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                               On Metaphysical Truth                         




     Hopefully we agree that there is a need.  We need Truth, with a capital T, no less than we need light to see.  Without light we are blind.  Without Truth we are blind to the meaning and purpose of what we see and who we are.  To those who believe in nothing, nothing really matters, it makes no difference what you do when you think there is no one to hold you accountable.  Truth is only a personal concern nihilistically - as in the Truth that is good and right for you alone, what feels good, is practical, convenient, and easiest.  The nihilist is left with only himself at the center of the universe, and the only possible meaning to life becomes self-indulgence, the gratification of their various desires; ‘bohemian’, ‘hedonism’.  Often it is the young who are so affected, who feel themselves to be 'disenfranchised', disillusioned, alienated; many of whom truly live lives that are semi-impoverished, financially, culturally, or educationally. Many who choose to be outcasts  turn to a ‘counter-culture’ because the dominate culture has neglected, abandoned and failed them.  Many factors, singularly or combined, conspire to destroy the natural hope, joy, and vision that is the birth right of every child born.  Yet there is a secret Truth all around us that could end the sorrows we so willingly inflict upon each other.  Christ said, “And ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free”. [John 8:32]  I believe those words. Do you?  Suppose them to be true.  Imagine.  ‘Suspend disbelief’.  If they are true, if the words, “…the Truth shall make you free”., are true, then that would mean there is a Truth we don’t understand, we don’t ‘know’.  We haven’t figured it out yet because we’re not ‘free’. 


 Yet the meaning of this Truth is so powerful, so mind-blowing, and so huge, that is we could see it, it would change our lives forever, and if enough people understood it, it would change the world.  It would be eternal, universal, absolute Truth, and yet would apply to each unique individual personally according to the situation and circumstances they are in.  Such an all-inclusive Truth would be absolute and relative at the same time.  Reason and logic alone are incapable of resolving such a seeming paradox.  What is required to understand it is the human capability known as intuition.  Intuition, the mysterious way of knowing which we all possess [to one degree or another] is the key to open the doors of our minds to this paradoxical [multi-dimensional] Truth.  Visualization is often of great benefit in opening ones intuition and I have created a metaphorical symbol for this ‘Absolute Relativity’, which is:              




[and which I have described elsewhere] in the hope that meditation upon the ideas it represents may help lead others to such an understanding.

We all need to find a way to open the door to a ‘enlightened awareness’ of such a Truth.  No doubt many paths may lead to the same point.  Yet it is difficult in the extreme to tear down one's treasured cultural edifices, prejudices, myths, and preconceptions, and replace them with hard to understand concepts, paradoxes, and metaphors.  Yet that is exactly what began some 2000 years ago.  Here in America we remember that time 2000 years ago most particularly as ‘Easter’.  It was ‘Passover’ in Jerusalem that weekend, and on a Thursday night Jesus of Nazareth broke bread and blessed it, saying “Take, eat, this is my body, do this in remembrance of me”.  Then he took the wine and he blessed it, saying, “Take, drink, this is my blood, do this in remembrance of me”.  As he sat there that night with his disciples, the words he spoke obviously did not mean they were literally eating him-he didn’t cut his arm off and say, “Take, eat my arm, this is my body…”  His words were referring to a higher Truth, a higher dimension of reality where the fact of Absolute Relativity means we are all part of God, one body, one soul, and at the same time differentiated individuals with a unique spirit and freewill.  This higher level of reality is the realm of the ‘metaphysical’, a dimension or dimensions normally beyond our sense perceptions, yet of which we are aware intuitively as being the ground and foundation from which we have been formed and to which we shall return.  

In the light of the above, ‘Metaphysical Truth’ holistically contains or expresses the absolute relativity of the human condition.  It is Truth that expresses the awareness of holistic-inclusive-reality.  The religious, philosophical, scientific, political, ethical, and moral implications produced by such an understanding of our true heritage and ultimate destination were first and best proclaimed in the message of Christ ‘Y2K+’ ago.  So menacing and antithetical was Christ’s message of love and ‘AR’ to the “normal” ‘animal nature’ of the powers that be on this planet, then as now, that on this day, or a Friday of Passover like it, they tried to stop him, to kill him.  But though they killed his body, they could not kill his Truth, or his Spirit, as the story of the Resurrection three days later attests.

