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Most people like a good ‘mystery’.  We are intrigued, something inside us wants to know, what is behind that door, how does that work, why are we here?  For answers, many around the world still follow in the footsteps of their ancestors and rely on their religion and cultural folklore, their ‘mythos’; others have turned to science for answers.  Yet in each ‘camp’ something is missing.  What is missing from both viewpoints is that each ‘story’ is incomplete without the other.  They need each other.  They must become One.  How this can be done and what will be the result is only part of the ‘mysteries’ that await our eyes, for the revelations to follow are all based on the Secret Teachings of Christ.

    Here is a mystery.  I am holding it in my outstretched hand.  Yet my hand appears to be empty.  Like the Buddhist Koan, “What is the sound of one hand clapping?”,  this mystery seems to be nonsensical, irrational, and ridiculous.  Yet again, what if it could be proven ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ that I hold a strange ‘mystery’ in my empty hand?  Just a couple of years ago any scientist would have said what most would have guessed, that I had air molecules in my hand, but now the scientists know I hold a mystery as well, a mystery whose implications are so startling and far reaching it will change the way we see the world, completely and forever, and is comparable to the discovery of the New World in 1492.

     In my hand are actually two mysteries: One, scientists now calls ‘dark matter’; the other they call ‘dark energy’.  They call it dark because they can’t detect it experimentally, which in every other case would preclude the two from even the possibility of scientific plausibility.  However, recent discoveries about the nature of the Universe derived from supernova research and newly refined measurements of the cosmic background radiation that supposedly resulted from the Big Bang have created a near fatal conundrum which has struck fear and loathing into the hearts of scientists everywhere, and unless dark matter and dark energy exists in the quantities called for by their calculations, then their entire theoretical structure is in danger of collapse, i.e. wrong.  They have got to find this dark stuff or else it’s “curtains”.  The scientific establishment which includes Theorists, Researchers, and ‘Academia’ (of the Teaching Class) is stuck between a rock and a hard place.  On one hand is the immoveable object of Occam's razor/scientific rigor which denounces anything spiritual, i.e., ‘metaphysical’.  On the other hand is the irresistible force of these newly discovered elements of our universe which ARE by definition – ‘Metaphysical’.  Undetectability.  Immeasurable.  Not experimentally repeatable.  Must be Metaphysics!  Yet undetectable Dark Matter, Dark Energy and the extra dimensions of Superstring/M Theory are the only ‘possible’ ‘things’ (albeit metaphysical things) holding Physicists' theoretical world together!  For a ‘mystic’ like me, it’s ‘delicious’.  I hope and pray that someday they will wake up and realize that what really is missing in their theories is what ‘mystics’ have known all along.  It’s simple really.  The first answer to Occam’s razor is, ‘You can’t get something from nothing’.      


      There is ‘something’ out there (and in here).  We call it God.  Where that ‘something’ comes from is currently beyond the reach of our science.  Yet now literally ‘everything’ depends on it.  Attention Physicists: Do you want to see what’s missing?  Open your eyes.  Or as they say in the movie, ‘The Matrix’, (Fishburne to Reeves) "open your mind".








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