Mysterium Conjunctionis:

The Absolute Relativity of Man:

Or the Union of Opposites




    Human evolution, as in genetic mutations that better equip our species for the exigencies of a changing environment, ‘adaptation’, and ‘survival of the fittest’, do not, and cannot encompass or explain the mysteries of man.  Nor can one hope to understand it all in a few pages read here and there between naps and feeding frenzies.  There are no schools (yet!) to teach this curriculum.  Though a great deal of  important work does come out of the physics, philosophy, theology, and psychology departments of colleges and seminaries around the world, few emerge from such programs unscathed by the de-rigors of the atheistic scientific discipline or its demagogic doctrinarian antithesis, and remain unpolemized and unspecialized enough to seek out and obtain ‘the union of opposites’.  There used to be such schools, but they were driven out by the more politically successful institutions (or at least driven ‘underground’).  These teachers were known by various names: Sophists, Sufis, Alchemists, Gnostics, Sorcerers, and Yogis.  They were branded as evil by various names:  Heresy, Specious, Solecism, Blasphemy, Despoilers, Lunatics, and Fools.  What is significant about each of these ‘schools’ is how, by examining the available remnants of their arcane esoteric symbols and practices, you can see that each in their own degree, despite what faults or missteps they might have made in their quest, had at least glimpsed, or even understood, and sought to enlighten others to the Great Truth of the underlying unity, the Absolute Relativity behind the polemic dichotomy/dualism/dilemma. 


   In modern times, this was first recognized (correct me if I’m wrong) by Robert Pirsig in the incredible book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, where Pirsig demonstrates the ‘organic’ connection between the Toa, the true, and the good within a Metaphysic of Quality, as in the true Sophists, who taught “Excellence”, not moral relativism.  At the same time (even before) as Pirsig’s Book (1974) brought awareness of the unity of philosophy and religion, the unification of science and religion had begun, despite the efforts of science to ‘kill’ God.  ‘The dancing Wu Li Masters’, by Zukav and The Toa of Physics, by Capra were both published in the 1970’s.  Both detailed the connections being drawn, even by Physicists, between what science was discovering about the nature of the universe and what mystics had been saying all along for thousands of years.

  In fact, even in the most ancient ‘records’ still extant we find astounding sophistication.  The Vedas, a collection of spiritual wisdom, aphorisms, and poetry, are older than writing, originally passed down the generations by oral tradition, yet remain as true today as when first spoken.  The Great Pyramid of Egypt is five thousand years old, yet the internal geometry of its various passageways and chambers may have been designed to esoterically express sacred secret knowledge about man according to many authors over the last 100 years.  The Great Pyramid’s exterior, when analyzed purely mathematically, reveals a design that incorporates knowledge of pi and phi into the opposing faces of its sides, as well as incorporating the circumference of the earth in its perimeter, all of which was unknown elsewhere for thousands of years to come.   A number of secret traditions  in diverse geographically isolated regions tell of treasuries hidden long ago that are repositories of the sacred secret knowledge upon which the Great Pyramid was designed and the Vedas were written, specifically the traditions of the Hopi, and the Egyptians, as well as whatever secrets (if any) that the Masonic Orders claim to possess.  The story or legend of Atlantis, first recorded by Plato 2400 years ago about an advanced civilization that existed 9000 years before Plato's time (11,400 BCE) hints at what man might have known in the distant past.  The source of the Atlantis story is reported to be Solon, one of ancient Greece's "Seven Sages", whom heard it related by Egyptian priests of the Neith temple in the western Nile Delta at Sais.  Recent discoveries by Gordon Hancock and Robert Blaval  using computer modeling show that the terrestrial arrangement of the major 4th dynasty Egyptian Pyramids mirrors the stars in the Egyptian stellar constellation ‘Osiris’, known to the Greeks and modern astronomy  as ‘Orion’, but only as it would have appeared in 11,500 BCE, ‘and that the Sphinx, which is suppose to have been built at the same period as the Giza Pyramids is actually aligned perfectly with a point on the eastern horizon where the sun rose in the Sphinx’s corresponding stellar constellation, ‘Leo’ - but again - only as it would have been so aligned in 11,500 BCE!  It is possible that the Sphinx was originally built (carved) long before the Pyramids, based upon erosion patterns in the rock-cut walls of the Sphinx enclosure that surrounds it, which appear to be water worn, yet rainfall in the area has been almost nonexistent for at least 5000 years…The above facts and others too numerous to cite here gives strong credence to the important idea of the very ancient antiquity of what has been traditionally referred to as... WISDOM. 

    As the union of opposites, Absolute Relativity, that which is absolute and relative at the same time, is a state of being/becoming which extends beyond out normal perceptions of dualistic subject/object phenomena, beyond the polarities of the natural and the extra natural worlds, beyond the yin and the yang, beyond space and time itself.  The Phi-relativity aspect is manifested as a spiral with its origin at the Pi-absolute source, expanding outward to include all ‘scales’, all ‘frequencies’, harmonic or dissident, of every magnitude or duration, ‘within’ the lotus-flower song of creation.  Absolute Relativity is therefore manifested even at the smallest ‘scale’ of phenomena, such as in the way that a light quanta known as a  photon is scientifically proven to exist in both a wave and a particle state simultaneously [the famous ‘double-slit’ experiment] and has been proven to ‘communicate’ with other photons at any distance instantaneously ['Quantum Entanglement'/'nonlocality'] without any currently detectable medium of transmission, as proposed by Bell's Theorem].  What that means  is that light exists in dimensions that are beyond our means of observation as well as in those dimensions we can observe, simultaneously, and that in those other dimensions space and time do not exist as we experience it, which would allow for the simultaneously dual forms of photons and their instantaneous communicative abilities. 

