in to the foundations of the minds of scientific thinkers thereafter, till their paradigm crystallized around the ‘empirical’ - what can be measured, quantified, with repeatable results.  From henceforth no ‘scientific’ thoughts could be entertained about an ‘immeasurable’ God.  No one can blame those early scientists for such a stance in light of the fact that they were fighting with their lives at stake (literally) to bring truth to the light, against ‘Christian’ dogmatizers, authoritarians with the power of a military state behind them, as in the Inquisition of historical infamy.  Yet such is no longer true in the western world at least. Thanks to the wisdom and foresight of the founding fathers, our constitution guarantees the separation of church and state.  No one dogma can therefore claim sole possession to the favor of God, and force, by the might of the state, its preferences upon the rest of us.  Until the end comes, only God knows for sure whom he favors.

   In recent years, many scientists have been reexamining the traditional empiricism that has been the philosophical foundation for their work.  Not that Newtonian physics has failed in its description of the everyday world - the reverse is technologically obvious.  It is in the extremes, the smallest and the largest phenomena, that exceptions and contradictions become visible, which cannot be explained by Newtonian empiricism.  New models with radically different ‘laws of nature’ had to be devised, the most famous being Einstein’s theories of General and Special Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.  Ideas such as space that warps near a large mass, time that slows down as you approach the speed of light, and matter, all matter is really just energy quantified ¹, forced a 'revaluation’ of traditional ‘rational’ physics.  It now appeared that the universe was in some ways ‘irrational’ ², that some phenomena that was observed in the light of these new theories and the experiments designed to test them proved to be best explained, could only be talked about, by using concepts previously relegated to the disdainful unworthy category of metaphysics. 


       (1)  See Schwarzschild’s ‘Singularity’, Scientific American 6/96 pp. 80-85

       (2)  See Scientific American 10/96 pp. 102-105; Also see ‘The Dancing Wu Li Masters’ by Gary Zukav, 1979 pp 281-311.



     As our understanding of the ‘mystical’ nature of the physical universe grows ¹, those of us who have ‘intuitively’ held to such convictions grow in joy and faith, hoping that more and more, one by one, others will recognize the significance of these discoveries, and their eyes and hearts will open, to experience, and proclaim, the sacred oneness, the glory of God, the word, and the way, Christ Emanuel.

     One of the most common manifestations of the ‘mystical’ nature of the universe underlying our everyday perceptions is the occurrence of ‘coincidences’ in time and space between isolated events, unrelated except by some ‘meaning’, some significant relation of being or becoming that defies statistical probability.  These phenomena have been referred to as ‘Synchronicity’ by Carl Jung, the astounding scholar of interdisciplinary fields of sciences related to Religion, History, Mythology, etc., and the pre-eminent psychologist/psychoanalyst of the twentieth  century.  .  Examples of Synchronicity are legion in the anecdotal annals of ‘folklore’, ancient and modern.  Whether passed down through generations by ‘word of mouth’, or recorded in writing, or by media coverage today, these ‘meaningful coincidences’, taken together, are an significant body of evidence that some unseen, immeasurable agency pervades our familiar three dimensions, (four counting time). 

   Now having been irrefutably proven by repeatable experiments,  scientists concede that the predictions of Einstein’s theories, although not ‘normally observable’, are in fact ‘natural’ phenomena in our universe.  In fact, relativity theory is now just a drop in a bucketful of ‘supra-natural’ discoveries (i.e. outside the scope of Newtonian physics) that have been made in the various branches of modern physics (and mathematics) since Einstein’s time.  It has been over 350 years since Newton, and as our observational techniques continue to expand our awareness of the universe, so has our conception of the possibilities of what is ‘out there’ expanded.  As  each new days’ research brings to light some new as yet unexplainable phenomena, many new models with ‘radical’ ideas have been proposed, all based on the latest observational and experimental results matched to predictions of those results derived from mathematical computations.  When results match predictions the model moves from hypothesis  to provisional theory  in the scientific world, and garners serious attention and further research.  I have stated what may have been obvious to many in order that others will be able to properly conceive how these serious, respected physicists came to be discussing the eleven dimensions of "M-Theory" and “Superstring Theory”² or the limitless number of universes proposed by the "Many Worlds" theory ³.  The more daring of these researchers have begun to openly recognize these covertly co-opted metaphysical ideas and the implications they present to a unified field cosmology. 


