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Sharon's 50th Birthday (07/10/2008)

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Happy Birthday Sharon! I Love You!

Standing in front of the Kentucky Rumbler at Beech Bend Park- one of the largest wooden roller coasters in the world.

Our first ride on the Ky Rumbler


Teresa & Blaez on the Ky Rumbler


Having Fun


How does Sharon keep her hair so neat on these rides?

One more Time!

Sisters having a good time going "over the hill" together!

Blaez rode this one ten times!

Celebrating Sharon's 50th Birthday at Beech Bend Park in Bowling Green, Ky.

Myself (Tom) and my wife Sharon, her sister Teresa Cripps, and Teresa's grandson Blaez Cripps spend the afternoon of Sharon's 50th Birthday at the local amusement park getting our "kicks"

Devil's Sidesaddle

My Youngest Daughter and Oldest Grandchild, Candi and Mikey, with Sharon and me at Devil's Sidesaddle- Near Green River in North Warren Co. Ky.

A day hike to the the Cliffs near Green River in southcentral Kentucky in the year 2000

Sharon and Kids on Cliff

Candi and Mikey

Sharon on Cliff

On the Sidesaddle

Mikey and 'Grandpa'

Ancient Homes of Native Americans

Natives hanging around

Red River Gorge (Nov.2nd 2008)

My Son Thomas near Grey's Arch, Red River Gorge, Ky.

Nature's Wonders

Grey's Arch

Rockshelter beneath Grey's Arch

Ceiling of Rockshelter

Mikey prevents avalanche

Dad helps Son

Under Grey's Arch

Thomas Meditates on Nature

Three Cavemen

Half Moon Rock

Half Moon from Chimneytop

Three Generations

Natural Bridge State Park

Natural Bridge

My Son and Grandson at Natural Bridge


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