   These characteristics were in fact predicted by Einstein’s Special Relativity theory in 1905 as what would be the experience of an observer traveling at the speed of light, as photons of course do.  Based upon Special Relativity a photon is said to exist simultaneously at all points along its trajectory.  In other words space (as we know it) shrinks to a point and time stands still!  Similarly Absolute Relativity describes the metaphysical experience of the existential simultaneous multidimensionality of the human soul.  On the one hand we perceive the world from the Phi-aspect relative truth exigencies of our position within the spiraling act of becoming that is creation while simultaneously the human heart can be opened by love to perceive truth that is absolute and eternal, which is the Pi-aspect of Absolute Relativity.  The human soul, like the photon must also exist, if it does exist, and there is plenty of scientific evidence [See The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot and Consciousness Beyond Life by Pim van Lommel, M.D.] that it does, simultaneously in our normally detectable dimensions, and in dimensions beyond those we can observe under normal circumstances.  Well documented cases of ESP, or other psychic/spiritual abilities in certain unusually gifted individuals has proven the ability of consciousness to expand beyond the physical boundary of the brain [nonlocality].  The truth is we are all living in a state of flux or transition with one foot on each side of an invisible divide between the world we can see and the world we cannot [normally].  Though this other world [or worlds] may typically seem absent from the humdrum normalcy of our everyday lives, it is vital that we recognize the importance of the ‘exception’, the ‘abnormal’, the exceptional moments, i.e., the ‘sacred’ part of life that fills the rest with meaning. 

    The occasions in which the Noumena, by whatever means or circumstance, breaks through the veil and reveals itself to us are always considered extremely significant, i.e., ‘sacred’ to those who are fortunate to experience such an event.  In the course of a lifetime most people have such experiences; some people more than others.  Regardless of the frequency of perceptible occurrences we who would seek to be wise must constantly remember, maintain the awareness, of the immediate continuous presence of the Noumena all around us, forces of which can help (or hinder) our efforts to stay centered within the Star of Sophia, grounded and lifted up simultaneously by the Absolute Relativity at its center.  How we are effected by the Noumena forces I mentioned varies due to circumstance, disposition, preparedness, and ‘fate’, or ‘dharma’, as in astrological influences (personally, I am definitely effected by full moons - call it emotional instability - but I’ve noticed over the years how I tend to get involved in arguments or fights (verbal) with those I love or others around the full moon).  The magnitude of these Noumenal effects also vary with mental strength of will and character, as well as one's personality type and beliefs, particularly one’s beliefs about existence of spiritual phenomena, which, significantly for  an ‘unbeliever’, the mind will censor-out any phenomena not acceptable to one’s Weltanschauung (world view). 

  Of all these factors what we perceive as ‘chance’ can be the most enigmatic, as in “why is one person killed in a car wreck and the other person in the car was spared…”  Presenting questions we just cannot answer except by faith.  Faith is the belief in something you cannot prove to others or yourself by empirical means.  Yet faith is the most powerful force on earth, next to love.  Unfortunately it is a force that is less and less applied by man in our time, as science usurps its place as the way to truth, erroneously so, as I have stated in my other essays about the Star of Sophia, Sophism, and the Absolute Relativity.  Intuition and faith must be wholly and equally conjoined with reason and science to attain a holistic reality of truth imbued with life-giving meaning and purpose.  You know the meaning of life is not ‘the survival of the fittest’; it is the attainment of the highest: Truth and Love.  All our science and technology is meaningless without those attributes, as the woes of our nihilist culture attests.  Truth, as in ‘Right and Good’, is transformed into the cultural attributes of justice and equality, describing man’s relationship to the positional relativity of the Phi-aspect of Absolute Relativity.  Truth in the Phi-aspect is situational - what is right and good in the context of one situation for one man may not be so in another context.  Yet truth is also, first and foremost, about our relationship to the Absolute, to God or the divine will, if you will.  The Pi-absolute aspect of truth, as in an absolute Right and an absolute Good, without qualifications, expresses the divine will of God through incomprehendably vast and diverse manifestations of the fundamental physical and metaphysical laws of our universe.  Within the hierarchy of these laws is the first and the highest law: Love.

     Love is the highest expression of the Absolute, attainable by joining our will to the divine Will, by willing ourselves to place love at the center of our being, in our hearts, and making love the source of all our actions - love, not money, power, fame, or clever science, is the measure of a man’s ‘success’.  For a full understanding of what love is and what love must do you must understand what Christ said in the sermon on the mount of Matt: 5, as well as Mark12: 29-31, Matt: 18:18, also study the words of Paul in I Corinth. 13, Romans 12:9-21, 13:8-10, Ephesians 3:17-19, and 4:19. Within these verses is revealed the innermost secrets of the mysteries of the wisdom of God, though they are secret only to those who turn away from God’s Truth.  To those whose heart and ‘spiritual eyes’ are open it is like drinking from a cup filled with the water of life, the taste of which you had thirsted for your whole life.  And with the first drop a vision of what the world should be like, and how the world could be remade to be as it should be will start to grow, to unfold in your mind, and you will know for the first time, the purpose and the meaning of your life, God willing.  The ‘Mysterious Conjunction’ of opposites that is man, this metaphysical ‘Absolute Relativity’ that makes of man something of an animal yet able to attain states of being comparable to the angels, this ‘philosopher’s stone’ of the soul that touches the minds eye and reveals the treasures of the heart more valuable than all the gold and jewels in all creation, this ultimate truth beyond all ‘positional truths’ is my obsession, the Holy Grail of my quest.  I believe it to be the crucial one of our age, and an honorable obsession worthy of my, and your, ‘best’.  Nothing less will do.



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