By the terrible and wonderful events of that weekend an inextinguishable catalytic spark was created in those who experienced it and believed.  For those whose hearts and minds had been opened and prepared the spark grew into an unquenchable fire, the flames of which bring joy rather than pain, burning away only the chaff of our lives, the desires, fear, anger, resentment, suffering, and sorrow, leaving untouched the grain within, prepared for the harvest, from which our words shall become, like Christ’s, the bread of life for others so prepared.  That ‘spark’ is the revelation of Christ, the message from God, revealing the Metaphysical Truth of life here and beyond, and of God’s will and God’s love.  Imbued with the power of the “Spirit of Truth” the flame from that spark still grows today, leaping from heart to heart, from generation to generation among the sons and daughters of light, of pure hearts with ‘eyes to see and ears to hear’ who hold ‘the keys to the kingdom’, and as promised, “The gates of hell shall not prevail against it”. 

  “What is Truth”?  After three years of preaching his message from God, the ‘Good News’ (the word ‘Gospel’ means literally ‘good news’) of the way of Love, a ‘new’ Truth that is to supercede the old “eye for an eye’, a New Testament, a new covenant that was soon to be written in his shed blood, which he freely gave for us, Jesus stood before the power of Rome (Pilate) and proclaimed that “For this reason (he) came into the world, to bear witness to the Truth.  All that are of the Truth will hear my voice”. (John 18:37)  To which Pilate asked, “What is Truth”?  (perhaps earnestly, or pejoratively, or cynically).  (In any case) It is not recorded whether he received an answer before summarily acquiescing to the demands of the mob and condemning Jesus to death.  Yet his answer is found in every page of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and should be studied by every seeker of the Truth.  There are of course concerns among many about ‘authenticity’, ‘proof’, ‘credibility’, and scholarly issues of authorship, sources, transliteration, errors, or embellishment.  What I hope you will see, if you ‘investigate’ the Bible, is that despite any and all such problems with the extant document, it is still our ‘best account’, of eye-witness testimony, of the teachings of Christ, and exhibits remarkable consistency.   

Every lesson, every parable, every ‘miracle’ is part of the overall message of God’s will for man.  It is more than a story.  It is more than a myth.  Jesus is the Son of Man, who poured out his blood, who gave his life, as a testament to the Truth and atonement for sin [ours and God’s - see Carl Jung’s ‘Answer to Job’].  God’s Truth is Metaphysical.  It is trans-substantive and extra-natural, multi-dimensional and experiential.  It is the Alpha and the Omega.  It is within and beyond space and time and requires paradoxical metaphors to begin to describe the eternal singularity, omnipresence, and omniscience of it.  “In the beginning was…The Word…and the Word was with God…and the Word was God”. [John 1:1].  “For those that would lose their lives shall save them”.  [Luke 17:33].  Paradoxical metaphors that ‘point’ beyond the normal, natural ‘animal’ Weltanschauung [forged ‘a priori’, ‘hardwired’, by thousands of generations of highly-honed survival instincts] have been consistently used by mystics, shamans, yogis, etc., around the world since the dawn of consciousness to describe ‘discoveries’ of the Truth.  With remarkable similarity these disparate Truth-seekers, from a thousand different directions, have all ‘pointed’ to the same ‘place’, to the ‘center’ of creation, to a sacred spiritual realm that is nowhere and everywhere at the same time, that each ‘discovered’, in their own individual way through some metaphysical [i.e. mystical] experience.  In the early days of ‘the Church of Reason’ it was easy for the faithful to believe that science would be able to prove these ‘experiences’ to be mere hallucinations, delusional; yet recent discoveries by physicists have proven there are many things about the universe that defy reason, that logically are paradoxical or absurd.  “Schrödinger’s Cat’ and the ‘Double-slit experiment’, ‘dark matter’, and ‘dark energy’ are some examples.  There may even be as many as eleven dimensions comprising the reality of our universe according to the theoretical predictions of physicists working on the very promising ‘superstring’ and ‘M’ theories.  Eleven dimensions leave a lot of theoretical room for phenomena that is currently, at least, ‘normally’, undetectable. 

    It is my contention that though it is ‘normal’ for any given ‘culture’ [the scientific community] to shun, ignore, and cast out any evidence or experimenter whom does not ‘fit’ the consensual picture, [just as the church did to ‘heretics’ in years past,] there already exist substantial, if not conclusive, scientific evidence, supporting the existence of ‘normally’ unseen dimensions which traditionally have been  known as ‘spiritual’ or ‘supernatural’. Such evidence is simply ignored, rejected as ‘bad’ science, or given a materialist anti-metaphysical 'explanation' within the atheistic scientific community. 

   It is time for the brave-hearted in both camps [science and religion] to reject dogma and seek for true objectivity, to seek the whole [holistic] Truth.  Christ said, “…and ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free”.  The Metaphysical Truth expresses 'Absolute Relativity', our link to the past, our understanding of the present, our hope for the future, our multi-dimensional connection to the Spirit, to God.  One day, it is written, all men will understand the true nature of reality.



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