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“Do Not Throw Pearls before Swine”


I see some of you made it.  Good.  You others over there, keep trying!  You can catch up later!  If you made it across you’re ready for the next challenge.  I better warn you, this is the longest part of the climb and will test your endurance.  Through here you will learn the reasons for the secrecy as well as the most fundamental Truths that remain unknown.  This is the Proving Ground.  There is only one way to reach the next overlook, from which the Truth of all that came before will become as clear as the purest water drank from a sacred chalice, which refreshes but does not quench; for there is still far to go.  You must take these ‘secrets’ and make them your own.  You must prove them.  Their Truth must become your Truth.  The Truth.  There is only one way to do this.  You must fathom the depths and search out the heights of ‘the Word’, the revelations, visions, prophecies, commandments, instructions, messages, meditations, songs and prayers which man has received throughout recorded history from beyond the veil.  Some of which was meant only for the eyes and ears of a select few, was to be kept secret per direct unequivocal instruction from above until the time for the dispensation of Truth arrived.  I believe that time is upon us.

The first question that comes to mind is why the secrecy?  Why have we been kept waiting so long for confirmation of our faith?  Why couldn’t we all receive a revelation of God and his Truth to remove our doubt?  With patience and persistence you will begin to see the answer further up the trail.  For now just focus your attention on what I’m about to tell you.  If you will carefully and faithfully follow my suggestions to completion then the pieces of this puzzle will all begin to fall into place.

First I want you to pick up a Bible like you had never seen one before, like you were an archaeologist who had just dug it’s airtight and watertight time capsule out of an ancient 'tell' (debris mound) of an unknown civilization.  To be an archaeologist one must possess an extraordinary interest in history, not just to know what was, but because what was informs us about whom we are and why we are the way we are now.  Likewise, in a very real way for you to understand, to truly understand the Secret Teachings of Christ you must have that burning desire to know the Truth.  You must be willing to dig through the dirt for however long it takes to reach the ‘treasure’ like that archaeologist opening that ancient book for the first time you must burn with the desire to know what is in it.  An archaeologist who found such an ancient text would study it incessantly, reading it and analyzing it from cover to cover, again and again, attempting to decipher the meaning of each word, each phrase, and the overall meaning or purpose.  They would search for and identify its historical context and verifiable historical references.  Considerable time and effort would be spent on identifying and categorizing the various themes and ideas within each ‘Book’ and the correlations and continuity of ideas between each part.  Esoteric references and sections of script that would seem to have more than one meaning would be noted.  Similarly, though I will tell you things that are in the Bible, because they have been ignored, overlooked, misunderstood, or out and out rejected by mainstream Christianity, it will be as if you are seeing the Bible for the first time; you will need to immerse yourself in the subject matter, study it as a whole and prove it to yourself.  Only then will the sacred heart of God be revealed to you, the true intent of God for Man.  For the Bible is still our best record of the Will of God and His revelations to men, despite its historical inaccuracies and inconsistencies.  Just remember, it is one, a whole, and can only fully be understood as such.  Rest now and think of what I’ve said.  Tomorrow we begin in earnest this part of our journey.  The best is yet to come if you have the heart and the legs to reach it.







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