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Paradox and Metaphor


There are different kinds of secrets in life.  Secrets of love can be sweet, as in a teenage crush, bittersweet, as in a love not returned, or tragic, as in a wasted life.  Some secrets can be dangerous if uncovered.  Secrets of State and illicit affairs fit this category.  Some secrets are to protect ‘treasure’ of some kind.  Similarly the Bible contains different kinds of secrets.  The kinds I’ve mainly spoken of so far are those that are secrets of ignorance.  The secrets of ignorance are not meant to be secret.  It’s that they ‘don’t fit in’ with what our instincts wrongly tell us to believe so they are overlooked, ignored, discounted, or ‘reinterpreted’.  These secrets, this part of the message is ‘hidden in the open’ by our own minds.  There are also real secrets, things, aspects, elements of the Truth that has been deliberately concealed from our knowledge, some for an allotted time or until a specific event occurred before being revealed, others will not be revealed at all until Judgment Day.  However, there are also secrets that are ‘esoteric’, Truths that are difficult to comprehend, ‘too large, too complicated’, even ‘too irrational’ for most minds to grasp, or, that have been deliberately ‘obscured’ by language that can only be ‘deciphered by those who hold the keys’.  These latter two types are those on which we shall now focus.  We have overcome the granite base of this cliff, have climbed past the shale and limestone layers, and have reached the lower extremity of the sandstone capstone, yet still we cannot see the top.  When the vertical wall begins to slope again towards our summit and that lone strange tree at the peak again becomes visible we will examine the real secrets revealed so far.  We will then be prepared to approach the summit.

We have two kinds of esoteric secrets: those that are difficult and those that are obscured, with some ‘overlap’ at times.  Both kinds are meant to be knowable to some.  For both kinds our ability to understand the message they convey is in part proportional to our understanding of the problems of language.  Tall hills if not mountains of books have been and are being written by philosophers addressing this issue.  In fact, modern philosophers are obsessed with the problems of semantics and pragmatics – the use of language to convey meaning.  Of the many language problems we face when trying to learn the meaning of God’s Word, paradox and metaphor represent the greatest challenge.  At this point it is not our muscles and our brains that will keep us climbing past the limits of human endurance, so to speak, it is our hearts, out desire, our will, our spirit.  It is only our heart that keeps us going, that chooses the right handhold at times like this.  Our ‘intuition’, if you will, is empowered by our heart.  Our ‘character’ at such times is revealed; what is there in our hearts comes out, for better or worse.  “Purity of heart is to will one thing only” (- Kierkegaard).  This is what we must do, must ‘be’, to reach the top, to find the right handhold, the right ‘interpretation’, to unravel the mysteries and enigmas.  That is how we must approach Biblical paradox and metaphor.  No book on semantics will help unless your heart can see through to the center, unless your heart resonates at the same frequency as does Gods.  Then you will hear the message.

Reading the text, one should be struck by the number of times Christ used paradoxical statements, parables and metaphors to describe the Truth about spiritual reality and how we relate to it.  As he explicitly stated on one occasion this language was sometimes used so that those who were there listening with malicious intent would not be able to comprehend what was said.  His Truth behind the parables, metaphors and paradoxes was meant for those whose hearts were right only.  That’s why he said, “Don’t throw pearls before swine”.  Other times unusual esoteric language was employed by Christ to ‘pass on’ key information that could not be properly understood until an appointed time or event had come to pass, as in the nuclear-related prophecies.  I would refer you again to my ‘personal concordance’(coming soon).  Examine the verses under each topic with an open mind.  Try to see how they relate to each other.  Make the connections of ideas to actions, past and futureMost importantly,  Look through God’s eyes.  Imagine seeing the world the way God sees it.  We know that God has traditionally been conceived as omnipresent, everywhere and ever present throughout the infinity of space, past, present, and future, all at the same time.  Thanks to Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity we have strong evidence to support that belief because that is exactly the characteristics of a being ‘traveling’ at the speed of light.  His famous theorem, ‘E=MC²’, revealed that everything in existence is composed of ‘energy’, and we ourselves, as beings composed of energy are proof that ‘energy’ can and does possess ‘consciousness’.  We know from the famous ‘double-slit’ experiment, that even light itself is a mysterious paradoxical phenomena, existing as both a particle and a wave at the same time.  The whole world of theoretical physics is currently hanging by the thinnest of threads above a metaphysical (spiritual) abyss (as they think of it).  Their own discoveries in the last few years has ‘backed them into a corner’ from which they can only escape (continue to support current theory) by proposing currently undetectable phenomena to explain away the paradoxes of their observations and the infinite results of their calculations.  So far they are counting on finding huge values of undetectable ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’ as well as an additional seven more undetectable dimensions to our universe!  Now last time I checked any supposed phenomena that was ‘undetectable’ by scientific experiment was considered “metaphysical” (i.e. non-existent) by scientists.  For instance, any and all ‘spiritual’ phenomena are considered 'metaphysical' because they cannot measure it or repeat it experimentally.  Yet for myself there are strong correlations between documented observed spiritual phenomena (accepting the credibility of the witnesses) and the missing phenomena the physicists so desperately need to find.  I assert that dark matter (DM), dark energy (DE), and the missing dimensions are in actual fact 'constituent elements' of the undetectable spiritual phenomena and dimensions ‘observed’ by reliable witnesses throughout history.  We know from these recent scientific discoveries that some kind of unobservable and undetectable DM & DE have observable effects on our universe.  We know that traditionally angels and other ‘noumenal’  beings and phenomena at times become ‘observable’.  We know that from various accounts, when such phenomena does occur it possesses mass of some kind – Jacob ‘wrestled’ with an angel, as well as accounts of people ‘touching’ ‘spirits’, or being ‘held’ by some force, unable to move.  People have been seeing, hearing, and touching spiritual entities and phenomena since man first recorded his history by oral tradition and then in writing.  For science to totally ignore such evidence is criminal and tragic for modern culture.  Fortunately they are now being forced to stare it in the face, however much they want to turn away and deny it.  The unequivocal Truth is that the traditional paradoxes of religion have become the paradoxes of science.  Now you should see why Christ described spiritual reality by paradox and metaphor, because it’s the Truth.  Truth that is being scientifically proved as we speak, although they don’t know it yet.  In this light and in the context of the above and the new understanding of the whole of reality I hope it has opened to you let’s examine and try to understand the paradoxical statements and metaphors of Christ.