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     (2)  See Peat, 1988 Superstrings and the Search for a Theory of Everything.

     (3)  See Scientific American special publication ‘Understanding Space’ 1996 pp 106-113  /Also ‘Inflationary Theory’ (Cosmological); Also Zukav op. cited pp 83-87. 


  It is in light of this new openness in science , particularly physics, that I would like to go on the record here and now with some anecdotal layman’s predictions for the twenty-first century.

1)      The particle/wave paradox will be shown to be dimensional.

2)      Dimensional theories will prove to be the mechanism underlying many currently unexplained or discredited phenomena.

3)      Chaos theory developments will lead to discoveries and/or experimental techniques,  which verify Jung’s Synchronicity.

4)     Consciousness theories shall be proposed that sprouted in the soil of research spurred by the famous experiments of Clauser/Freedman, 1972; Aspect, 1982; others since¹, to confirm Bell's Theorem, in which separate particles, ‘isolated’ from one another by any distance appeared to somehow ‘know’  the  "state" of another particle in a different location ="Quantum Entanglement".  These new theories shall hypothesize that all matter is ‘conscious’ being in fact, energy, which is one.  These findings further corroborate Jung’s ‘synchronicity’ and his concept of the "collective unconscious” [universal consciousness]  [Edit 1/15/2019: Many such models have appeared since I wrote this in 1996 but the one I find most promising is the ideas presented in the book by Michael Talbot, The Holographic Universe.]


5)     This universal consciousness becomes known as Absolute Relativity first proposed by Thomas Theodore Welborn in 1979/80, describing the mathematical relation between the center and an infinite circumference, and is symbolized by Welborn’s placing of the Greek letter Pi, inside the Greek letter Phi.   'AR' in this context represents man's ultimate relationship to the Universe.

Some radical scientists call the AR…God… 

     (1) Testing Bell’s Theorem; see Zukav, op. cited pp 281-298 “Superluminal Quantum Connectedness” also see “Bootstrapping” in Capra, op. cited.

Edited by author 01/10/2019  

   On Nova, the PBS science program, broadcast on 01/09/2019, in a program titled, "Einstein's Quantum Riddle", the latest evidence for the truth of Quantum Entanglement was presented.  Recent experiments have closed the "loopholes" [by which the  fact of this critical phenomena has been discounted by most physicists], making it, in the headline on the cover of of an article in Scientific American issue of Dec.. 2018, "Spooky Action Confirmed".  Each of these two reports cite recent proofs that dramatically "close the loopholes", but each refer to a separate set of experiments conducted by different teams using different approaches, with the same results confirming entanglement to be real.  As I wrote this piece in 1996 stating my belief in the central importance of Bell's Theorem and its nonlocal implications, on which this recent work is based, it is very gratifying to finally see science catch up to my intuition.  The fact of nonlocality and quantum entanglement has already been incorporated in the field of quantum computing and is seen as a basis for a new technological form of  unhackable encryption.

   What is more important, in fact critical to the implications of the two concepts is their fundamental relationship to consciousness.


    Some phenomena which will receive either theoretical status, or exoneration: Intergalactic travel by extra-terrestrials, visitation by angels, or demons, time travel, healings, ESP, astral projection, channeling, etc., including all of the ancient occult and alchemical arts and all supra-natural ‘gifts’ - all represent some form of break or breach of normal dimensional boundaries, and let me hasten to add that such event horizons often result from forces at work for evil purposes.  The problems of evil and the knowledge of good and evil are simultaneously the most ancient and contemporary issues facing the 21st Century.  They are also the most pressing, if the words of the prophets of old and new hold true… (Possible nuclear apocalypse)… 

