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   First light, we rise and begin our day’s climb with the lessons of archaeology – what the historical record does and/or does not tell us about ‘Bible history’.  As of the time this was written there had been no indisputable historical evidence discovered to document the actual existence of Abraham, Moses and the Exodus, David, Solomon, and the first temple, and Jesus.  There are official government references to the Hebrews and the state of Israel from as far back as around 1K/BCE in Egypt, Assyria, and other sources.  As to the chronology recorded in I & II Kings and other Old Testament sources, evidence is scant but where an association can be established there is usually some kernel of Truth to the Bible reference, yet often some aspect of the Biblical narrative or chronology is shown to be inaccurate.  Most of the Old Testament was passed down by oral tradition for hundreds of years before it was written down.  Most likely inadvertent memory errors or embellishments were introduced at that time.  Biblical texts discovered in 1947 among the Dead Sea Scrolls provides strong evidence that, once written, the scribes continued to faithfully reproduce the original without further adulteration.  Among Biblical Scholars the ascribed authorship of most of the individual texts within the Old Testament is either finally discounted or in contention.  All this being said, it is far less important whether we are in possession of a history book or a historical novel.  The history is ancillary but not our predominate interest here. 

  What we seek is the message within the narrative, and I believe there is every reason to believe that message is ‘intact’.  Why?  Because it is from God, and those that wrote it and those that subsequently copied it knew it was from God and either revered it and sought to keep it Holy and perfect or feared their own damnation should they ‘wrong’ it (God) in any way.  And because I believe it to be God’s Will that His true intent and purpose for us to be made known.  Albeit, some part of that message has been a, ‘message in a bottle’, that we only now have the knowledge (the ‘keys’ to the secrets within) to open…the secrets…ah yes, you want to know the secrets.  Remember, ‘patience and persistence’; the secrets are integral to the message.  You cannot understand the secrets without the message and you cannot understand the message without the secrets.  So do not forget to always look for the whole, the sum of its parts, the message, to ‘see’ the secrets and know God’s meaning (not man’s).

  Okay I would say we’ve come to the meat of the dish but I am a vegetarian.  Now is the time to explain the secrecy.  Take note of the verses cited here on out.  If you want to reach the top, to see and understand it all you will need these ‘keys’ to unlock other secrets later on.  They’re all interrelated – one secret becomes the key to unlock the next which refers back to an earlier one which combined with the one just opened unlocks one later on, and so on…

   Christ didn’t start the keeping of secrets.  From the very beginning God ordained that certain things, Truths, were to be kept from our knowledge.  Some secrets applied to all of us or to all until an appointed time.  Some were to be kept from all but the select few.  Some were kept from all until the appointed time, when the select few would be made to know the meaning of secrets they knew but did not understand.  Starting with the knowledge of Good and Evil, represented by that fruit-bearing tree in the Garden of Eden, we have any number of precedents in the Bible of secrets revealed over time.  Why did God keep things from us?  To protect, to shield, to keep from overwhelming us with things we could not understand.  Within man's animal heart God created a space where He placed the divine spark, a seed of His spirit, in the hope that it would grow and transform our base metal to gold, our animal nature into spiritual nature.  Unfortunately most have either rejected that nature outright or failed to nurture it.  Most of us can not free it from the weight of our sins, original or otherwise, to germinate and grow.  For those that do  ‘flower’ or transform to spiritual nature the world looks and sounds different – you can see things that you could not see before and hear things you missed before.  In the transformation of which I speak, you ‘receive’ a totally new view of the way things should be, which is actually opposed, diametrically opposite of the way most people want to believe things should be.  This radically new perspective is the direct result of a full complete understanding of the secrets of Christ’s teachings.  As a student of the often dark history of Christianity and as an eye-witness insider of the ‘progress’ of Christian practices today I know that Christ’s suffering did not end on the cross.  The evils and atrocities that have been and still are carried out in His name, by those with so-called Christian values, under the flag of a so-called ‘Christian’ nation, have afflicted Him far worse than Roman whips, or nails, could ever do.  We have broken his heart. 

   Now remember the secrets in Christ’s Teachings are there not because He doesn’t want everyone to know the Truth, "and the Truth will set us free".  The opposite is true.  But it’s also true that God full well knew that Satan’s hold on the vast majority would not be broken and just to preserve the Truth for the few until the time of the end was it made so.

Thusly was a certain degree of esoteric information hidden from the eyes of those that would seek to destroy it, spread throughout the Bible, like a puzzle.  The secrets, the answers lie “here a little, there a little, line upon line, precept upon precept…”, that those, “whose line falls upon pleasant places”, may come to know things, “…which have been kept secret since the beginning”.  So ultimately as in everything concerning God, the reasons some things have been kept secret and other things have been revealed, and when, are unfathomably complex; some things we cannot know till "the seventh trumpet" sounds.







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