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Secret Treasure


   We are now standing before the locked gate just a short ways from the summit.  I hold the key in my hand.  But before I give it to you I must be sure you are ready.  You must be tested this one final time.  We have come far.  The secrets I have shown you are not easy.  One must train ones mind to ‘see’ outside of itself and at the same time to ‘hear’ that “still, small voice” within our hearts, to embrace ‘the other’ that ultimately is ourselves.  Despite the concerted effort of the darkness of this world to blind our minds to the Truth and keep us ‘occupied’ with the petty, mundane, puerile, poisons, and drudgery of modern life, one must ‘overcome’, must, “keep your eyes on the prize”, must hold to the awareness of Truth and Good, and “never surrender”.   I have tried to show you how Christ taught the one Truth that encompasses all Truths, including that which science has discovered and that which science has yet to understand.  I have called the one Truth, Absolute Relativity, for it is the absolute Truth at the pi-center of existence which contains and completes our positional-perspective relative truths on the phi-spiral of Becoming.  I have brought to your attention how Christ himself proclaimed that he came to reveal “things which had been kept secret since the beginning”.  If you have studied the Bible where and when indicated throughout this work, particularly in regards to the Biblical corroboration for this thesis, and have found the wisdom of my words, then you are ready for the final test.  Look with me past the gate to the summit.  Do you see the small tree that stands there, glowing with a fire that does not consume it?  To know this thing is why we have come.  It is why we are here (metaphorically).  It is our reason to be.  So now, I ask you; do you will this one thing only?  If, with all your heart, at that moment, you answered yes; you are ready, you have made it.  That means, by force of your will, you squeezed out of your heart your pride, your fears, your doubts, your prejudices and preconceptions, and all other desires, and said, yes Lord, come in to my heart, and fill me with your love and Truth.  I give my heart to you.  Forgive me my sins.

    Christ said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life…”, and by now you should have trained yourself to look for multiple dimensions layered within that metaphor just as one must when addressing other Gnostic statements within the (Gnostic) Book of John…”The Way…”  “Prepare ye the way of the Lord…”  Of this path we have taken we have both been on the way and, have prepared the way of the Lord - if you have truly reached this point prepared to enter and to know the tree of secrets at the summit.  So prepared, I now give you the key to the gates, one of the greatest secrets to the Kingdom of Heaven.  It is one of Christ’s most explicit statements about the extra-natural, multi-dimensional nature of reality.  Speaking to Peter, Christ said, “I give you the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven and What you Bind on Earth shall be Bound in Heaven and what you loose on Earth shall be loosed in Heaven”.  Matthew 16:19/18:18.

   On this one metaphysical statement the whole universe as we know it and the extra-natural dimensions beyond our senses pivots.  This is the ultimate secret mystics have known since time immemorial and which science is now discovering (“catching up”).  In the recent book titled The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot the author cites the works of physicist David Bohm and neurophysiologist, Karl Pribram, whom, when the results of their work in their respective fields is combined, synthesized, a new paradigm emerges which expands upon the dual-state particle-wave paradox of ‘the standard model’ and the, “non-locality”, and, "entanglement", proven by repeated experimental verification of Bell’s Theorem to propose Mind (God) as the creator of our (experience of) the universe.  That the standard model had already proven that the act of observation creates the result (Schrödinger’s Cat, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty and Fourtier’s Transforms; the ‘collapse of the waveform’) leads inexorably to Bohm’s and Pribram’s conclusions; in my opinion, at least.  As mystics have said all along, (-based upon direct experience) Bohm and Pribram also conclude that all matter, rocks, trees, all organisms and all energy (E=MC2), possesses (some form of) consciousness.  That is exactly implied in Christ’s Matthew 18:18 statement, based upon traditional attributes of God.  If we hold “the keys” to “bind” or “loose” things in Heaven there must be a direct connection between the formation of our reality now and the formation of our reality after death . “Spiritual life” is a metaphysical implication of Newton’s Law of the Conservation of Energy as well.   Now we have ‘M Theory’ (Superstring Theory) that actually predicts ten or eleven dimensions in our reality, six (or seven) of which we cannot (normally) experience. 

