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    On two occasions a crowd had gathered on a hillside to hear a man speak about the truth (Matt. 14:16-21; 15:32-38).  As time passed the people grew hungry, yet among the huge ensemble only one or two had brought any food, only a few fish and seven loaves of bread.  The man took the fishes and the bread and he blessed it, broke it and handed it to his helpers to distribute.  Somehow from those fish and seven loaves of bread four thousand people were fed and seven baskets full of ‘leftovers’ were collected afterwards [on one of those occasions; on the other two fishes and five loaves fed five thousand men, not counting women and children, and twelve baskets full were collected afterwards]. 

    For many people living now in the age of science, logic, and reason these Bible stories exemplify the crucial problems of faith in our time:  How can the Bible be ‘true’ when it contains such ‘preposterous’ stories that must be either, made up, fiction, myth, mass hallucination, or deception, plus the fact that archeological research has proven the Bible to contain many historical inaccuracies.  So why should we believe the rest?  Difficult and vitally important questions such as these must be answered.  However the answers often prove to be too ‘intensive’ and difficult to understand without major investments of time and energy, which unfortunately most people cannot muster, or they simply prefer to accept this ‘disrepute’ and ignore, for the most part, all things spiritual.  Or, they ‘claim’ to be religious and through hypocrisy and lies go about their own natural ‘animal ways’ without guilt or any concern that something is wrong with them or what they think “being a Christian”, is.  People just don’t have the time or the inclination for introspection.  For most what they believe and how they think is what their parents believed and how their parents thought.  ‘Truth’ is simply ‘passed down’ from generation to generation. 

    The idea that there might be a greater, higher Truth than the traditions of one’s family, culture, and nation is instinctively rejected as foreign, treacherous, even evil.  To ‘assault’ someone’s ‘Truth’ with the idea of a better Truth incites a reactionary response that considers these ‘foreign’ ideas to be an attack upon the integrity of their persons, the sanctity of their religion, and/or the sovereignty of their country [they may very well be right].  It is by reason of these nearly impenetrable psychological  ‘defense mechanisms’ that Christ repeatedly states that , " Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition." -Mark 7:9 And, " Making the word of God of none effect, through your tradition..."-Mark 7:13.  To accept the traditional, the ‘norm’ unquestioned is even expected, ‘demanded’ by the herd instincts of the masses, and anyone who is ‘different’, who believes differently is ostracized, ‘disenfranchised’, becomes an ‘outsider’, who is ‘demonized’, as in the current political situation where now, after the 9-11-01 attacks on our "home-land" [reminiscent of the Nazi ‘Fatherland’ fixation] most Americans consider [secretly if not overtly] all Moslems to be potential terrorists and evil [as do most Moslems consider America to be evil]. 

   Milking the highly susceptible paranoia of the ‘average’ American for all he was worth as the 2002 mid-term elections were closing in, our president, ‘King George the II’ [as ‘bush-league’ a power-monger as has ever been, being unqualified to tie his own shoelace], spent the last few weeks prior to the elections, not looking after our nations affairs, but barnstorming and stumping for his power-base, “I need the power…!” ad nauseum, spewing huge piles of demagoguery everywhere he went, ‘roundin up and drivin’ his herd to slaughter [war-mongering, a proven political technique to coalesce public support and political power behind a sitting President] in a vendetta war against Iraq, against whom we have no evidentiary justification or imminent threat.  ‘Somebody’s got to pay’ for 9-11 and we cannot find Bin Laden, so Saddam Hussein becomes an easy target.  As a result of Bush’s effort and the astounding stupidity of the American people we have now put more power in the hands of a near-Nazi degenerate retard and his grossly criminal gang of thieves known as the ‘Republicans’ [note: Bush’s personal friend was the head of Enron], than at any time in history.  What these reactionary greed-gorged idiots do with such power will not be a pretty sight.  May God forgive us, as some have prophesized that we’ll get what we deserve, right about…now.  Soon enough the “Day of Recompense” will come and for those whose hands are stained with the blood of the innocent, “It would be better that they had never been born”.  It is by hypocrisy, lies, and deceit of corporate-pawn Republican traitors,  selling out the true ideas and environmental integrity of America, and stealing its wealth and resources for themselves, that this unholy juxtaposition of ‘Truth’ and politics has been wrought, that the sacred has been poisoned by the profane. 

    For you see, these ‘Republicans’ all, to a man, claim to be ‘Christians’, to hold the high moral ground based upon the Truth as revealed by God through Christ when in fact, they are all, to a man, further from the Truth than the worst lecherous adulterer Democrat ever was.  Adultery is small potatoes compared to the war-mongering of the god-of-greed worshipping spawns of Satan that call themselves Republicans and Christians in the same foul breath. 

    A hint as to their true nature should be to understand that their catchphrase “Family Values” is code for ‘the traditions of men’, not, ‘the Teachings of Christ’.  This is the crucial crux of the problems of Truth and politics.  Most hold to an idea of Truth that is derived and subverted by eons old instinctive patterns or ‘complexes’ of thought and reactionary behavior that they are not even aware of, and that seem to be so naturally ‘normal’ and therefore ‘right’ and ‘true’ that it is ‘unthinkable’ to question the validity and value of their ‘natural’ ‘goodness’.  This unquestionable loyalty, whether the blind devotion of religious fundamentalists and fanatics, or the patriotic duty of nationalism and political extremists, or fanatical obsession with a charismatic leader or personality, all have contributed to the insanity of the last century, where as many as fifty to one hundred million people died as a result of wars.  Truth and the politics [‘gestalt’, ‘weltanschauung’] of our time are antithetical because the metaphysical reality which I call ‘Absolute Relativity’ behind [and] the impetus for the true teachings of Christ is, “out of the line of sight”.  Like a horse wearing ‘blinders’, these ‘Anti-Christs’-ians “follow their noses” and ignore or reject the true radical nature of Christ’s teachings because ‘common sense’ tells them to stick to their ancestral “family values”.  'Ecce Homo' [Nietzsche]. 

    So here we are at the beginning of the third millennium since Christ taught a higher aspiration and was killed for it.  In this distant time those now ancient words and deeds may seem to be mere legend, anecdotal myth, irrelevant.  My advice to you; don’t count on it… because despite such obstacles, Truth shall overcome.




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