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The following are links to my eleven solo albums,

newest first.


Children of the Apocalypse

10 new tracks released Feb. 15th, 2021



Dream of the Turtle Dancer

Front Cover

10 new "New Age" tracks released 9/24/2020


Walking on the Edge of Eternity

Album Cover

My ninth solo album, including

a"Classical" Suite: 'Sacred Lands',

plus additional compositions

Released 8/08/2020 


Between Heaven and Earth


Released 4/20/2020


The American West...and more.

Classical Suite and Instrumentals Released Nov. 15th 2019




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 Classical Suite Released Nov. 15th 2018



Indian Knoll (a)













A Yin for Yang




Before The Dawn




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Children of the Apocalypse - my newest album
Dream of the Turtle Dancer- released 9/24/2020
Walking on the Edge of Eternity- released 8/08/2020
Between Heaven and Earth - released 4/20/2020
The American West...and more - "Classical" Suite and more released 2019
Absolute Relativity- "Classical" album released 2018
INDIAN KNOLL (a) - album released 2015
SMORGASBORG- album released 2013
Multiplication - album released 2010
A Yin for Yang - album released 2009
Before the Dawn- EP released 2007
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