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‘Highest Aspirations’


It is a common belief of most religions that the will of the highest God seeks the highest Good for man, except for those who fail or refuse (rebel) to abide by that God’s standards.  They will be punished in some fashion.  We as Christians believe God wants nothing but good things for all.  We also believe He’s all-powerful – “with God all things are possible”.  Yet if that is so, then why doesn’t He make the world a paradise of Goodness and plenty with no evil?  If He truly cares about us why does he let ‘bad things happen to good people’?  The Bible says it’s because of sin, ‘original sin’ and subsequent sins.  The origin parable in Genesis says the Earth was a paradise from which man was banished for disobedience yet even here at the very beginning of the Bible there is something very strange about this story.  It says that they were kicked out for eating a forbidden fruit.  This fruit gave them the ability to discern the difference between Good and Evil!  Why wouldn’t God want us to know the difference?  If the knowledge of Good and Evil existed in the Garden of Eden I don’t believe God intended man to never have such knowledge.  We know that God wants us to be good, to choose to do good, and we know that even in the Garden God has given us freewill to choose Good or Evil – Adam and Eve chose to eat the forbidden fruit.  To me it just doesn’t make sense unless we interpret the story as follows:  The story is a parable.  It’s a story about Truth, not a ‘true story’.  If God inspired the writer (as I believe) then why not inspire him to write ‘the true story’?  My answer is that he did inspire the writer to tell the Truth in a way that people of that time could relate to and comprehend; using imagery and symbols they could recognize and accept.  Just as Christ did.  Today it is our responsibility to find the Truth in the parables, not to fanatically hold them to be literal Truth, nor to dismiss them as meaningless folktales.  In that light I shall attempt a modern retelling, albeit like the interpretation of dreams my account must be subjective and open for debate.


'Genesis Revisited'


“In the beginning…”, that which we call God is said to have ‘created’ the universe and placed man within the Garden of Eden in six days/on the seventh He ‘rested’.  Millions of people around the world take this literally.  They were brought up to believe in the Bible as the ‘infallible’ word of God.  Those of you with me here at this long difficult part of our climb to the Truth may also feel the need for ‘solid ground’ to stand on, a sure safe place to stand, maybe even a button to push in an elevator that will take you straight to the top where all will be revealed in one quick and easy to follow documentary.  Free popcorn and you won’t even have to take notes!  I’m sorry but there is no shortcut.  Another secret I will share with you now; ‘salvation is free but you must earn the Truth’.  No money can buy it.  No tools can create it.  No weapons can destroy it.  With nothing but the gifts God gave you, you must seize it, wrestle with it, overcome it and make it your own.  We can learn about it through the study of history; we can learn the pitfalls to avoid from the mistakes of others; we can consider the council of the wise, yet none of it will make you wise – only by the leap of faith and it’s long difficult climb to the summit will you be able to ‘see it all’, and only then will you be wise. (See my essays on Sophism).

I’ve got another secret for you:  God does not get tired, or sleepy.  That should be a clue for the literalists, but they won’t get it.  “On the seventh day God rested”.  Didn’t happen.  I assure you, God is ‘on duty’ 24/7/365.  The tendencies of humans to anthropomorphize and anthropocentricize the characteristics of God and the spiritual realms have got to go.  Although it does say that man was made in God’s image it was referring to a spiritual image or aspect.  Why?  Because God does not need legs.  I’ll tell you flat out – if you think God has legs, or arms, or gets tired, you are not worshipping the true God.  Not just that, if you think the Ten Commandments are God’s Laws for us to live by, then you are not worshipping the true God represented most recently by Christ.  But that’s jumping ahead.  We need a little more background about Genesis and the Old Testament before returning to Christ.  In a number of places in the Old and New Testament the statement is made that, “A day to the Lord is as a thousand years”, (to us).  Why a thousand?  Why not a billion to an eternal God?  Because at the time men could not conceive of a billion years.  Remember, in order for men of that time to ‘make it there own’, the Truth, the core essence of the Truth at least, had to be ‘presented’ (see ‘precepts’) in a way they could comprehend and relate to.  That ‘customization’ of the language and imagery employed to convey the main ideas of the Truth to the minds of the people of that time has unfortunately led like-minded fundamentalists to iconify that imagery and lithify that language, despite the Bible's and Christ’s many references to the evolutionary nature of God’s revelations – doled out little by little, only in bite sizes we were ‘ready’ to digest.  This is precisely why there is an ‘Old’ Testament and a 'new' Covenant with God through Christ.  The New is radically improved (to God), as Christ elucidated in his quintessential discourse of God’s new ‘Ten Commandments’ during the Sermon on the Mount, in which he repeated the axiom over and over again, “you have heard…(Old covenant law cited) but I say unto you… (New covenant law given).”  This is a most important secret revealed so far:  God’s laws for man have changed over time.  Christ himself revealed this Truth explicitly, in the Sermon on the Mount and elsewhere.  Once Christ was asked about an old covenant law allowing for divorce, his answer was, “But for the hardness of your hearts was this (law) given…  What God has joined together let no man put asunder.”  Similarly in general God gave laws to Moses that the hearts and minds of the people of that time could aspire to.  Christ came 1300 years later with a new set of aspirations, a higher Truth for men of that time.  These ‘customized’ relative Truths were given to help man grow spiritually into a being capable of receiving God’s ultimate, whole, absolute Truth, the ‘Absolute Relativity’.  Here, nearly two thousand years later we still await confirmation and conclusion, perhaps the final dispensation as prophesized.  Perhaps we ourselves are to blame for this delay?  Most of humanity has remained derelict during this ‘drought’, even devolved, spiritually speaking.  Full well did Christ know this would be the case, when He said, ‘narrow is the way and few to cross it’.  So here we see Genesis in a new light, a revalued ‘translation’ of its imagery and parables – through the eyes of Christ if you will.  Born among the Hebrews, God’s chosen people, Christ took the seed of Truth God planted there and watered it with His own blood, that it would grow and bloom and mature into a eternal life-bearing tree of Truth, the ripest fruit of which, is Love.  Yet for two thousand years the power and joy of that Love has remained secret, hidden from the eyes of most by the evil within their own hearts.  Why did John the Baptist and then Jesus of Nazareth cry in the wilderness and in the cities of Judea for the people to ‘repent!’?  Because then as now, they did not even know that what they did and what they believed was good and right was, “evil in the sight of the Lord”.  The “traditions of men”, then and now, their ‘family values’ are derived not from the ‘other-centered Love of Christ’ teachings but from the self-centered (mostly subconscious) reflexive, reactionary, million-years-in-the-making animal instincts and thought/behavioral patterns and complexes that are so integral to consciousness and our sense of identity we don’t even know they exist or how much they affect us, much less that there is anything wrong here.  In a sense we are all ‘possessed’ of an ancient daemon that must be exorcised before Christ’s Love can enter in.  We must recognize it’s in us, that it is evil, our ‘original sin’ and allow God to cast it out by our ‘repentance’.  If like most people you feel just fine the way you are now, thank you, believing you know what’s what, and who am I telling you what to believe; then these words can not help you.  I am merely relaying them from the source.  This ‘repentance’ is for the few.  You must have “ears to hear” and “eyes to see” it.  I am trying to open your eyes.  Look up!  See there, ahead at the summit.  Can you see that tree?  As we get closer you should recognize it.  I can’t tell you what it is.  You must see for yourself.  Let’s keep moving.  There’s still quite a ways to go.








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