A Christmas Poem


What is the meaning of Christmas?

Is it holy wars and infidels?

Rampant consumer shopping swells?

Pagan rites incorporated?

Helpless children annihilated?


With vigilance and bended knee

I rebuke this world of apostrophe

Corruption’s rot runs through its veins

Greed knows no bounds and feels no shame

But to harm one child, to God, is no game.


Once heavens doors were opened wide

As the Angels proclaimed to shepherds “Good Tidings”

A child was born, to change men’s hearts

To make a new path, to make a new start

But upon deaf ears did his words impart.


And all the changes that he envisioned

Have suffered through their millionth revision

To make them, simple, easy, quick

Till none of his true meaning sticks

And the world can go on being evil, sick.


The joy the Angels had proclaimed

Has been drowned in the blood spilled in his name

The Truth for which he lived and died

Was quietly, deliberately cast aside

Such Truth the ‘status quo’ won’t abide.


And for that reason he was slain

Yet every drop of Truth remains

Within a sacred chalice pure

The end of time it shall endure

On Judgment Day their fate is sure.


Who sent His Son that first Christmas morn

To prepare a way to be ‘reborn’

By His Truth, His Blood and Resurrection

We might know life’s true direction

A path that leads to God’s perfection.


So Give your Heart unto our Lord

Let ‘plowshares’ now be made from swords

Let “Peace on Earth, good will toward men”

Become the cause we shall defend

And finally, the killing end.


For by compassion we shall see

The hope and joy of being free

The end of wars, in brotherhood

To share life’s bounty as we should

If the meaning of Christmas was understood.


“For God’s so loved the world”

“That he gave his only son…”

     So that “Whosoever believeth in him…”

“Even should he die, yet shall he live,”

And have life eternal, forevermore.


The meaning of the mystery of the miracle of man

Is found in a manger, for those who understand.


                                                                                    Thomas Welborn     12-20-05


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