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'Park Ave.' in Arches National Park, near Moab, Utah







All the parts in The American West Suite were recorded using the Vienna Symphonic Library and East West Symphonic Choirs with A= 432Hz.

The additional tracks on this release all have my real drums, congas, and bongos recorded in my home studio.

On 'Torrent Falls' I play some of the violin parts on my violin.

'Mythos II' was previously released on my 'Smorgasborg' album in 2013 as 'Mythos', but I have re-edited and remixed it.

'RIP America' was originally released as a Single. On the second version of 'RIP America' included on this release I recite the poem I wrote for this song.

I have uploaded a music video I produced for 'RIP America' to my YouTube Channel: search YouTube for "Thomas Welborn".

I played all the guitar, bass and other instruments you will hear, and of course, all drums and percussion.

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