   Speaking of prophecy, it may seem strange to you to think of men experiencing visions of our time, three or four thousand years in the past.  It may seem stranger still that five thousand years ago, members of Egyptian Secret Societies possessed a body of oral and/or written traditions concerning some secret knowledge, teachings, and/or prophecies that were at least as ancient to them as they are to us (10,000 years).  Somewhere in those secrets must lay the reason the Great Pyramid, with its encrypted geometric/mathematical messages for the future, was built by hand, using two million multi-ton limestone blocks, to the height of a forty-eight story building, with its mysterious multitude of passages and chambers, some perhaps yet to be discovered… 


    To be able to firmly pronounce one’s conviction as to the unquestionable validity of anything always contains a degree of self-deception.  And that’s the way God wants it!  Christ presented a paradigm or algorithm, which revolves around Love and is carried outward by Faith.  We are left to ourselves to make that leap.  We must on our own, ‘will to believe’.  These decisions represent such a radical departure from our normal animal nature that they are spoken of as being ‘born again’.  This is completely true, for fully realized, one’s center of being is transformed from being self-centered (natural-evil) to God-centered (Romans 12:1).  This catalytic experience of conviction, redemption, and ‘conversion’, as they say nowadays, is crucial for most people to undergo if they seek to truly ‘transform’.  To ‘convert’ is not in itself a prerequisite to getting into heaven, as most ‘fundamentalists’ would demand you believe, yet without such a jumpstart to get you moving down the right road most will never escape the gravitational pull of our original condition.  We are told we must believe as a child to become a child of God.  We are told we must give up everything we hold dear.  Even your life.  Your family.  Everything you own.  Everything that is you.  Why?

       In order to break your animal bonds and become spirit.  Do you doubt that I’ve got it right?  You must understand this fact if you really want to be what Christ wants you to be.  I don’t profess to know what that is for you, each soul has a different ‘dharma’ to bear, yet I do not believe it could be the lukewarm to cold Sunday morning religion of the masses, nor the get rich for God cons now so popular with Republicans.  Everyone should know by now how easy it is to take an individual verse from the Bible and make it seem to promote almost any perversion of the Truth.  With ‘manifest destiny’ we murdered Native Americans for God and made other men slaves.  How is that for an example?  That was just one hundred and fifty years ago.  Hitler’s propaganda machine quoted the Bible selectively to support their thousand year Reich’s right to murder.  That was just sixty-eight years ago.  Think we’ve changed?  Think again!  This is the crux of the matter, and this is why Christ required us to be ‘born again’, to transform our nature.  It was the bigoted support of millions of average German ‘Christians’ that gave Hitler the power to attempt the genocide of the Jews.  And millions of American ‘Christians’ sought the same end for the people whose land they stole.  My point is that these events were brought about by powerful instincts that exist in each of us.  They are part of our animal heritage, which in the context of nature, work to promote the survival and vitality of the individual and its species.  Yet God has brought man up from the animal state, and placed before him the possibility of obtaining higher states of being.                                                                                     

  “You have heard…But I say unto you…”(Matt. 5); with these statements Christ established a new moral order representing a higher spiritual state which superceded the state of being achieved by the old covenant.  Now the blessings or curses bestowed upon Abraham still apply but will be meted out in relation to the new covenant, and likewise, Old Testament prophecies remain viable, although subject to change, depending upon our actions.  Yes there is free will.  But certain things have been preordained.  It is our response to those events that determine which half of Abraham’s covenant takes effect.

   Considering the above, how else can we, born and raised within an subconscious instinctive animal nature, hope to rise above it if not through God’s help?  It is clearly some degree of a supra-natural event taking place when one experiences ‘rebirth’.  It is at that moment when what we know as          “The Holy Spirit”    enters into our soul and the transformation process begins.  When ‘filled with the Holy Spirit’ one becomes more than an animal that thinks, you are joined in a mystical bond with the Holy Trinity, you become one with God.  Though it is no less difficult (and sometimes more so) to defeat the pull of instinctive drives and impulses, even should you fail and fall prey to them, from that day forward you are different and will forever be so.

