My sixth solo album released Nov. 15th 2018


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Contemporary Classical Suite


1. Overture

2. Movement 1: "Being"

3. Movement 2 : "Becoming"

4. Movement 3 : "Axis Mundi"

5. Finale : "Summa Paradoxa"

Absolute Relativity  

   The theme of this classical suite, Absolute Relativity, is a phrase I coined in 1979 in a poem I wrote then, but I did not further define what I envisioned by the phrase until the late 1990s.  ‘Absolute Relativity’ does not mean all things are absolutely relative.  Instead it expresses a metaphysical paradox: Life is born from a union of opposites, Jung’s Mysterium Conjunctionis, and is best understood when the paradox is recognized and incorporated into the mythos.

   Absolute Relativity is my term for the quintessential axiom of my personal philosophy, which has been forged in the crucible of my heart.  

    I have designed a symbol which beautifully represents the concepts of Absolute Relativity by combining the symbols for the mathematical ratios of PI and PHI. 

    In this context Pi and Phi become spatial metaphors utilized as visual tools to aid in the comprehension of the concept of Absolute Relativity. Pi is to be visualized as representing the Absolute, the whole of existence centered around the One Truth , the "singularity" of physics, the "Creator" of religion. Phi embodies Relativity as in the many "truths" arising from position somewhere on the infinite spiral of Being and the resulting exigencies of Becoming. These relative truths possess value and validity beyond the perspective point from which they arise in so far as they correspond to the ultimate Truth at the center of Being. 

   Reality is both Absolute (Being) and Relative (Becoming) simultaneously.  As such, I "wrote" this Suite ( I actually recorded each instrument/ensemble [all  parts are sampled orchestral libraries] ad hoc- one track at a time improvised on a keyboard; so it is more or less a one-man jam session in my home studio) to serve as a musical expression of these ideas stated above.

  The Overture contains the various  melodies from which the four movements are drawn : Movement I, "Being", is equivalent to the Absolute; Movement II, "Becoming", is Relativity;  Movement III, "Axis Mundi", is the Universal Tree connecting Heaven and Earth, the contact point of the Absolute and the Relative elements of reality; and the Finale, "Summa Paradoxa", is the completion of the Union of Opposites that is proposed as the ultimate achievement of the human soul, the synthesis of the paradox into a whole, to be, as one.   TTW 10-15-18


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