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‘The Eighth Reveals the Ninth’


The first leg or stage (or hurdle) of our journey begins at the base of the mountain where well-made, broad steps lead up and around the east flank at a low grade.  This part at least does not seem too difficult.  However, it’s often true that what is easy is not the best route, ultimately.  From the looks of the people coming and going on this heavily traveled road most did not find anything very spectacular, and, overhearing their conversations, they said that although this trail appears to lead upward it really just circles back to where it started.  From this you might deduce they probably missed something,  something important,  along the way.  That’s not hard to do in an unfamiliar place.  Any number of circumstances, alone or in combination can have the effect of severely narrowing the focus of our attention and/or comprehension.  It can happen to anyone.  Face to face with a narrow ledge above a bottomless precipice you may not be able to appreciate the view or notice the partially hidden passageway above you, accessible only by a few barely perceptible footholds.  Even if discovered, that upper passage may seem too difficult and dangerous to reach, or you may decide, “It probably doesn’t lead anywhere”.  As most of us travel either with family, friends or a community group (culture) you may end up being forced to acquiesce to the consensus, abilities, or demands of your companions and not attempt it.  Even if I was there with you and your group and told you, “That’s the way”, some or all of you may not believe me.  It may simply be that you/they don’t know me; or it could be that I might look ‘suspicious’ – my clothes or the way I wear my hair may be different than yours; I may have a foreign accent or language; my skin color may be different than that of ‘your people’…  Remember always, if you would make it to the “innermost secret place of the most high”, you must suspend disbelief.  As Christ said, “Verily I say unto you, whosoever does not receive the Kingdom of Heaven as a little child shall in no wise enter therein” – Luke 18:17.  A hard task indeed, but no one said it was going to be easy.  If, and only if, you can open your self to the possible, and accept that “With God all things are possible”, will it become possible to find the way.  This is the first secret, “the faith (the size) of a mustard seed”, which unlocks the ‘doors of perception’ allowing you to receive that which is revealed.  (Not all is revealed as of yet, but the time draws nearer).  Without this first all important step there is no need to go any further.  And don’t say you cannot make it; this ‘leap of faith’ is but a small bit more than what happens when we become engrossed in a book or film to the point where we forget where we are and become ‘part’ of the ‘story’.  We all, some more, some less, have this ability to enter into other worlds.  To complete this spiritual journey you must make use of this talent.  Allow yourself to ‘suspend disbelief’ and open the doors of your heart and mind to the possible.  In so doing we are ready to proceed with caution. 

This first step or secret of the Way of Christ is to believe.  It sounds simple enough, yet for those who now put their Trust in science and facts it may be untenable.  I can relate to their conundrum because I too had to make this first step, for even though I was raised in a religious home and felt deep religious convictions throughout my life, even though I have had undeniable religious experiences, I too went through a period of doubt, even despair of the Truth of God and religion.  But rather than turn my back on spiritual reality as ‘scientists’ normally do, I chose to attempt to ‘prove’ God is.  I started here; at this first step and ‘chose to believe’ there is a God for whom all things are possible.  I then ‘set up’ a ‘thought-experiment’ (in the tradition of Einstein) as follows: If God is real and the Bible is true then God must be omniscient and knew, way back then when the Prophets prophesied, what would take place in our time, particularly if this time is the “time of the end”, or “the last days” of which they so often spoke.  Could God’s messengers three thousand years ago have received and proclaimed (and later recorded for posterity) astonishingly accurate and detailed information concerning the most significant discovery of our time, nuclear weapons?  Believe it or not, after many months of intense study of the entire Bible during the early 1980’s I discovered just that, direct and indirect detailed references (in necessarily allegorical language at times since they were trying to describe technology that did not then exist) to the destructive power of a nuclear event and to the aftermath of nuclear war, including ‘nuclear winter’.  To my amazement such references occur in almost every book in the Bible, usually in association with a reference to, “the last days”, or, “the day of recompense”, “the day of the Lord”.  The potentially cataclysmic events to which they refer may or may not be ‘slated’ to occur in our lifetimes and are not 'written in stone' – our actions, up to a certain point in time, determine the outcome.  Yet certain key prophecies strongly point to the present.  For more on this critical situation please read the section of essays on this subject.  I have mentioned it here because for me this is proof of the Truth, and the Efficacy, of the Word of God.  I’m not saying the Bible is infallible.  I’m saying that despite what historical errors it may contain, the core Truths of God, Christ, and His Message, as well as the prophecies mentioned above, are true, are real, and are urgently pertinent and pressing.  Do you truly believe in the power of God?  The resurrection of Christ?  And the Truths he uttered?  “To enter into the Kingdom of Heaven you must believe as a child” – Christ.  That doesn’t mean you have to have the intellect of a child.  It means that, like a child; you must have opened your heart and mind to the possible, to trust and believe.  This is the first secret, the first step, and the first stumbling block.  At this point in our journey the trees of the forest tower about us, all around us, and seem dark and oppressive at first, like they were watching us and judging us, trying to coerce us into taking the wrong trail, because that was the way taken by their ancestors before they got stuck in the mire and took root.  If careless the thorny bramble underbrush will try to ensnare us, tearing at our skin, so that we can’t go where they can’t go.  Oh yes, let’s not forget the carnivores, the predators that lurk in wait to pounce should you falter or fall.

With all these forces arrayed against us, you might fear that we can’t succeed, feeling alone and helpless and lost.  It is precisely here we face our greatest danger and most formidable obstacle to overcome.  As night falls we reach the terminus of this first leg of our quest – one ledge separated by a bottomless chasm from another ledge and the path we seek.  The distance between the two seems…immeasurable…unconquerable, as the remnants of unfinished bridges attests.  Yet many have made this leap before.  They knew the secret. 

The second secret on the Way of Christ is how the cross the chasm.  There may be other ways, but I know of but one.  The second secret (or obstacle to overcome) is ‘the leap of faith’.  In essence this is simply that once you believe in the possible by suspending disbelief, move out on to the ledge and jump across, believing you will make it.  Armed with the first secret, the open-hearted trust of a child for a parent, you must choose to believe the seemingly impossible is possible.  By the act of faith, the will to believe, we break down the dimensional barriers between us and the noumenal, between our normal everyday perception of reality and the extra natural; hidden by the bolted doors of our minds.  Whether those doors can be opened is not in question, as far as I am concerned.  Read ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ by Paramahansa Yogananda if Lazarus is not proof enough for you.  Don’t worry if you find this hard to accept.  The rational mind fights for its dominion and tells you not to believe, but you can fight back and ‘will’ your thoughts to receive these truths.  I too was a ‘doubting Thomas’ until my discovery of the Truth of Bible Prophecy discussed earlier in this work.  The accuracy and detail of those prophecies about nuclear war forever removed my doubt about the existence of a spiritual reality.  It’s in there.  You just have to look for it.

The leap of faith is necessary to cross the chasm between doubt and belief and reach the ‘other side’ where our trail continues.  Without this leap you cannot go further because the Secret Teachings of Christ will only be received by the heart of the one who fully and truly believes that a spiritual reality we know as God does exist and vital information can and at times is received from that/those extra-dimensional beings.  That’s all I can tell you for now.  It’s time to go.  Jump!






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