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First, a word about secrets.  The mystery of ancient Egyptian culture was essentially a secret, unknowable until Champollion deciphered the Rosetta stone.  It is my intent that this work shall serve as a ‘Rosetta stone’, where underneath the words you may have read and thought you understood your whole life I will offer a deeper fuller understanding no less controversial to modern Christians than His Teachings were to Judaism.  In many cases this full Truth turns out to be diametrically opposed to traditional, ‘popular’ interpretation.  I hereby give warning (and hope) that what follows may be unsettling, and hopefully will uproot the half Truths (same as lies) that have pacified the pagan animal heart that still lives within us, instead of bringing about the ‘metamorphosis’ that Christ intended.  That transformation, from animal to spirit, has yet to take place…

If you open a Bible to the start of ‘The New Testament’ you will find four ‘books’ recounting the life of one Jesus of Nazareth.  Although denied by Jews then and since, His birth and life represents the fulfillment of ancient promises Yahweh had made to his ancestors long before Moses and the Ten Commandments.  By His covenant with Abraham in approximately 2200 BCE God set in motion His divine plan for the spiritual evolution of Man.  From that time forward He sent His word to us through the Prophets of a promised Messiah, a Priest-King and more; God’s own Son was to come unto the descendants of Abraham.  His ‘chosen people’ the Jews, who suffered defeat and enslavement over and over again under first the Egyptians, the Hittites, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, then the Persians, then Alexander the Great, and finally the Romans, began to see the Messiah more as a coming military general to lead them to victory than as the spiritual leader God intended.  Thus were the humble pacifist Teachings of Jesus rejected by his own people.  Similarly yet ‘unconsciously’ most Christians have rejected his Teachings as well!  This rejection of the very heart of His philosophy of life by the unaware, the uneducated, the unconcerned, the misguided, the excuse makers, the skeptics, and the secret pagans among those who call themselves Christians is the ‘lock’ upon the gate of heaven, preventing these apologists, naysayers, buffoons, and hypocrites from entering and seeing the Truth.  The ‘unknown’ secret Teachings of Christ are the ‘key’ to that lock.  I am offering you that key.  Will you take it?


The Stone that the Builder Rejected…


   During the Middle Ages there developed in Europe and the Middle-East/West-Asian community numbers of individuals exposed to some body of esoteric knowledge now lost (?) which led them to become what were known as Alchemists: mystics, philosophers, and scientists who practiced the magical art of Alchemy.

   One of the main motivations of the Alchemist was to produce the ‘Philosophers Stone’ which it was believed was able to turn lead to gold.  Although it would appear today highly improbable that such a process was possible or ever perfected if possible, as some Alchemists claimed to have done so, yet along side and coeval with their chemical experiments there existed a – perhaps or perhaps not – whole other dimension to their work.  This “other dimension’ or focus of many if not all Alchemists is documented and analyzed in the critically important yet generally unknown or ignored work of Carl Gustav Jung, the eminent psychoanalyst, psychologist, and pre-eminent medieval and mythological scholar of the 20th Century.   Part of this work, published in , “The Collected Works( of Jung)” [Volume 12, Part II] as, “Dream Symbolism in Relation to Alchemy”,  gives an unparalleled glimpse into the mysteries of  the Alchemist mind.  Jung’s vast knowledge of mythological, magical and religious motifs, and symbolism enabled him to ‘crack the code’ of the many esoteric treatises on Alchemy that survive from those mist shrouded days of old.  His research and post-mortem psycho-analyzing reveals a hidden dual-meaning, and ulterior higher purpose within Alchemy.  At least some Alchemists also sought to change the profane base-metal of their soul to purified spiritual ‘Gold’, and to them the Alchemical art was as much or more about that endeavor as it was about real gold.  Thusly the afore mentioned ‘Philosophers Stone’ indeed is revealed by a deeper reading of their Alchemical symbolism as a metaphor for that divine catalyst that sets men’s hearts’ a fire for the Truth and Righteousness, burning away the base animal nature and transforming the ‘new born’ soul, within and without, into that which pleases God. 

Where did this secret body of Alchemical knowledge originate?  Probably no one alive today knows.  We do know that ‘secret societies’ claiming to possess secret knowledge of some sort or another have existed since early in recorded antiquity, long before Christ. In ancient Greece the Pythagoreans held secret knowledge they deemed so important they would kill any initiate whom divulged any part of it.  Probably no one today knows what their secrets were or why they were so important.  Similarly few may know 'the secrets'  I shall soon reveal, though they are hidden in plain sight...



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