   In the Holy Bible man has been blessed with a priceless pearl of divine revelation.  It is the sure and safest guide from the darkness to the light, and sits at the pinnacle of the mountain of books that have been written in the hope of bringing mankind into closer relation with the True and the Good.  I believe its words were indeed inspired and revealed by God.  Yet I must also state that decades of scientific research in various fields has shown that the reproductions and interpretations, and yes, modifications of these original words has been ‘fallible’.  In spite of this, I believe with all my heart that the spirit and meaning which God intended has been  preserved.  

Seek therein the Truth...   


   In my view, one of the most profound questions that should present itself to the attention of scientists but suffers in either inadvertent or covert silence is, "Why ‘C’?"  That is, the ‘C’ of E=MC²  fame.  

    In the years just prior to Einstein’s coming of age there were theories of light propagation which sought to explain the observable wave nature of light by proposing an ineffable ‘Ether’ pervading all space through which light waves traveled like the waves on a pond in which a pebble is thrown.  It was thought that large bodies like the Earth moving through it would create an Ether ‘wind’ which would enhance or impede the speed of light moving with or against it, respectively.  Experiments performed to test these ideas found no variation whatsoever in the speed of light in any direction.  Einstein therefore started out his theoretical trailblazing with the ideas that light-waves were moving through empty space and that the speed of light was always and everywhere, a ‘constant’ 186,000 miles a second.    Einstein then conceived a number of carefully thought-out yet simple ‘thought-experiments’ designed to deduce the implications of those assumptions on the perspectives of an observer at rest and one moving at speeds approaching that of light.  The mind-bending results were published in 1905 as ‘The Theory of Special Relativity’. 

    The mathematical computations and predictions of the theory were later confirmed by experiments.  Yet the ‘facts’ which it established remain incomprehensible to almost everyone, including physicists.  Mainly they are just ignored, in favor of more ‘rewarding’ endeavors, like weapons design, or industrial-related research.  Only the most highly developed primates, I mean physicists, have the courage to face relativity’s challenge to their ‘weltanschauung’, to be able to step beyond materialism and empiricism into philosophy and metaphysics.  It is one thing to say that the mathematical computation of a theory which predicts that at the speed of light time stops and space contracts into nothing have been experimentally verified. 

   It is many degrees of contemplation more difficult to consider that the light we ‘see’ by, is a manifestation of a form of being that exists in our everyday world, timeless and spaceless… Everywhere at the same one eternal moment.  A ‘singularity”? Contrary to our perceptions, light is of the nature of God, everywhere at the same time (along it’s path of trajectory) and always has been, always will be.  It has no space to move through, at 186,000 miles a second and has always been where it is, where it was, and where it’s going, at the same instant).  Absurd, preposterous you say?  Think again, because, we have proof!  Einstein once observed that the key to his scientific vision and insight was his being able to intuitively ask the right simple questions.  At the age of 16 he asked himself, “What would it be like to ride a light-wave at 186,000 mps”? 

   At the age of 26 he had his answer--Special Relativity.  In that tradition I had asked many years ago “Why and how could light always move at a constant speed?  Why that speed?  How is it that the speed of light squared happens to be a key factor in the Equivalency Equation”? 

       I have been blessed with a strong religious upbringing, thanks to my Mother and her parents, for which I will be eternally grateful.  This and my natural inclinations have led me to a lifelong pursuit of truth, secular and religious, natural and paranormal.  In my paranormal investigations I concluded that two types or categories of phenomena were central and their explanation crucial to understanding the whole range of supra-natural events: How can one know or experience a fact or event without such being received through the five senses?  And how can one know or experience a fact or event before it happens? 

   Beyond any reasonable doubt, both do occur and have so throughout history, regardless of scientists’ inability to devise methods to ‘measure’ (quantify) it.  Again following Einstein’s method I therefore just accepted these phenomena as naturally occurring in our universe and asked, “What ‘mechanisms’, known or unknown, could possibly ‘merge’ this ‘trinity’ of worlds, i.e., Newtonian, Relativistic, and Paranormal, into one? It’s really very simple, though it may sound to most readers like it belongs to science fiction instead of fact. 

