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Prophets and Seers


   It’s a little known fact that almost every book in the Bible contains prophecies or references to prophecies.  Fully one third of the Bible is prophecy.  These prophecies are ‘revelations’ from God, formerly secret (unknown) knowledge about either the then present, or, near or distant future events.  In accepting the previous statement certain questions naturally arise.  Why tell the future to men long dead?  Why not tell us, the people the coming events will affect?  Why did all the prophets disappear after Christ came?  Why are the vast majority of Bible prophecies about “the last days”, “the time of the end”?  And most importantly after the second anniversary of the September 11th, 2001 attack on America, particularly the families and friends of those who died that day have questioned why?  If God knew it would happen, why didn’t he warn us, or even intervene and stop the terrorists?  “Why does (God let) bad things happen to good people”? (a book title some years back).  All these questions will be addressed, if not answered, in what follows, as I show you the secrets of Bible prophecy.

  Christ made (or referred to) numerous prophesies about “the latter days”.  Most of His prophetic statements could be ‘cut and pasted’ from any number of Old Testament prophecies.  He often pointed out a particular messianic prophecy from the Old Testament and demonstrated how it had been or was being fulfilled by some aspect of His origin, life, or ministry.  Likewise, on the subject of the last days, He referred to certain Old Testament prophecies as being key to knowing the actual time frame (age, period, and era) to which the prophecies of “the end of the world” related.  He said no one but God knew the day and hour but, “When you see the sign spoken by Daniel, then know the time is near”.  What sign?  In the English of the King James Version it is called, “the abomination of desolation”. What does that mean and to what does that refer, what event or thing in the future, very near to “the end of the world”, could that enigmatic phrase indicate?  According to Christ himself this is the most crucial eschatological reference in the Bible. 

   The importance that God places on man’s awareness of certain end-time events or ‘developments’ cannot be over-estimated, as documented by the hundreds of eschatological references and prophecies spread throughout the entire Bible.  Accordingly, it is not possible to over-emphasize how important it is for us, at this time in history, to be able to truly and accurately identify that to which the phrase, “abomination of desolation” refers. 

  We are now at the most difficult and critical part of our climb, requiring skills you must master that cannot be taught…you must…become wise.  Here there is no turning back.  We are at a vertical face that extends upward beyond our sight.  There are many handholds and footholds to choose from as we begin our ascent.  Some are natural (made by God).  Some are…not.  Those not made by God will not reach the top.  Each man is alone in his climb, ultimately.  Only by strength, endurance and right choices will you succeed.  Do you have what it takes?  Here is all I can give you:  Separate the wheat from the chaff, and see the whole, it is one.  Choose wisely.  The cliff is your challenge at this point.  It represents the work you must do to understand God’s intent and message.  To truly “get it”, you must truly “know it”.  There is no shortcut.  To reach the summit, to see the whole, you must overcome this wall.  The wall is our ignorance.  Until we climb, chapter by chapter, book by book, through the entire Bible, “here a little, there a little, precept upon precept…”, at each step holding in your mind what it is you are seeking, the answer to the question, “What is the “Abomination of Desolation”?”, only then will the way upward become clear.  If you do this task you will learn as I did how much they don’t teach you in Sunday school or preach on Sunday morning (most churches).  As you move from book to book, first look for and highlight (or even ‘catalog’ as I did) all references to either “the last days”, “the time of the end”, “the latter days”, “the day of recompense”, or “the day of Lord”.  At the same time carefully study and constantly refer back to the description of end-time characteristics and events given by Christ in Mark 13 and Matthew 24; then highlight, catalog or annotate all prophecies or eschatological references in each book that may possibly describe the same or similar events, phenomena, and/or characteristics.  I believe that, like me, you will be amazed at the number of times God’s messengers wrote about such events or phenomena.  Most of these references offer some different aspect to be added to the puzzle, until, taken together as a whole, an undeniable picture emerges of a common theme, a ‘thread’ of related images and detailed descriptions of global devastation such as the world has not known in human history, wrought by “devices”, “prepared” by God to snare the wicked and unrepentant in their own trap.  By these various accounts throughout the Bible it is clear they describe devices of destructive force, unimaginable and unknown to the world…until about fifty eight years ago.  I emphatically state that nothing in existence, before or since, possessed the destructive power to do what they describe.  What I am saying is that the common theme of end-time prophecies throughout the entire Bible is the real and potential destructive power of the use of nuclear weapons and their consequences, i.e. nuclear winter, radiation sickness, etc.  It’s all in there.  My personal ‘concordance’ is available for those who do not fear what they may find.  Yet here I must point you back to Genesis, to where prophecy begins in the Bible, to God’s covenant with Abraham.  Read it carefully for therein lies a promise of hope.  Abraham (his descendants) is promised by God,  “a blessing or a curse”.  It is totally up to our actions as to which we will receive.  Personally, I fear the river of innocent blood spilt just in the last century may have ‘drowned’ our chances and I watched the passing of the second millennium with great anxiety, then relief.  However, my relief was short-lived, as the evil in the hearts and actions of men has naught but increased since 2000 came and went.  Still, the trap is set, ready to go off if evil wins out.  “By their own devices are they snared”?  That is what may happen.  It is not yet written in stone, I believe.  Pray I am correct.  The question I place before you is why did God reveal this to these ancient men?  Because it’s proof.  It is proof of the validity and efficacy of God’s Truth.

If you see this Truth about our modern world, revealed to men three thousand years ago in such precise detail, is unequivocal, undeniable, then that is strong testimony, evidence of the Truth of the rest of the message, revealed by Christ.  That I believe is why it was so important that it is referred to in almost every book in the Bible.  To warn us, of course, but also to prove our faith, that we may know the message is the Truth.  “…and the Truth shall set you free”.






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