Absolute Relativity is my term for the quintessential axiom of my personal philosophy, which has been forged in the crucible of my heart.  For you the reader to understand an idea which can only be expressed by joining terms of contradiction will not be a simple task.  You may have to follow along with me quite a ways before you can “see” what I “see”.  I shall make every effort to explain clearly what and who has contributed to my thesis, but the nature of the work is such that you may need to refer to and study the materials and authors cited.  I will endeavor to give you enough background so that I won’t lose you when my path departs from those who blazed the way before me.

   By the grace of God I find myself still here on this Earth after sixty-four years.  God has blessed my eyes with the sights of youth, my heart with the passions of love, my ears with the sweetness of music.  I have watched my children grow and become unique spirits setting out on their own to discover the “new” world before them.  During these decades I have studied the works of the greatest thinkers who ever lived and have sought to understand how the world can be so lost and “poor” amid such light and “wealth”.  In an age where freedom and prosperity should be the right of all peoples and is certainly more than possible thanks to technological breakthroughs during the last century we seem to always be taking the wrong turn and losing our way as a species.  In the words of Nietzsche we are, “Human, all too human”. We seem to blindly follow our “herd instincts” (Nietzsche) without reflection, without even being aware of any need for introspection when it comes to such icons as one’s traditions of culture, race, nationalism, or religion.  Yet the bloody history of the last century is ample proof of the need for a better way, a higher aspiration for people to strive to achieve.  This view of humanity is the impetus behind my life’s work to obtain for myself, my children, and all people a better way, to discover if possible, the Truth behind the mirror, as I gaze at my reflection and ask, “Who am I”? and “Why am I here”?

   So what is the essential relation of Man to the Universe?  Depending to whom you address the question you will hear extreme variations of definitive statements purporting to be the final word on this eternal question.  It is my experience that the answers all lack the 'connective tissue' necessary to 'support' life, the meaning being that most are ‘perspective prejudiced', they lack the correlative unification of 'inclusivity'. Again, “they cannot see the forest for the trees” right in front of them.  Therefore I am here introducing a new concept and a new symbol for a new millennium which I believe has the necessary connective tissue required to unify our cultural chaos, the intuitive metaphysics to nullify nihilism, and the ethical insight to adapt our Gestalt, our Weltanschauung towards a truly Promethean paradigm of “metaphorical paradox”, which is not a new idea in itself, being used by Sophists, Sufis, Zen Masters, and others adepts to elucidate concepts that express experiences which defy explanation by traditional argument or analysis.  An example of such a experience is “meaningful-coincidences”, which Carl Jung called “Synchronicity” (click here for an amazing list of the  Lincoln/Kennedy “coincidences”).  The same class of phenomena has been verified by scientific experiment to exist in the physical dimensions as well (see Bell’s Theorem and Einstein’s Theories of Relativity).  In other words, things truly do happen which defy our normal, “rational” under-standing of the world.  This implies that there must be a more inclusive understanding yet to be discovered. Skeptics may leave the room.  To go further requires a TRULY “open” mind.

   Absolute Relativity is a paradoxical metaphor for this yet to be defined inclusivity theory ( in physics known as the Unified Field Theory ).  Two terms, which stand at the opposite ends of the metaphysical spectrum, combined to express the otherwise inexpressible by any other known means.  Absolute Relativity refers to our ultimate relationship to existence, it refers all things to the All that is, the “I Am” of the Bible, the “In-itself of It-self” of Sartre, the “will to Power” of Nietzsche, the “singularity” of physics, the Tao, the “Quality” of Pirsig in ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’, the source and the motive force of the Universe.  And yet it ever remains more than our descriptions and conceptions.  Absolute Relativity is the relation of perspective to the source and yet is the Truth of perspective and the Truth of the absolute source beyond perspective simultaneously.  It represents the intuitive certainty that there must be at some point one Truth for all.

   I have designed a symbol which beautifully represents the concepts of Absolute Relativity by combining the symbols for the mathematical ratios of PI and PHI; both ratios were incorporated into the opposing  faces of the design of the Great Pyramid in Egypt over fifty centuries ago, and I believe the reason this was done was also to express eternally this same inclusive concept, for PI (π) mathematically expresses the relation of the center to the circumference, and PHI (φ) similarly expresses the relation of the center to infinity in the form of an ever expanding spiral.  Both ratios therefore are perfectly wonderful metaphors for the ideas embedded in “Absolute Relativity”.


    In this context Pi and Phi become spatial metaphors utilized as visual tools to aid in the comprehension of the concept of Absolute Relativity. Pi is to be visualized as representing the Absolute, the whole of existence centered around the One Truth , the "singularity" of physics, the "Creator" of religion. Phi embodies Relativity as in the many "truths" arising from position somewhere on the infinite spiral of Being and the resulting exigencies of Becoming. These relative truths possess value and validity beyond the perspective point from which they arise in so far as they correspond to the ultimate Truth at the center of Being. This Absolute may or may not be an omniscient being as we like to ascribe anthropomorphic elements to, yet there is evidence of universal consciousness and design and it is possible that the old time religions were on to something. Lastly I want to state my belief that it is possible for mere humans to partake of the "divine"; to experience dimensional breaching on a macrocosmic scale, using the terminology of physics 'expanded' (as in eleven-dimensional Superstring Theory).



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