" And Justice for All"




           No Blood for Oil






   I grew up saying those words every school morning.  “I pledge allegiance to the flag…one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all”.  As a young child I only had a vague idea of the meaning of those words we spoke to start the school day.  Now in middle age I marvel that so few ever learn their meaning.  At least I hope they don’t know what it means, for if they do they would have been better off to have never been born come the Day of Recompense.

   A sense of foreboding pervades me now as it never has before. For twenty years I awaited the turn of the millennium, believing the probability that at that time would occur the climax of prophetic events described long ago as “in the last days”, and, “at the time of the end”.  However, 2000, then 2001, then, 2002 came and went and I began to doubt the immediacy of those events prophesized so long ago. Yet now they seem to be growing nearer again and Armageddon is not so unlikely, with “wars and rumors of wars” in the air, with a Hitler-wannabe, warmonger, oil-luster, trigger-happy cowboy, “the only good Moslem is a dead Moslem” – “axis of evil”, demagogue of a half-brain for a President (reptilian, reactionary, rich get richer and the poor get poorer Republican), with the escalating rape and desecration of the earth, where greed and power-mad corporate monsters are destroying everything good in life through subversion, coercion, intimidation, intolerable stress, and utterly unrealistic expectations to constantly do more as they give us less and less (in real dollars).  And we’re the lucky ones.  At least we have jobs, can buy food in abundance, and have nice homes (‘mansions' by third world standards).  Fully half the world’s population has never even used a phone, and goes to bed in a unheated hut, hungry; more than a third, malnourished.  This is what I see when I see all these flag-waving stockholders.  It is the cries of cold, hungry children that I hear when I hear those words of my childhood again, “…And Justice For All”.

   It is not a predominate trait in human nature to want to share, except with one’s immediate family.  The thing is, that hungry child in Africa, that is my child.  That homeless man in the street is my brother, or uncle.  We are one family.  Every one of us alive today can be genetically traced back to one tribe in Africa around fifty thousand years ago, about one thousand generations, one thousand great grandfathers ago we all, everyone, had the same grandfather.  This was just recently proven by DNA research on the world’s remaining isolated indigenous tribal populations which possess genetic ‘markers’ that allowed the geneticists involved in the research to ‘trace’ the distribution of said ‘markers’ around the world, back through time to a single tribal population in Africa.  Small world isn’t it?

   Next time (and every time) you meet a stranger greet them with a “howdy cousin”!  There is no more room for bigotry and prejudice, for selfishness and indifference, religious intolerance, and imperialistic nationalism.  Why?  Because it’s “All in the family” and despite our differences, you just try harder, care more, forgive more, overlook more, hope and pray more, when it’s family.  It is time, before we are out of time, to try and get along, to understand each other, to appreciate our differences, to “love thy neighbor as thyself”.  They are not just neighbors, they are family.

    Believe me, I realize this argument will little sway the evil in the hearts of men, which more often resides unconsciously or hides unrepentant in the disguise of a ‘moral majority’ with a ‘conservative’  (‘self-interest’ which in truth means selfishness) agenda of ‘family values’ (which translate into “the traditions of men [which are]…”evil in the sight of the Lord”).  I did not write this for those already snared by the beast.

   My words are for you, if you dream of a world of true equality and justice that can’t be brought or sold, of equal access and opportunity, of just and fair distribution of resources to meet minimal ethical humanitarian living standards for all, while simultaneously educating and encouraging all to be their best and to live their dreams, rewarding excellence appropriately and supporting the extraordinary needs of the extraordinarily gifted, for ultimately, ‘the common good’ rises or falls in the hands of our best or our worse, as the case is today, with criminals for leaders.

   The mythology of 'America as the Hero' regardless of what we do or to who, is once more spreading like a disease immune to common sense and the council of the wise.  The shame for our nation felt by those who will not succumb to this sickness approaches the breaking point, and we call to God to end this madness afflicting our world.  To let our so-called ‘Christian’ hearts be sucked into the pits of hell by a Bush-league idiot of a President, who with the help of his brother in the governors chair in Florida, stole the election in typical Republican fashion, and committed this nation to another war for oil (the Bush family forte and source of their fortunes) without any direct provocation or substantial evidence of complicity in the 9-11 attack, just because they are Moslems with weapons (but more importantly – with lots and lots of oil!) – this is the worst kind of despicable, reactionary, imperialist – pig greed and blood lust, and I loathe any and all American-Nazi wannabes who would support this Blood For Oil War.  May the God of both our nations avenge the blood of the innocent that shall be upon your heads.



The ‘unilateralist’ (translates as Imperialist) Neo Nazi American war machine has now done its dirty work and killed over an estimated four thousand Iraqi civilians- old men, women, and perhaps hundreds of children. The idiots actually believe they had the Right to do so. They believe the world is now safer for them. They believe they are heroes.

Believe this. There is nowhere you can hide the truth from God.








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