  First is the statement, “You must lose your life to save it”.  The answer to this riddle revolves around the higher forms of love that are sadly unknown and unexperienced by most people.  Love in all its forms is the life force of the universe.  Love is not just a feeling.  It is a force.  Not a physical force, a spiritual force, an ephemeral form of energy not detectable by current scientific instrumentation.  Sound familiar?  I believe it is possible to conjecture that the missing dark energy may be, at least in part, the life force of the universe, which we experience as love.  What is love?  The answer is complex and yet it is simple.  “He who would lose his life shall save it”.  Scientists do not look for love because they think they cannot ‘touch’ it; (materialistic-empiricism) yet love is everywhere, in everything.  These priests of the church of science take Occam’s Razor and try to cut reality into manageable slices, to make the complex simple.  However the more they cut, the more they dissect, experiment, and measure, the more they are discovering that for some reason, “it doesn’t add up”, the pieces won’t fit back together on the grand scale of cosmology and ‘unified field’ physics.  They’re still missing something…something called Love, or God.  God is Love.  The secrets of the universe the scientists are so earnestly seeking are the same secrets within the Teachings of Christ.  They are multidimensional.  The Truth exists in this plane of being and beyond, in ‘X’ number of other planes, other worlds, other realities, of which we can occasionally glimpse under the right conditions.  Truth is thusly, to our perceptions, paradoxical and best understood by metaphor and parable.  It is a whole that is more than the sum of its parts.  It is ‘extra-natural’.  That a man must be willing to ‘lose’ his life to save it refers to multidimensional  life and well-being... part of which takes place beyond time and space as we know them.  Here we must 'look back' before we can go forward...

   It is the vestiges of our evolution as Homo sapiens, our animal nature that tells us we must survive at any cost, must fight, even kill rather than be killed.  To us it seems natural and right to want to protect yourself at any cost.  Going on their ‘gut instinct’ most Americans initially approved of the Bush administrations’ aggression against Iraq believing Iraqis to be ‘our enemy’.  Yet totally beyond the comprehension of these ‘good Americans’ and their misguided patriotism and standing in moral opposition to their ‘traditional family values’, Christ commanded us to live by a new, higher, extra-natural law beyond our natural instincts.  He said, “Love your enemies”, not “Kill them and take their oil”.  “He said, “Turn the other cheek”, not, ‘fight back’.  He said, “If a man wants your coat give him your cloak also”.  He said, “Love thy neighbor as thyself”.  He said,

The last shall be first, and first shall be last”.


"You must lose your life to save it"

Paradox and metaphor are used by Christ because the secrets of our universe and of His teachings (one and the same) require it.  To our sense perceptions and limited perspective they are paradoxical.  However to God, if I may say so, [We are still ‘embryos’ awaiting maturation – someday all will be revealed], all that we find complex is simple, and what to us is simple He knows to be complex.  To God, it is not a paradox.  Nevertheless, none of this implies a ‘new age’ nihilist amoral relativism nor an ‘old age’ Wicca/Pagan type of moral relativism.  Christ unequivocally set forth an inerasable boundary between darkness and light, between good and evil, of a positive, higher order of being that leads to Truth and Love, and of a negative, reactionary, opposite order of being which we must overcome by a transformation of our instinctive animal nature into spirit nature.  Fail to do so and face eternal consequences.  Like the cliff we have now faced and overcome by determined effort we overcome our ‘original sin' nature by setting our hearts, our minds and our wills upon “one thing” only, because in both cases, there is no turning back.  Now, the summit, and our quest.





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