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Returning now to the Secret Teachings of Christ, it is my contention that either no one alive today (myself excluded) knows of which I speak or for what ever reason declines to talk about it.  Like the lost ‘Philosophers Stone’ of the Alchemists, “The stone that the builder rejected”, the oft quoted metaphor used by Christ to describe the philosophic core/cornerstone upon which he sought to create, ‘the Way’, that ‘stone’ too, is now also lost, lost to the masses of so called ‘Christians’ and Pagans alike.  The deeper and more difficult meaning within a given part of His message is largely overlooked or misunderstood, even by those learned scholars who dissect every Greek or Hebrew syllable looking for meaning.  They “cannot see the forest for the trees”.  What follows is my interpretation, which I believe is as complete and correct as is possible.


The Stone…


Walk with me upon a path long forgotten and we will find it leads to a vantage point from which you can see, “the forest”, a sight so beautiful and so full of mystery it will fill your heart with wonder and joy that shall not fade.

This path is rather steep and strenuous.  To reach our destination we must climb a series of metaphorical steps, each set of which represents a key idea, an axiom or pre-supposition you must prove to your own satisfaction before you can go on.  Each of these meta-stairways culminates in a promontory postulate proof from which better and better views of the Truth are obtained.  We must be careful.  These stairways were carved long ago; many of the steps are missing and we will on occasion be forced to ‘feel’ our way for the right foothold and the right direction where trails mingle together or seem to melt away in the brush.  However, do not despair, I know the way…

We begin in a valley below the hills of our destination.  Through this valley flows two rivers that become one, it is said, yet few have found its confluence or know its name, hidden by the ‘Black Forest’, from all but the most daring.  Here we come upon the West River, as old as time, clear, still, and deep.  Its name is Truth.  Further along we face the East River, constantly in the act of becoming, new, shallow, swift, and churning, it carves its way as it goes.  It is called many names; I know it as ‘Right and Good’.  For now you must believe me when I tell you that ‘East does meet West’ and becomes the river AR.  If we make it to the end, then you can see for yourself.  One more thing to remember as we reach the base of the mountain is that all these waters originate “high above’, in the pure air where it seems you could, "reach out your hand, and touch the face of God”.  As such it is holy water and contains within it the power from which it sprang.  The power to heal, to make peace and bring joy; yet such power may only be yielded and unleashed by those who believe in its power and who are pure in heart.  Likewise they who would make the climb to this summit, to seek the Truth, to see the AR, to see God, must ‘prepare’ for the journey.  They must cast off doubt, ‘suspend disbelief’, to create an opening in their minds and hearts through which new and difficult ideas may enter.  So, drink heartedly from stream and spring as we climb, and let each drink refresh that ‘openness’.






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