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The Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven Revealed



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  What does theoretical physics have to do with the Secret Teachings of Christ?  Answer:  Again, everything.  If  the metaphysical knowledge of a real, actual, effaceable spiritual reality of ‘X’ number of dimensions, expressed in the direct and the esoteric teachings of Christ, corresponds significantly to the ‘extra natural’, currently unexplainable recent discoveries (and those soon to come) of physics, then the scientific skepticism of academia and the fundamentalist blinders of most religions will begin to fall away from their eyes, opening the doors of perception within their minds, hopefully, allowing many more to be aware of the need, and be caught up in the excitement and passion of those of us who work for, and await, the dawning of a new age, in which the healing fusion and union of science and religion reveals to all the world the One Truth, the AR, the Toa, the ‘Quality’ of Pirsig in ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’, by and through which life has meaning and a purpose greater that the sum of its parts.  This is why this, to me, is the most important task facing humanity.  We must learn the Truth about what it means to be a human being, a Truth that grants to all living beings their own measure of dignity and a rightful place in our multidimensional universe, free to pursue that which represents for each on the spiral of being, what I call, ‘authentic life’, for each has its own purpose, and to fulfill that purpose is to live authentically and by default provides meaning to one’s existence, albeit for man there is a higher purpose of greater meaning to which he may aspire.


  The story of Christ begins in the Bible, as he was born to a Hebrew mother and raised in the culture of Israel at that time.  We know he intensely studied the Pentateuch, the ‘five books of Moses’, and the prophetic books as well.  From the four accounts of his life in the New Testament we know he was thirty years old when he began his ministry, yet we know little of his life till then., except that we are told that as an infant he was taken to Egypt to escape Herod’s death decree for all first born males of that time.  We do not know how long he was in Egypt or what he might have learned there, but at the age of twelve it is recorded that he was back in Israel and ‘taught’ as one ‘learned’ in the temple.  We do not really know if he stayed in Israel for the next eighteen years, however some apocryphal accounts say he traveled to India.  No one knows, but the possibility is intriguing in that some of what he taught corresponds to some of the teachings of the Buddha.  Whatever the number, locations, and extent of the influences on him, his message as a whole is largely original.  Particularly unprecedented is the substantial ‘revelations’ he gave us on the nature of spiritual reality and our relationship to it.  Derivative in part or not, as a whole this was new and controversial, in the context of Judaism, at least, and threatening to the very power of Rome as well, as his crucifixion and the later persecution of Christians attests.  The power and mystery of this man and his message exists to this day, two thousand years later, as (a billion) people still seek His Truth for guidance and hope.

  What is that Truth they seek?  Can it still be relevant?  Do the two thousand year old words of a murdered Rabbi matter today?  What I intend to reveal in this work is that they matter most of all.  But that’s not all.  There’s more to it than most people know, and a lot of what they think they know is wrong!  See, the Teachings of Christ are the proverbial ‘mystery wrapped in an enigma’.  I am about to change that.  At least change it, in part, for you the reader, listener, or viewer, as the media case may be, if you care enough about it, enough to then study the source material in the light of these ‘revelations’.  Then, perhaps, you too will know the meaning of the Secret Teachings of Christ.






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