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   Multiplication Album Cover released  2010

    TTW in the Studio 11/28/18

I am a self-published author, poet, musician, composer
, photographer, and nature lover.

My wife and I are vegetarians.

I record and produce my music myself in my home recording studio located twenty minutes from Bowling Green Ky., which is the place Corvettes are made.

I am an  'iconoclast misanthrope'.

Until the 2004 presidential election,
in which I voted for the first time in an attempt to stop the spreading evil that was epitomized by G.W. Bush, I had never voted, for what was to me obvious reasons-power corrupts : politicians, judges [the 2000 Presidential Election Right-Wing Coup by the Supreme Court], etc.

   I was 16 when Nixon was re-elected in 1972, with Watergate already in the news, and his Democrat opponent George McGovern  only won one state- his own  [he was the best progressive candidate till Bernie Sanders in 2016]. At that moment I decided there was no hope for America if the people were so blind.

Then in 1980 came Reagan, "666" himself, who did more long-term damage (deregulation, busting unions, "trickle-down [carrot on a stick] economics" hogwash) to this country than any other President,  getting himself elected by bribing the Iranians not to release the hostages before the election...[except maybe G.W.Bush and his needless murderous wars and TORTURE and resulting destabilization of the Mid-East-who was put in power in that right-wing Coup by the Supreme Court in 2000].

Worst of all, Trump made those villains seem mild by comparison...

 I now always vote, and always vote for the most Progressive candidates.


I am in my opinion a very spiritual person who's beliefs are similar to what's called New Age.
I believe that Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ yet the Bible is not, shall we say, exact.
I believe in a Higher order of Being we refer to as God, and said Being can and does interact here.

I believe, using the metaphor of the garden of Eden, that the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was placed there by God so that when Humans had sufficiently matured (evolved) and were ready to begin the journey (kicked out of garden) of self-awareness, of conscience, lucidity, of morality beyond instinct, then the God who knows all past. present. and future knew that one day his creation would be ready for Truth and prepared for that time in advance. This story is a parable that has to be deciphered, like most of the Bible.

I believe that God sent his Son, his "Avatar", "Messiah"," Christ", as a Savior, yet the salvation is not one of a
Blood Sacrifice as much as it is one of
His Message, a message that is not practiced by mainstream "Christians", fundamentalists or otherwise. They just do not GET IT.

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