    Based upon the facts and theories previously discussed I suggest that the constant, ‘C’, is a manifestation of some type of ‘extra-dimensional phenomena’.  I further suggest that it is likely that this ‘extra-dimensional phenomena’ represents a dimensional boundary that could be considered to possess some of the characteristics and functions of a semi-permeable membrane which surrounds distinct ‘cells’. 

   These dimensions may be innumerable, yet it’s important to consider that they may all occupy the same ‘space’ and/or at the same ‘time’ may form some kind of matrix.  Light and other high-energy-state quanta appear to exist or function on both sides of the ‘C’ boundary (Bell’s theorem).  A quantum of light is already thought of as both a particle and a wave (‘wavelength’) because different observations and measurement techniques yield opposite results. 

    If both sets of results are accurate then I suggest this is a dialectic manifestation of ‘multi-dimensional existence’.  Multi-dimensional existence - to exist and function in more than one ‘cell’ simultaneously.  I suggest that such a model could explain many other standing paradoxes of science.

   Yet beyond the current reach of scientific methodology these developments point to a time when scientists will be inexorably led to conclude the indubitable truth of ancient ‘notions’ and ‘superstitions’ ¹ which generation after generation of wise men called spirits, God, the afterlife, and the supernatural source of Good vs. Evil. 

      (1)  See 11/96 ‘Scientific American’ review of ‘From Physics to Metaphysics’ by Michael Redhead, 1995, Cambridge Universal Press p.p. 121-122


   If the speed of light is a dimensional boundary between our natural universe and the "special" relativistic universe, and light therefore exists in both at the same time, then it should be feasible to suggest that other types of phenomena, paranormal, supernatural, or spiritual, could represent other examples of multi-dimensional existence or at least temporal breaches of dimensional boundaries. We must remember that with the verification by experiment of Bell’s Theorem  and Quantum Entanglement we now know that 'permeable membranes’ do exist between certain ‘dimensions’ at least.  

   Based upon the variety of extra-natural phenomena reported to occur, it would appear that there might be many different types of cross-able boundaries, or, different inter-related manifestations of the same one.  Whichever may prove to be the more accurate description, the diversity of experiences accounted by honorable men and women historically, and the improbable correlation of essential elements of said accounts, given their geographic and cultural isolation, represents to my understanding a body of strong evidence, albeit indirect and circumstantial, supporting these contentions.  And if we can judge a man guilty of crimes by such evidence, then I hereby indict science for criminal conspiracy to commit spiritual treason and negligence.

   Though scientific dogma continues to insist that life itself is a mere chemical accident run amok, enlightened ‘scientists’ (mystics) have been exploring the boundaries of human existence for millennia, using the  research of known archetypal corroboration within cultural traditions, preserved by ‘oral tradition’ (storytellers) since the first insights of individualized consciousness were shared between generations within kinship and tribal groups.  Later, epigraphic recording methods (writing) were employed to enhance the transmission of this ‘wisdom’ to future generations. 

    The dedicated selfless work of untold numbers of lives was sacrificed in a thousand different ways to this effort, much as the lives of modern scientists have been.  The problem is that the ‘Darwinian’, nihilist empirical Materialism that has molded the ‘Gestalt’ of modern science totally shut the door on any serious, open-minded examinations of all that work. 

They thought they had locked that door and thrown away the key until 1905.  ‘Einsteinium’, and Quantum realities have now kicked that door in and vaporized the walls they had built around their neat, finite, godless little world.  Now it is up to the men and women of the physics community, erudite and informed, whose integrity is uncompromised by addiction to dogma or the fear of arrows of scorn and ridicule ( which could jeopardize one’s career- even the possibility of ‘excommunication’…)  To step forward and proclaim the Truth to a sick and dying world, that they may hear it and be healed.

  .....Once again the world is a place of Mystery...

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