   According to Christ, “You must lose your life to save it”.  Matthew 15:25.  In other words, the True Reality behind or beyond what our minds perceive as "Good" is antithetical to those things our natural animal-instinct impulses and reactionary complexes influence our minds to perceive as "Good" – “You have made the commandments of God of no effect, by your tradition.” -Matthew 15:6.  Thusly in the past were we, and are still, blinded from the true path by evolutionary imperatives that we are now capable of overcoming.  The lack of vision and faith that hinders us from creating a world Christ died for, were that the only things we are up against, can be overcome, by Truth and the never-ending work of those imbued with the “Spirit of Truth”, the “Holy Spirit of Truth”, as Christ called it in John.  Yet there is far worse arrayed against us than just mere ignorance.  Do not be deceived.  Evil is real and a powerful force at work in the hearts of man.  See verses 21-23 of Mark chapter seven for one example.  Natural animal man delights in evil over good and even with the knowledge of the true path most will choose to reject it.  Thus was it foretold to certain men thousands of years ago.  It was also told to them that the time of darkness would end, the dimensional veil would be rent between this plane of existence and that of spiritual existence, and the Day of Recompense will come.  And, “whatsoever as man soweth, so shall he reap”.  Do not doubt that this will be so, and quickly.  The time of the end approaches like dark clouds on the horizon and the sound of distant thunder drawing nearer.  Despite the promise and hopes of people all over the world for peace at the turn of the Millennium the world now seems to again be headed toward that final ultimate Apocalypse foretold by Christ in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Revelations. 

   No examination of the Teachings of Christ can be complete that fails to understand the meaning and significance of Christ’s prophecies.  Again I assert that most end time (eschatological) Bible prophecies, and particularly Christ’s reference in Matthew 24/Mark 13 to Daniel's prophecies about the “Abom(b)ination of Desolation” are prophecies about aspects and effects of nuclear weaponry and nuclear war.  The paramount significance of these prophecies, other than the warning and call for “liberal” activism they demand (God demands), is that they represent to those “with eyes to see and ears to hear” (i.e., those who care enough to thoroughly study the entire Bible in this light), indisputable testimony as to the Truth of God’s Word.  This “proof” is so detailed that some verses can only be fulfilled by the advent of the nuclear age.  See my Secret Teachings Concordance for select verses.  This is how I know the Bible is the true Word of God and that we are now in “the last days”.  We literally have ‘the proof’.  For myself, a 'doubting Thomas', and for all those whose minds have been troubled by doubt, or worse, even if you have been idol-worshipping at the feet of our scientific ‘Golden Calf’, our self-idolatry, this secret proof along with the proofs given earlier in this work correlating Christ’s Secret Teachings to the latest models of theoretical physics should be sufficient evidence to “free your mind” from that doubt.  The unseen hypothetical extra dimensions of ‘superstring’ M-theory are, or at least correspond to, the normally unseen extra dimensions of spiritual reality.  The underlying ‘non-local’ oneness and universal consciousness of the holographic model represents the entrance of mind i.e. God, into, and replacing, the ‘void’ of space and the nihilism of atheistic scientific consideration.  It would seem to be impossible to over emphasize these facts, yet they are soundly ignored in the scientific community at large, except for an occasional quixotic book writer. Nevertheless, there is no longer even reason for debate!  Scientists just need to stand up and say, with Einstein, “Given the facts as we now know them, there must be a God; else the universe makes no sense”.  All of this Christ knew innately. 

   For three years he taught us about a higher law beyond our ‘traditions’ (instinctive reactionary complexes).  He taught of a higher Love, the power of which extends beyond our four dimensions into the ‘miraculous’ He taught of beings that exist in higher (and lower) dimensions we cannot normally perceive.  And he taught about one universal being, highest of all, whom he called, “Our Father, who art in heaven…”.  He said when we pass from this world to the next ‘what we sow is where we go’.  He taught us of the ‘highest aspirations of the love of God for his children’, that we are to ‘follow’ Him and ‘prepare the way’ of His return.  And that He is always with us, and if we ask, it shall be given.  What more do we need to know?  At the summit awaits the answer.







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